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  1. BS from AS?

    The Australian Guineas is going to be a beauty, although Levendi was a touch disappointing last time Peter was looking to two runs in any form leading in and the blinkers will go on,Oliver rates. Mighty Boss at 8-1 is the one to beat and Mr So and So looks the interesting runner but the futures odds aren’t generous. Tough race
  2. Without thinking

    Peake Manning Healy...and straight after Discussing My Fav Chico.....would be interesting if you tried this experiment on different days how it would change? Without cheating could you name ten horses in less than 15 sec beginning with S?
  3. Without thinking

    Homage,Beaus Demand Fearless lad
  4. Michael Pitman

    I made my point , hard to knock Mr Pitman he’s got a fine record and is a bloody good guy even taking the time to reply personally to insignificants. Rare in this game , and in one of very few sports where the fans are not treated with the respect they deserve given their patronage and financial input to their own detriment in majority of cases . Grandstand critics, couch jockeys are a necessary evil unfortunately and there’s always someone somewhere grumbling about a ride .Respect where it’s due in a tough sport but come on scoob give those on the outside there little gripe from time to time we need to vent
  5. Michael Pitman

    Sorry was 11 days on a few occasions and on the fast back up numerous times. No biggie followed the horse religiously from the first time I saw him at Ellerslie . Special Animal
  6. Michael Pitman

    He also told me he didn’t line El Chico up in the telegraph because he was resting his old legs, then ran him 3 times in 9 days soon after. Hard caper this training and the goal posts tend to shift
  7. Dillo Should Stop Drinking

    2002 morphetville. Most have heard of Park but he’s done that little Dillo was taking the piss
  8. Scott Base at $4.....???

    Surely you’d take the vin de dance place ahead of the win nO
  9. Housing Shortage, Road Congestion

    Bit late Torana I’m afraid. I do more than my fair share of driving around the big smoke and it’s a constant theme having issues with Asian drivers, they just don’t pay attention,almost like they drive with blinkers.I saw an Indian doing a U turn on Dominion Rd and he couldn’t straighten the wheel so his 180 ended up 270 and almost into a parked car ,that road is as wide as an airport runway One of the best people I know is Asian and his driving is suss Out of Towners pay solid attention this city is getting more dangerous,treat everyone like they’re going to run lights or give way signs
  10. 100k maiden Naki challenge

    Be good to see the Tab framing a futures market for this Im semi -confident I know the right horse for this race
  11. Interesting this,the three of 8 races the tab never realeased odds on included Brookbars so had to wait till 2pm Friday to get the $9.50/$3 they quoted( quite surprised)I told everyone who would listen to get on and told them why and still got scepticism .I noticed Jason Tan and poppy had it in but Aidan Rodley and Sweeney missed in four there’s more to come if you’ve been paying attention
  12. TE RAPA

    Barry you getting thisif Chris Johnson rates it I’m sure he’ll change his tune
  13. Opie's Derby mount?

    Hey Nimue I’m sure I saw earlier jan Mongolianconq was 16s top 3 and then 12s place even Monday for the Derby???? Was I seeing things? Seemed big chance after the Ellerslie X box minor
  14. Last 600m times