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      TAB 0800 Telephone Bet Number - IMPORTANT!!!!   05/16/2017

      The Telephone Bet Service ceased in July 2016.    For telephone betting via Touchtone call 0800 10 20 33. The old 0800 number now belongs to a different company who are being bombarded with calls. The TAB Helpline is  0800 102 106
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      Site Issues Forced Upgrade   08/01/2017

      Hi I was forced to do an emergency upgrade to RaceCafe as we were suffering extended outages.  Everything seems OK now.  You will see a few visual issues with colours etc but I we get round to fixing those over the next few days.  The main priority was to get things up and running again. Cheers Admin


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  1. Election facts

    There is no double standard. I've been pretty clear all along where I stand, but have posted other media views/opinions. Ignoring 48% of the vote with some very powerful backing will be very dangerous, but there will be blood on the floor whichever way it goes.
  2. According to your result post ( Sept 18 ) 37.7. so looks about 72. Thanks....
  3. Election facts

    You need to read these posts again WAP....the only comment I would make is that putting personal grudges before the interests of the country would be typical of the man....now 72 and desperate to remain relevant. From some of the media reports they are certainly trying to give the impression of his dislike of National ( personnel included ) and by association, his " preference" for Labour. All supposition as they don't know, are beating up stories, most of which have been outed as bullshit. We'll have to wait and see which way the old prick jumps, with his massive 7% backing........whichever way he goes, plenty will be unhappy. If he goes with Labour, expect some serious fallout........
  4. Election facts

    So Gower and TV3 have been telling porkies......the plot thickens. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11926775
  5. Election facts

    Exactly. http://www.newshub.co.nz/home/election/2017/09/patrick-gower-winston-peters-wants-utu-from-steven-joyce.html
  6. Jacinda Ardern

    Trump supporter through and through Blokey.....no surprises there....
  7. Election facts

  8. Election facts

    I hope English has a Plan B ( maybe should be Plan A ) for the unthinkable conversation with the Greens. Plenty of cultural and philosophical differences there which would make an agreement difficult, but not impossible, but the Greens might just overlook some of those things to get into power, where they might get things done. They sure as hell won't in limbo for another three years. Winston the kingmaker....he might find himself blindsided here if they play it smart....
  9. Trump written off

    What do you want them to say ? More importantly, what can they, as individuals, do about it ??
  10. Don't sweat the small stuff Midge. Everyone of us appreciates the comp and the opportunity to take part....your comp, your decision...
  11. Not according to last week posts. Whatever, your call.
  12. Quite agree. Just asking, no problem otherwise....
  13. Yeah Scooby, I'm confused...that's why I'm asking....
  14. I have no idea about scoring but reckon I'm still light Midge. Chautaqua with a joker last week ? Bimbo and Gordy had the same and went from minus to 82.3 and 104.7. I was nowhere near that.
  15. Election facts

    Being a bitter and twisted old man, you might be right. "Fuck the Country.....I'll just do whatever is necessary to get Utu...."