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  1. Off the Track - Chris Johnson

    No need for that comment. Not kind.
  2. TAB - Disgrace

    I'm sorry JOT but I'm with Nice Option , I don't understand your comment 'restraints around punting online are not the fault et cetera but business rules and margins they dictate. I understand even less your comment re 'an hour out before the big race the TAB where (except I think you mean 'were') 100k ahead from last year so to lock et cetera, et etera, et cetera (as Yul Brynner said in the King and I many years ago.) Hopefully you can enlighten both JOT and myself.
  3. busuttin/ young

    They have done exceptionally well in Aussie, as they did in NZ. All credit to them both and I would be delighted to see them have the winner.
  4. Go Winnie

    Barry, he doesn't actually say he is unable to work. Read his post again - unless I've missed an earlier post of course. Apologies if I have.
  5. 2nd class citizens

    Littletramp I hate people who say 'none of my business but' and this isn't mine, but you have me curious - yes, yes, we all know curiosity killed the cat but mine is still alive. Thankfully. If a family benefit allowance is to support families why would Social Welfare pay it into a TAB account???? Withdrawals or not is not my reason for asking. As I said, merely curiosity.
  6. Irish's Travels

    'Cracking' isn't a good word Swoopa. I'd describe it as 'friggin' hot'; Absolutely amazing today. I've seen women in heels that would have to be 4/5 inches high tottering along. I've seen them carrying their 4/5" heels and wearing thongs. I am astounded they managed to walk the distance to the track. I have excelled with my ability to be lost at the Louvre and asked 8 people for directions by the time I found myself, hot and sweaty, at the pick up point. We ran into the all the traffic on the Champs Elysees after the disaster there and I have to say, late though it was, I was glad to get to St. Pancreas. So far, I've been to Warwick Castle which was awesome, where Shakespeare was born, the Cotswolds and Oxford University. I still have the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Tower, Harrods, Ely Cathedral and a few other sights to see before I head off to Newmarket. Not sure I'll be able to keep up the pace. .
  7. Irish's Travels

    Insider, I have two nights in Newmarket . Also being taken on a tour of the Queen's Stud. I hope they mean horses and not Prince Philip. Ely Cathedral is in the mix as well. I hope God is happy about heathens storming his domain. I agree with your opinion re Frankel. Not sure if they will have me to visit but I will try.
  8. Irish's Travels

    Of which there have been few in recent times. I want to say I have 6 sleeps before I swan off to the UK for Royal Ascot, Paris and lots of historical sites which I have long wanted to visit. Looking forward to a few weeks of a UK Spring, then a week in Melbourne - where it will probably piss rain - then back to Cambridge. Sometimes, isn't life grand?
  9. Because dearest, they are too bloody stupid to think otherwise.
  10. Grand National

    I went for Saphir du Rheu, Pleasant Company and Vieux Lion Rauge. One of the great races in the world. Shame the NZ TAB is to backward handle the field. How good was WINX???
  11. Chautauqua

    Bugger me Gruff, how good was that?? Where was the bias? Surely not from where he made his run??? Doesn't it make your heart go boom boom when you see a finish like that?? If it doesn't you must be dead.
  12. Look at the millions on offer in Sydney for today. NZ stakes pale into insignificance. Might be wet but someone has to win. Besides, how many race meetings are cancelled here - on a regular basis - because of heavy tracks??
  13. God save us all!!. How re they going to manage in the 'real' world.?
  14. She is amazing. I can say what would my dad would have said: 'they couldn't blow wind up her arse love" That was my dad!!! and true!!
  15. Cheltenham is in full swing

    Wish I'd been able to organize leave for Cheltenham - which is one of the great jumps meetings in the world. Definitely on my Bucket List but not able to be managed this year. However, I have managed annual leave to coincide with Royal Ascot and am looking forward to that. It's been going since 1711 - and you can't knock the Poms when it comes to Pomp and Splendour. I'm going to be hobnobbing with the hoi polloi as I refuse to wear a hat - which is the very draconian dress code. Besides, I've met many hoi polloi who are delightful people, as opposed to the wankers with feathers and fluff.