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    " Let us be thankful for the fools, for without them the rest of us could not succeed..." Mark Twain

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    Theodore Roosevelt 1899

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  1. Scott Base at $4.....???

    Go easy, he's a Maiden.....
  2. Trump written off

    Don't get carried away..it ain't over yet.......
  3. Punching above there wait

    Jesus that post above was hard work.....Fraser Auret would have one of the best strike rates in the Country.
  4. Jockey comments Ellerslie's meeting - Sat, 17 Feb

    I thought Cominthrough was a good chance given his last effort, and was a bit disappointed with the unplaced run, also on the inside. Not so Alysha Collett who said " Fantastic run, ready for the 3200m now" Being by Bullbars I wouldn't have thought so, but she would know better than I would....we'll see.
  5. BS from AS?

    Yes he did, he's a Flemington horse alright having won there. I thought Sully might do something but he was disappointing.
  6. Scott Base at $4.....???

    True. And there will be some from yesterday who did not handle that track so no real guide. Pike might have a late one yet.
  7. BS from AS?

    Gee Mick Price has three nice horses going there Trumpy. All impressive even if unlucky in the case of Mighty Boss.
  8. Scott Base at $4.....???

    Benner said yesterday there was no issue with the ground. It is his first time over the distance however and his only concern was just how bad the track was..it might feel like 2400 if really testing. Will be a fascinating race....
  9. R1- 1-3 R2- 2-3 R3- 3-9 R4- 5-13 BB R5- 1-4 R6- 1-2 R7- 6-13 BB R8- 2-6 R9- 1-4 R10- 3-6 Go well team and all the best Jen....
  10. Ellerslie All Up Comp

    R2-3 Vanilla Moon W R8-2 Boomerang W cheers Col....
  11. Trump written off

    You talk about credibility and mention Hannity in the same breath....Jesus wept.... I see the orange clown has a nice lawyer who paid off his pornstars....isn't that nice...? And he tells Mr Bannon to invoke "Executive privilege" at the Mueller enquiry so he doesn't have to answer nasty questions ( truthfully ..) Wonder why.....??
  12. Trump written off

    After you obviously.....
  13. Trump written off

    You should apply for a job at The White House....they are all morons there.....you'll fit right in..... Read Wolff's book.....it's a hoot.....
  14. Scott Base at $4.....???

    You might be right Blue. Gone from Heavy 10 to Slow 9 today. Plenty of scratchings already but...
  15. Scott Base at $4.....???

    Is that Leo in the pic...auditing the books...?