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  1. You want some Fun tomorrow at Hastings Race 5 ?

    The second best horse I have seen was a black.....Kingston Town.
  2. You want some Fun tomorrow at Hastings Race 5 ?

    Two races I saw R.B. win on him were consecutive wins in the Harcourt Stakes at Trentham with him winning again on Game in the race two years later.
  3. You want some Fun tomorrow at Hastings Race 5 ?

    Loved Game as did Bruce Marsh. He was unsound and raced with white bandages on his front legs. King of wfa racing he was Game by name and game by nature. I have a photo of him. Gubes, Game was trained by K H Quinlivan more often referred to as "Bob" or "Quinny" Another very good Hastings galloper that Bruce rode around that time was Royal Tudor trained by Jim Paul.
  4. Congratulations Stephen Marsh

    To cap off a memorable day bags a third win with Bas De Sol winning the last to stand at 57 for the season.
  5. Congratulations Stephen Marsh

    And backs up with a quinella in R5.
  6. Easy Walking winning the first at Avondale today brought up win number 55 for Stephen this season thus surpassing his previous best of 54 in a season. More to come also I would think before July 31st.
  7. Trentham Gold Cup

    The race was scrapped and the R75 race now is for the Gold Cup. .
  8. Trentham Gold Cup

    The open handicap at Trentham on Saturday the Trentham Gold Cup over 2100m has attracted only 5 noms today, the highest rated of these being R77.
  9. Jacinda Ardern

    Jacinda proves she is a silly little girl by attacking treasury too by CS Jacinda Arden has shown how silly she is by attacking treasury for advice on Phil Twyford’s forlorn KiwiBuild project: Quote: Good luck with that. Seven months down the track and all Twyford has done is relabel some houses started under National. Not a single new house has been built or planned. Quote: Treasury are pretty smart. Attacking them like this shows how much pressure the government are under. Quote: It is poor form, especially considering that when in opposition Labour’s then leader, Andrew Little, attacked Gerry Brownlee for criticising treasury: Quote: Maybe Jacinda might like to have a chat with Andrew Little about her and Twyford’s arrogance.
  10. Blackbookers From Formpro.co.nz

    Neil must have missed I Am Queen's unlucky run for fourth?
  11. Training costs AU

    With Chris Waller, from what I can figure, between $4000 - $4500 a month?
  12. Great Western Hurdles

    Meeting abandoned.
  13. I hate to say I told you so.....

    Now who do I see for that rebate.
  14. Jacinda Ardern

    Phil Twyford really is a special kind of stupid by CS Phil Twyford really does like showing us his special kind of stupid. Radio NZ reports: Quote: In his interview with TVNZ he made one especially stupid statement: Quote: What an utter moron. Abusing civil servants is one of the first signs that you aren’t coping. Then uttering stupid statements like his one on investment just proves that you are under pressure, don’t understand your portfolio and are losing the argument. Phil Twyford is the government’s biggest risk right now. He also needs to get some body language coaching to try to cover up when he is lying. I’m not sure abusing Treasury officials is particularly smart. All he has done is show that when under pressure the Labour party return to form as the Nasty party.