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      Winter Super Comp   06/16/2018

      Winter getaway to Fiji....Hotel and airfares.....Comp to start in July.... details soon.....
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      Interuptions   07/17/2018

      Hi Everyone,           we are in the process of upgrading the site as you know and there may be some short interruptions over the coming weeks while this process happens, I will try to advise before these happen but apologies ahead of time for any inconvenience this may cause. What you all will end up with is a much better place for everyone to enjoy.


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  1. Mrs Cubes is going to Fiji for a week

    Might be caviar on toast with any luck today Cubes.....
  2. Mrs Cubes is going to Fiji for a week

    So I take it we see you Saturday Cubes ??
  3. Williamson's.

    Great era of trotters that rangi. Forgive me for mentioning it was Katz
  4. Get that humble pie warmed up ......

    I wonder if she actually cares that much TN ??
  5. Riccarton tomorrow-what chance?

    Well done Mardy - made you sweat on it which is never much fun - but deserved the win
  6. Riccarton tomorrow-what chance?

    Yep last two have been good. Step up to R65 probably less of a concern than normally ! Best of British
  7. Riccarton tomorrow-what chance?

    which one Mardy ? I just got back into the office after getting caught in a downpour - bloody nasty out there but sun breaking through now !
  8. Riccarton tomorrow-what chance?

    You do follow NZ Racing Leggy ????
  9. Firestarter

    They didn't play the Black Crowe's song Remedy afterwards did they Cubes ?? Good luck today
  10. Riccarton tomorrow-what chance?

    21m overnight - absolutely bucketed down and still is. After being at Te Rapa Sunday I'm fearing a repeat for slightly different reasons :-)
  11. New Best Bets Layout

    Didn't I see a race name over the weekend re Alan retiring ???
  12. SURREY

    I was telling everyone I figured our horse was only left in the field to give Bailey a ride yesterday as prev we haven't copped the wet. You never know...
  13. R1 - 7 R2 - 12 R3 - 5 R4 - 2-5 R5 - 1 R6 - 6 R7 - 2 R8 - 9 R9 - 12-2-3 Thanks Scooby - great prize
  14. Racing Integrity Unit Release 30 May 2018

    I think the stable has done the right thing here. The TAB had an opportunity here to keep the book open with an asterix next to the runners in question, or indeed to run a book without the purdon runners for a few days. To lose fixed odds betting markets on most of the Jewels races in the run up to the event seems crazy !
  15. Winners R Grinners Take Three FINAL 26th May

    Lord Mayors Cup - It's Somewhat #1 BTC Sires Produce - Graff #4 Kingsford Smith - Impending #1 Queensland Oaks - Another Dollar #5 Great prize - thanks Scooby. Good punting