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  1. Another TAB meltdown...

    Another feature Saturday, another TAB meltdown. Odds and pools not updating. 1 hour after a winning bet, still hasn't been settled. When does this incompetence end?
  2. windsucker

    No impact on performance or ability. The only negatives are on possible re-sale to Asia, and a bit annoying.
  3. laying a complaint

    Far too much interference in NZ racing at present. Cameron doesn't look, just forces out. Interestingly, Justamaiz had to ease at 1400 when crowded by Tavlin, and is slightly bumped as a consequence of Tavlin coming out (incorrectly assigned as Sirvolk in steward's report).

    My argument here is not promotion/relegation, but the fact that stewards are missing a lot of interference, which of course then goes unpunished. Poor rides are not questioned either. For punters to have any confidence there must be clean racing, and a level of consistency in riding. NZ currently falls well short on both measures.

    It gets worse! D. Johnson gets off with merely a warning! Prastiyou and Colgan get suspended! How could you possibly not consider Johnson's riding worthy of suspension? The mown strips blatantly shows how much ground she is shifting. And the amount of interference in NZ racing has become pandemic. The RIU really needs to lift their game in policing careless riding AND poor rides in general.
  6. I can live with no enquiry and comfortable with no change to placings, as long as they are CONSISTENT!

    They should be shown the door. Where is the accountability? This is a preview show for NZ racing and it is not a good look, week after week. It is not informative, and an absolute snore-a-thon to watch. Needs a serious overhaul.
  8. I have just finished reading Timeform's summation of the NZ 2000 Guineas. Their closing line: "A shame with the stockcars early taking the gloss off the result as the two main culprits got rewarded by finishing first and third and that is not what G1 racing should be about." My question would be - did the two jockeys in question cross the line between "careless" and "reckless" riding?
  9. TAB - Disgrace

    It is appalling. It has problems every year on the biggest turnover day of the year. Would any other business in the world jeopardise turnover on their known biggest day? It has also had problems on feature days this spring. And crashed at Hakes Bay meeting last spring.
  10. tab website crash today

    This is inexcusable, and HEADS MUST ROLL!!! It is not as if there have been no warnings, as it has failed every year in recent history, and has failed at major meetings at Hastings this spring. What other business would jeopardise its biggest day of the year, repeatedly????? Not only costing themselves sales/turnover, but just an image of complete amateurism.
  11. Stark reality of NZ racing

    Maybe one day someone in a position of power will wake up and admit our wet track racing is a dreadful betting medium, and do something about it! I could not bring myself to invest $1 on Saturday, or Sunday. Without robust turnover we can never grow stakes. A Strathayr and a couple of all-weathers would be a good start.
  12. Correct me if I am wrong. Did Hong Kong not bring in similar legislation a few years back? No one has ever been charged, no NZ TAB accounts closed. Primarily, a horrendous error by NZRB underestimating the threat of the legislation - heads must roll over this. But also why was the knee-jerk reaction to immediately close the accounts? Surely it is not our job to police Australian law?
  13. Ratings

    Okay Silverhawk - Dijon Bleu beat a rating 67 horse by 1 3/4 lengths. What is your re-rating? And don't forget to re-rate placegetters as well. PS: You must be winning a fortune on the punt with all these badly handicapped horses!
  14. Ratings

    It is not an easy problem to solve. An average barrier trial winner is worth more than a NZ Group 1 race. As for She Brings Joy - An 8 month spell suggests to me the horse had an issue. 8 months @ $2500-3000/month (+ vet expenses) to lose 1 point (0.5kg) is completely acceptable with me. Her 64 rating? The Royal Stakes was a tough race to assess - 4 maidens fought out the finish. And now with the benefit of hindsight it hasn't improved. And the international rating for the race was lower than most of our Listed races.
  15. The First Call

    Matt (-48.5%), Rodley (-27%), Tan (-9.7%). Not only is it impossible to suffer your way through the most boring preview show ever invented, you get to do your ass good and proper as well.