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  1. Worst Ever

    Pam and yourself certainly make a lot of sense in your posts on this topic. I would hate to think that this isn't being considered by the powers that be - needs long term thinking and commitment though (ie they will probably have small field sizes for a year or three) until it gets traction
  2. Worst Ever

    Why don't you take the NZ Cup up there too. Plus the Valachi Downs and Stewards and Trotting Cup Just gut the week and turn it into a normal race meeting.... Guess you are thinking the same with Melbourne Cup being run at the Curragh ?
  3. Worst Ever

    I haven't jumped on this thread earlier as I was out every day last week supporting the industry by being at 5 race meetings, punting Thursday off course, eating and drinking on and off track, buying tickets and hospitality, having horses start, and thoroughly enjoying myself. This included meeting lots of people who were on track for their once or twice a year racing fix (and they had a fine old time), and meeting lots of people from around the country who love Cup Week for what it is - as good a week's racing carnival as you will see in NZ (and we do Auckland every year and love it so I am not having a dig - just stating a fact). Are the fields as good as up North - nope. Do the feature races sometimes lack numbers or quality - yes. Have I seen some absolutely great horses win the 1000/2000G - yes. This year...? Who knows. But all this misses the point unless you want to just run races at Ellerslie (or name your NI track of choice). Cup Week is great for the industry. Great for NZ racing. Great for Christchurch and the SI. Don't try and break something that works just because you might not like the fields this year, or the fact it's not held up North. PS -well done to the CJC and Addington
  4. The Arab loses 100 million FFS !!!

    The tax thing is interesting - if it isn't a business (via one test or another depending on the jurisdiction) then no it probably is a hobby and shouldn't be in the tax net. I'd imagine at his scale and with breeding operations and buying and selling dropped in the mix it looks more like a business activity though...... :-)
  5. The Arab loses 100 million FFS !!!

    Wow - ' being Irish seen as an advantage Nice results purchasing horses though ! Seriously though - you do wonder how much he cares about the financial results - or more particularly is there something here we don't see in terms of a return on investment in the breeding operation being a factor here. Or perhaps he is like most of us who love the game and own horses - we indulge our passion and don't care about the $ so much..
  6. Gingernuts

    Let's face it - worrying about what jockey rides is a waste of time. If im being kind I'll say they are only human. As the MC shows the supposed best throw in shockers regularly. Yeah commentators fall over themselves to praise a good ride - but forget the ones they butcher. If jockeys could do anything else than sit on a horse they would ...... Concentrate on the horse etc and just hope the jock doesn't have a brain explosion
  7. Melbourne Cup thoughts

    I think Frankie was out there 3 wide holding them all up .......
  8. Melbourne Cup thoughts

    Good call Mattski - go Trump - very live chance. I like the M & A quinella too, but will be going very wide around them in first 4's and seeing what happens. Some great betting races on the undercard. Land of Plenty in the 3rd. Swampland in the last at double figures is a great EW bet. As is yulong Xingsheng in the 6th at $18 And how about Chelsea Blue in the first at Otago Have a great day all
  9. My favourite time of the year

    Good luck with the bets Totally agree - it's Xmas for grown ups - especially when you get to go to every day of cup week down here !
  10. ellerslie

    Totally agree. Interestingly Vegas is a place where you can pretty much drink what you want where you want, carry drinks up and down the strip (and downtown) - into and out of casinos - even in taxis. Yes people get drunk etc etc etc - but trouble - pretty minimal. Yes there is security but they take a back seat in this context. Funnily enough I have seen more aggro at Christchurch Casino due to a terrible approach by security and staff to patrons who may have had more than one drink, than I have in Vegas. Drives me nuts
  11. TAB pathetic odds "un" Embellished

    I see Sumstreetsumwhere sold and not starting in the 2000G TAB take the opportunity to give a nice haircut to the odds for the race. The one I like which was $12 now into $9. Six horses inside $10. Think I will sit on my hands.....
  12. addington gets a spray

    I thought it was a really good article by Mick - irrespective if others do it. Addington do it routinely every racing week. Either change the nom timetable or stick to them unless exceptional circumstances. Hopeless !
  13. Mekong Princess protest contested???

    Interesting attempt by Michael ! I haven't re watched the video but the way i read the decision they do seem to accept the crossing played a part ???
  14. Not a good look for Oliver

    Actually I normally use another word but I erred on the side of caution. Don't get worried - I have admiration for their courage etc etc.... but you see an awful lot of crazy decisions from them. I find it hard to get too excited about the impact a jockey has when evaluating a race usually (yeah a couple of exceptions to that but ....)
  15. Not a good look for Oliver

    Jockeys eh ? Half trained little tykes most of them - as I often say to my mates