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  1. R1--2/4 R2--6/7 R3--1/5 R4--4/5 R5--1/8 R6--4/5bb R7--4/12 R8--1/10 R9-2/14bb Go wel
  2. R1--3/5 R2--4/12 R3--5/10 bb R4--2/11 R5--3/7 R6--1/4 R7--2/3 R8--2/5 R9--3/7 bb All the best Thanks pj
  3. Why not use the passing lane??

    Your dreaming jonesy. Todd was trying to win which was obvious what more do you need? How many horses came in that night using the lane?
  4. looks a worthy cause even if Rosie's owners are asking a little extra
  5. Making any money?

    Joburg open tees off later today could be worth multying a few here . Thomas Aiken is normally Rock solid at these home events and has been tutored by Martin the club pro at Randpark for years,over the odds Nathan Kimsey showed what he's capable of in the final round at Mauritius last week Danielle Johnson,avoid punting her from the ace draw at the moment , finds trouble even if she remains on board after the jump(flourishing tragedy beaten) jaco prinsloo another local talent with form at Randpark, there is a field of 200 here playing on two different courses through the opening rounds,willowpark is the easier of the two so look for form there leading into your second round cover bets,happy punting
  6. Stewards reports

    We are not privy to the cameras and angles the stewards can access yet from watching trackside you can see they have missed obvious and very relevant interference. Then we have to take them seriously in the event of an enquiry
  7. How does this work?

    Insider partially answered that question trumpy,Dijon beat lower rated animals nO? Wouldn't expect to much of a change? Princess Rihanna was there maybe so
  8. Why not use the passing lane??

    Passing lane not the place to be by the look, I can feel your pain but Todd gave trinity it's best chance
  9. Tiger woods

    Woods what can you say. To come out of all this then beat half of the best going around fresh up class is permanent,I noticed his masters odds halved which may be premature it's no wonder his body was breaking down that swing is intense, he will need to manage his game and events meticulously to get longevity for these majors. Hope he gets it done
  10. top rider/driver gone.

    Of what
  11. You could of put that 100 on Flourishing today Hizz
  12. Just Reminiscing

    Awful isn't it
  13. Bugga!

  14. That was impressive

    You get any say Pete? Wish you and all your syndicate all the best would be a big buzz having such a progressive horse I've got a friend who's part of the Chase Auckland camp and Mark Purdons rates highly