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  1. Lazarus. Wow

    You're dreaming Jonesy. Elsu at his best wouldn't get within 5 lengths of Lazarus.
  2. Lazarus. Wow

    600 from home there is almost a lap out. I think CC would have had the gate speed and brilliance to sit parked at least in that field. Popular Alm very similar horse to CC. Not a huge staying type and Gammalite ground him into the dust more than once. A horse that did race 3 wide and win many races at G Park was the great WA horse Pure Steel. He would have been getting belted just to stay 3 wide on that pace. Lazarus did what no other horse I have ever seen could do on Friday night. It was beyond belief he could be in front two strides before the post with the run he got in a Group 1 on an 800M saucer.
  3. pizemoney

    I said firm tracks. Yes you are right he did win on good tracks in Australia. I should have said jarred up on firm tracks and that was certainly the case when Our Flight ran away from him in the Classic. From memory the only time he was ever beaten on a heavy track was by the great Strawberry Road.
  4. pizemoney

    This also highlights just how great a race the Levin Turf Classic as it was originally called used to be, held on a country track with a very good supporting card. I remember winning a competition on 2ZB back in 1981. The prize included a return train trip from Wellington to Levin, entry to a champagne brunch held on the course before the first race, lunch vouchers and a $25 betting voucher which was not to be sneezed at back then. A huge crowd and a great Classic with Our Flight beating the hot pot Red Tempo who couldn't go on firm tracks.
  5. Smart Patch

    Yes my memory is pretty good. I also remember Archer won the first two Melbourne Cups but he was racing before I was born.
  6. Smart Patch

    Yes correct second start one week later won by 5 lengths as I said just like Smart Patch. I knew it beat The Unicorn just got the name of the race wrong which is the only thing I did get wrong as you have just proved by reading it from a book. I was going from memory.
  7. Smart Patch

    No sir you are wrong. I didn't say like Mainbrace having it's first start I was talking about Mainbrace when it beat The Unicorn in the Avondale Guineas as the second favourite a week later. First start Mainbrace was as big as a bull, Jack wasn't trying very hard and the horse came back to scale blowing his head off.
  8. Lazarus. Wow

    The other thing is he sat three wide the trip in a top Group 1 field on an 800 meter saucer track. It defies belief he was able to do that and still run past one of the best horses in Australasia in Chicago Bull. On that run and his runs in the last two NZ Cups and Interdom Final he is easily the best harness horse I have ever seen. The reality is that if the runs were reversed between CB and Lazarus CB would have been gone by the turn at best, maybe even down the back the last time and Lazarus would have won by 5 lengths.
  9. Lazarus. Wow

    Are you serious??? If Lazarus had got around to the breeze he would have won by 5 lengths. Did you see the race man. Lazarus sat three wide the entire trip on a 1.55MR and still only went down in the last few strides. Also, the race was over 2536 meters not 3000
  10. Lazarus. Wow

    I remember the race well as it was a herculean run by Elsu in a very good field. Butcher drove it like it was the best horse in the race which it was and it brained them after sitting 3 wide from the 1200. Elsu couldn't have done what Lazarus did last night though. Not sure I have ever seen any other horse that could in that good a field.
  11. Smart Patch

    Well if it was an honest assessment he is a terrible judge. The horse won like Mainbrace.
  12. Lazarus. Wow

    He was the first to jump onto Lazarus's back 3 wide. A race winning move as he knew Lazarus wasn't going to stop and would bring him into the race.
  13. Lazarus. Wow

    Not even close. He sat last improved around the field from about the 1600 and sat three wide from the 1200.
  14. Lazarus. Wow

    If Gary Hall had let Lazarus go around him he would have got the 1:1 behind the champ and run second. Hall wanted to keep Lazarus 3 wide to give himself the only chance he could to beat him.
  15. Lazarus. Wow

    There looked like there may be an opportunity to get in but instead of pulling back Nat pushed UM up to keep Lazarus three wide.