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  1. Lest We Forget

    Great to see plenty show up this morning to pay their respects at Auckland Museum,and it was especially pleasing to see a younger turnout as well ,and I saw numerous cars full of teenagers arriving on their own accord.
  2. Courte Zarindi vs Za Za Gabor

    That E trakka looks an essential tool if you have anything to do with training horses,and as far as conflicts of interest ,if you have the facts table them,if there’s an issue it’s the only way to get people thinking.Facts of course
  3. Courte Zarindi vs Za Za Gabor

    I’m sure the tech has been around a while regarding tracking horses which could help in cases like this where it could be proven that the interference has resulted in a reduction in speed? We have seen countless races where the horse making ground looks like it’s going to get there and the leader has fought back and only this tech can prove the increase or decrease in tempo.
  4. Courte Zarindi vs Za Za Gabor

    Why? I thought only the JCA could possibly get this wrong now weasel can explain the relegation, George Simon didn’t mention it in his call and 99 % of the time the commentator would make a mention.
  5. Courte Zarindi vs Za Za Gabor

    ADM had Caligrapghy who was unfairly relegated,as per zsa zsa the movement didn’t create an issue for the rider and more importantly stop momentum,hence the original result remaining unchanged.It looks like the JCA May of just had a peek as well...with all due respect
  6. Good Luck Donna

    Were you the one she beat armwrestling after the races at her place that night Weasel?
  7. Courte Zarindi vs Za Za Gabor

    You have obviously watched that Rort countless times ADM but the thing that stamps it most is the extreme closeup from the fifty showing both riders . Was the first race maybe they were hungover ?
  8. Courte Zarindi vs Za Za Gabor

    You were robbed cold. No wonder you can’t build a bridge it’s actually laughable,wasn’t even as bad as Zsar zsar
  9. Well Done Nigel Tiley

    Brighton apparently was working up a storm which must of negated his dislike of the going? In the right part of the track to,big run. I tend to take their market price fairly loosely ,it’s only their opinion and if they havnt done their homework they leave the door open.Wins a win
  10. Well Done Nigel Tiley

    The tab overpaying on results isn’t uncommon,and it’s the only time I would ever take advantage of an error,the operators paying out the wrong amount always costs them personally and there are scum out there who would take their money without blinking an eyelid
  11. Courte Zarindi vs Za Za Gabor

    Thanks again jape your always quick to reply with that
  12. Well Done Nigel Tiley

    As a bloody rough spec you got paid but talk about hit and hope. You think you need to describe why she was 80s? Blind Freddy could see the bookies thought 5 or 6 points would never be enough hence let her out,didn’t stop you though come on bazza you don’t always need to try to belittle others to make yourself feel better,we can see generally your pretty clued up
  13. Well Done Nigel Tiley

    Azaboy and Brighton Bazza? 2/4 ? You work for statistics NZ ?
  14. Courte Zarindi vs Za Za Gabor

    if You involve the room you need to be equipped with video of past enquiries that would be relevant with yours so you have a set precident,only way you could sway a decision in your favour.These stipes are (or were?)notoriously inconsistent
  15. Courte Zarindi vs Za Za Gabor

    What race ADM ? I can’t work out why there even needs to be people in a room debating the issue , its black and white if you have all the relevant footage,complicates what is 9 times out of ten cut and dry decision. I would of thrown this protest out in 3 minutes