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  1. Scott Base at $4.....???

    hard to tell if he has crossed a line or not based on the spelling and general weirdness.... Mind you Mammouth racing could be fun . Not exactly sure what that is but I've been to Monmouth race track a few times where the beer is cheap and Pulled pork burgers are great - must be something related to that he's on about ??
  2. Scott Base at $4.....???

    Mate - stick to talking about horses and races and you will add some value here
  3. Scott Base at $4.....???

    Really interesting post SD. Easy to be sucked into hype on our 3yos leading into a derby. I think on balance I prefer your view to Mike Dillon's (cheers Hesi). Although tbf who knows how they turn out. For me the thing I'm enjoying about the run up to this years running is how wide open it looks. Same with the Oaks.
  4. Scott Base at $4.....???

    think it would only be the alcohol consumption that got anyone to that state :-)
  5. Scott Base at $4.....???

    Cheers P4P. I only saw your kind offer this morning. Heck of a place you have there. Was heaving at lunchtime. Hopefully I’ll get back up derby week and get a chance to say hi.
  6. Ellerslie All Up Comp

    Haha yeah Hesi it was rather large but I’m at the hotel not hospital or jail well done Al. Avondale Wednesday. We will sort one each and I’ll put bet on, copy you ticket and post selection in on this thread. Thanks all for having a crack.
  7. Scott Base at $4.....???

    Cheers Hesi and others re HQ - will wander in today for a bit of lunch and perhaps a beer later after show
  8. Scott Base at $4.....???

    good call Gruff - on each way. Big MH fan but I'm slightly neutral today with bad draw etc etc.
  9. Ellerslie All Up Comp

    R5 - Irish Mist - place R6 - Zacada win Good punting all
  10. Riccarton Competition 15 Feb

    Nice horse - nice collect and hope you got fixed early Ohoka. Lovely & well done
  11. Scott Base at $4.....???

    Heading up to Auckland in a couple of hours for the weekend - hope the beer is cold if reports of humidity etc are correct. Might even try HQ and see if P4P is doing a good job I'm with Blue - quite keen on Mission Hill as a horse (and I've backed Scott Base last two wins !) Couple of others I have Derby bets on as well running tomorrow - very interesting. Track just makes it harder
  12. gisborne sunday

    Seems like the track is improving from slow earlier in week Blue. Got one hopefully running if it's ok
  13. Riccarton Competition 15 Feb

    Yes it was ridden a treat. How amazing was Federer Express. I had talked a few into backing it and at the 300 I was saying sorry to them and blaming it's run on the 3 wide trip Nice horse Lubaya
  14. Ok team - after no-one got a collect at Riccarton lets try again. This time the picks must be at Ellerslie tomorrow. Same as yesterdays comp - see below Good luck I will put up a prize of a $100 two leg all up bet for the winner of this comp (bet to be placed on Avondale next Wednesday). I pick one of the horses and the winner of the comp the other. The winner of the comp gets all the cash should it come in though. Competition at Ellerslie is simple. Pick a two horse all up of any sort (win or place or mixture thereof) - highest tote collect wins based on an imaginary $10 bet. Selections posted by midday tomorrow. If you get a scratching tough luck, but you can repost a new selection up to midday notifying earlier pick had a scratching. If it's a tie the prize is shared. I am allowed an entry. If there is anything I haven't thought about rule wise I will decide based on common sense. Finally if you do select a winning all up at Ellerslie it is up to you to post on this thread by end of day Sunday advising of your total - which saves me checking results.
  15. Riccarton Competition 15 Feb

    Cheers Hesi if that's the case I will run it again at Ellerslie tomorrow provided people dont think it's overkill ?