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  1. Gisborne tomorrow

    The King paying 1.05 on Jockey Challenge.Is that a record?
  2. On The Rocks

    Lucky name for a horse
  3. Out of Cold Shoulder.Wasnt that the Dam of Lakanuki?
  4. Punters Club 16

    Nice to see some real punters in action
  5. Without thinking

    Chautauqua /Lucia Valentina/La Mer
  6. Ellerslie All Up Comp

    R6 High Spirits(14) place R8 Boomerang(2) win Thanks Col.
  7. Well between scratchings and Sharnes picks that completely took out my Ellerslie picks so quick rethink R1-1X2 R2-1X2 R3-1X6 R4-5X14 R5-2X4BB R6-1X3BB R7-2X7 R8-4X9 R9-2X10 R10-2X13 Thanks Peter and good luck Sharne.
  8. Riccarton Competition 15 Feb

    I tried 2 hot favs. in case that happened. Couldn't even get that right
  9. Riccarton Competition 15 Feb

    Race6 Lake Chalice (17) Place Race8 Red River Rock(4) Win Thanks
  10. Jacinda Ardern

    Bill English has just stood down as leader of National Party.I dont see anyone in the Party will do better.A good safe pair of hands holding the purse strings IMOA
  11. TE RAPA

    Riccarton and Caufield looking pretty good today
  12. R1-7X11 R2-2X8 R3-5X9 R4-7X9BB R5-1X3 R6-1X2 R7-2X6 R8-2X7 R9-4X7 R10-1X7BB Thanks and good luck Richie.
  13. Punters Club 16

    Wouldn't expect anything else Cubes. Go you good thing!
  14. New rider for Winx required

    Bowmans appeal has just been dismissed.
  15. Punters Club 16

    Bad luck Smiler.Hate those fast finishing 2nds.