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  1. Consensus

    Congratulations,very brave win in elite company.Bit of karma shining through.Loved the interview.
  2. A Vote of NO Confidence in NZ Racing

    You are spot on Midget,a vote of no confidence must occur.Who do you see leading this?Should be relatively easy to get support from within the industry.The Racing Board need to be put on the line accept accountability and we should witness resignations.We have had enough of the politically appointed no hopers who have no experience or passion for our industry.Its been a rugged weekend.RIP Rebecca.
  3. Fall at Gore

    RIP Becs.....an absolute tradegy.My thoughts go to your family at this difficult time.
  4. Saintly

    Agree Koozer is a tosser
  5. Most frivolous protest ever ?

    Like your style Midget
  6. Explain

    Congatulations to Miles and Debbie...a victory for South Island breeding
  7. Latest figures

    So true Midget,Petone are probably totally focused on organising their 5star plus Christmas pissup.....to hell with numbers and redeveloping our battered and broken shambolic industry
  8. Most frivolous protest ever ?

    RIU is developing a record of inconsistencies,denigrating a once proud industry....please bring back the Integrity urgently
  9. CW Johnson

    He is a true champ...and still has plenty of years to go.....a true treasure
  10. Hey Insider you are a negative individual when commenting on the Riccarton track yesterday,raced well all day with some brilliant finishes.Late in the day 2 1200m races recorded 1.09
  11. Terri Rae

    Terri a very professional hands on trainer.Her horses are always paraded immaculate order and she gets the results.
  12. Vale Bill Skelton MBE

    Just the best.I have so many fond memories..WD was a legend and will not be forgotten.
  13. Congrats to Cubes

    Congratulations,an awesome win Cubes,I observed a very happy Mrs Cubes,a shout of KFC was in order,with a nice Chardonnay.Is the column change on the Kingswood still operating smoothly?Well done the word is that was your 8th win at racing headquarters.