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  1. TAB Beta Racing Website

    It's rubbish, you still can't frank the form properly
  2. Worst Ever

    I was very interested to see what the final betting figures were like because it looked to me that there were a number of probable winners/ good performers that may have reduced the betting because they looked obvious. Set aside the vagrencies of outsiders winning. I didn't know whether betting would go up or down but my thought was that it would not increase from last year. I obviously can't now see last years fields we are now told they are up. That's good because we need everything we can get
  3. Journalism

    I don't know about you but being able to read a newspaper is still dear to my heart. I don't care that trees are being chopped down or that the toxic ink residue resides on my fingers well after the event but what I do mind is inaccurate and lazy journalism that pervays our toxic medians. Mike Dillon is a likeable enough chap. I can't say I know him well but there has always been a cordial acknowledgement of each other when we have met. But his standard of work is no longer doing the industry any favours. In reading the Herald this morning, I took issue with two statements of Mike's work which were surrounded by a boring sloppy repository of words that contained no passion or uniqueness required to make any story interesting to the reader. In one instance he describes Sam Spratt as "the finest front running jockeys of modern times". Have I been away from New Zealand for such a length of time to have missed the events to which such an accolade could be attributed? Secondly, I baulked where he used the expression "before being offloaded to Hong Kong" as a reference to Werther being sold to Hong Kong. Nearly $1,000,000 is not an "offload " in my opinion. Now you may find this trivial but You must remember that we are trying to seduce people to racing so why are we prepared to put up with sloppiness
  4. Gobstopper

    The form is quite good if you frank it. Pentathlon ran 3rd beaten 0.3l in the Lexus which was won by Crismonte with Vengeur Masque 2nd. Vengeur Masque of course won the Queen Elizabeth on the last day of the carnival in Melbourne. Thinking was that Vengeur Masque would have run in the first 6 in the Cup. 5th was 5 lengths off them in the Cup. Gobstopper won by 4. Makes interesting reading.
  5. Worst Ever

    Who was able to get hold of the betting turnovers in this site? Are we still able to access them? It would be great to compare the NZ Cup day turnovers for 2016 and 2017 to see waht happened.
  6. Worst Ever

    Jeez you blokes with pseudonyms test my mad cow. I'll wager that the betting will be down from last year. Prom Queen dominates the betting game in the Guineas, and I can see a couple of other races that have obvious favourites
  7. Investigate nous

    Agree with that statement midgie.... Complacency is a disease...if you promote it moss will grow between your toes.
  8. Worst Ever

    You don't think the fields are too bad?!? Morty...you got a case of amnesia? These fields are woeful for what is meant to be one of the best racing days in NZ. I'd bet that there are very few that would win a race in Melbourne on a Saturday during the carnival. In respect of traveling, if the horse population in in the north island, and we're trying to get the best field possible because we want to bench mark our stock, and create a betting event at the same time, and one of the major resistant factors for the northern tribe to compete is the travel, then why would you continue to flog a very very dead horse?
  9. Worst Ever

    I think you may see that I took Prom Queen aside in my post. In fact before the Everest my mind was on one occasion allowed to wander into a fanciful realm where she was put up as NZ's representative in that race. And forget the day in the sun schpeel, I'm talking purist language here. There simply aren't the horse numbers down south anymore, the cost of transportation is rediculous, if you don't live down there you lose a large proportion of the rest of the season because the horse is shagged, and you get fields like you now have. It depresses the betting, and just to have the boot put in, in future years the filly's progeny don't have the value because we all know it was a weak race. Bugger is all I can say
  10. Worst Ever

    That would be the worst ever 1000 Guineas field I have ever seen. I'm really sorry....I quite like Prom Queen but lord help us all if that's the best we can come up with. It may be a sign of the times but the real question is where are we going to go from here? Is it that we don't have good horses that are three year old fillies or should the 1000 Guineas be shifted north?
  11. TAB - Disgrace

    That's like trying to hide behind a cellophane door. Were transacting 1.2m skews volumes every 5 seconds with a payment gateway settling 20m transactions every 60 seconds. You can't tell me that $8m turnover crashes the system. Happened last year from memory. on the one day when the general NZ public are convinced to take a bet, we're let down. Just more of the same form of mediocrity
  12. A question for all

    That is my worry. Any body know the answer?
  13. A question for all

    We've been reviewing the Racing Act and came across thing little pearl which someone may have an answer for.... "(4) If, for any racing year, the total of the amounts paid to a racing code under subsection (1) exceeds the amount due to the code under section 16(3), the amount of the difference is a debt due from the code to the Board, and the Board may— (a) require the code to repay the debt; or (b) recover the debt by deducting it from the amounts payable to the code under subsections (1) and (2) for any subsequent racing year." So to give a small amount of background, the Act says that the codes shall receive a proportion of the surplus that the RIB determines is their share, which should be commensurate to the proportion of turnover that the codes produce. So here's my question...if thoroughbred racing was given an extra $20m to make sure of the so called minimum racing stakes ($15k per race from memory), was this a debt accrued by thoroughbred racing that it will have to pay back at a later date?
  14. TAB - Disgrace

    One would think that if it was a connectivity issue, then I shouldn't have got through to the site. The issue was actually placing the bet once you got there.
  15. ellerslie

    Really...when did they decide to do this? Were members notified? Why don't they work out that they need to retain the ownership of the land for future generations? Long term lease?