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  1. Hong Kong races

    Totally agree. The HKJC website is superb. The only thing you need to be wary of are races on the All Weather at Shatin. Some horses just love it and others will not go a yard, so check the runner stats for this track before launching into the punt. Also there will be horses that go real well at Happy Valley but not so flash at Shatin and vice versa.
  2. Smart Patch

    Surely the answer here is that if you like a horse go with it anyway regardless of what a trainer may or may not say. So much can happen during any given race that makes pre-race comments irrelevant.
  3. Nature Strip

    Very nice horse with plenty more to come. I think there will be a line up of trainers trying to get this one in their stable given the Smerdon situation.
  4. James MacDonald

    Question? Does he automatically get to return to riding or will he need to re-apply and be approved by the appropriate authority given that he was Dq'd not suspended. I assume the latter but would hope that no "roadblocks" are put in his way.
  5. Hokitika Gone

    Hi Tom, I was more pointing out the irony of it given the situation. Agree not good trying to farm in a dustbowl. So unlike the West Coast and Buller.
  6. Hokitika Gone

    Solution to this was obviously to have race meetings scheduled https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/farming/100447803/drought-declared-in-buller-and-grey-districts-on-the-west-coast
  7. lack of information on Omakau (Friday)

    Her death was after the Wellington meeting Saturday 13th March. She ran 6th in the DB 1600. Could be wrong but I think both The Twinkle and The Dimple were also on the ferry
  8. lack of information on Omakau (Friday)

    You bring back some very sad memories for me. She had won the George Adams (Tattersall) in the January of 1982 with Jimmy Pankhurst in the saddle.
  9. Waikouaiti gone

    Cannot believe this situation in regards to Greymouth is continuing for you. That club needs a good slap. A bunch of fools.
  10. Weather Update For Ellerslie

    It is about to turn into a lottery. Good luck to everyone having a punt.
  11. Waikouaiti gone

    A real shame for a once a year club. Don't have details to hand but this must be about the third time in more recent years that this has happened.
  12. Mutunga Tap v Drumstrom

    Cuneen admitted the charge and has been given 10 days.
  13. Stop it, Tony!

    Hey big stuff, your comments about punting have no substance and you are way out of line. If you are talking about the time when Tony ran a bar in Wellington the issue if I recall correctly was with an employee NOT Tony.
  14. PFP, I hope you sent Murray Acklin a Christmas card
  15. Justin Evans

    And someone has told me that is not true. Hope it is not the same someone