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      Hi everyone sorry we had some hosting issues and had to upgrade to a bigger storage plan. As I am now managing the site and on learner plates it caused some issues. I want to thank Admin for all his help over the past years but we have decided to go our separate ways, I really appreciate all he has done for the site and the help he has given me over the past years. We will be upgrading and adding new features to the site with a new business directory, a special members only with many benefits  and many comps and prizes as we have been doing lately. We hope the new changes make the site more accessible to more, and more industry people feel able to participate in the forum in a transparent basis. There will be something for everyone we hope and look forward to seeing you all in here.Cheers.


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  1. OP

    She was on air this afternoon and referred to herself as Emily Bosson. So lets leave it that as anything else is none of our business.
  2. OP

    I can understand people being annoyed with what happened on Saturday but to bring into this thread something that happened back in 2009 you really are a muck-raker and I fail to see the point you are trying to make. Get a life.
  3. Almandin

    Stewards not impressed. https://www.racenet.com.au/news/almandin-s-trainer-charged-over-change-to-winning-tactics-in-tancred-stakes-2018-20180331
  4. riccarton track conditions etc

    New housing development
  5. Another TAB meltdown...

    On one night in each of the last two weeks they have closed betting early to do "technical updates". Well that seems to have worked
  6. Just checking results around the the traps today and something real odd about the divs for the horse Rockmenow who ran second. The closed off place div (not ff) shows $69.10 but in the results it pays $21.70. Now it was a 7 horse field and the horse that won was only showing $0.40 for the place so that does blow out other divs, but surely the divs are as what is showing when tote is closed. Would be interested in an explanation for this disparity.
  7. Melody Belle rort ?

    That the owners and trainers of Patrick Erin are contemplating no longer racing the horse in New Zealand screams that something is screwed up in the handicapping.
  8. New rider for Winx required

    If it all works out it will not be McEvoy as he will be in Melbourne to ride Redzel in the Lightning Stakes at Flemington.
  9. New rider for Winx required

    She is due to return on Feb 17, what info do you have that says it will be later? Bowman has said he will not appeal.
  10. Bowman has been given 8 days at Auckland today. I think he already has a suspension from last week to serve so unless he can be successful with an appeal a new rider will be needed when Winx steps out mid February. The likely candidates will be ??
  11. Karaka Million 3yo

    Yes,5th vs 2nd and 3rd
  12. TAB Website

    Cheers for that Dazzer. I was hoping it was the TAB end and not my computer. Should have checked for the notice or phoned them. Thanks
  13. TAB Website

    Thanks for that. Yes I'm using Chrome as well. Still happening but can go across to Beta section to get the bets on.
  14. TAB Website

    Anyone else having issues placing a bet. Everything goes well till I hit the submit button then nothing. Can bet though via Beta section of website so at least the bets go on.
  15. Hong Kong Tonight

    Punters beware. All tonight's races are on the All Weather at Shatin. NZ TAB gives no indication of this.