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  1. What does ( AUS ) beside name mean

    Magic Chai.. 2000m plus and always running on... legend
  2. Nature Strip

    He's a nice horse.. the weights he's been carrying in previous starts - 60 kgs and won by 5L .. today 56, he worked a bit harder. a bit better comp, but still he enjoyed it and he did enough, that's all you have to do, win .. I think he's beaut.
  3. Aiden R

    haha yes that was Bevan.. he got confused with the anatomy of it all
  4. Aiden R

    I enjoyed the Trentham Cup meeting coverage today, what I saw of it running in and out from the outdoor chores , the interviews were good - and I thought the Pitman one was fine.. it was obvious where his thoughts were ... info on Blathwayt not so good... but I really enjoyed whomever it was in the studio ensuring the continuity and lead in to races ... I thought she did a good job - sorry I don't know who it was.. I don't think it was ever acknowledged.. but well done
  5. Aiden R

    Even fizzers are fun and worth a laugh on Guy Fawkes
  6. Trentham track on Saturday

    I think it was all about jockeys putting their horses into the race prior to the turn and having them challenging the leading bunch, that seemed to be the answer today because the inside was in pretty good nick .. they could still make ground down the middle of the track or three out, if they were good enough .. Stolen Dance was proof of that and Magic Chai to an extent along with Kawi with his finishing burst, but you are right, no Castletown type finishes today kind of sad .. a bit of the Trentham Charm that.
  7. rondinella

    Hi Mike, they said that she was fibrillating and was still fibrillating when back in the stalls after the race.
  8. Well done Pitty

    Absolutely, at the moment their horses are thriving and running well and all kudos to them.
  9. Punters Club 16

    Go you good things I'll be cheering for you
  10. I meant I'd step down as Captain.. not from the comp All good
  11. Ah okay.. no probs forget above, I see you've just done the listing already
  12. Hi Peter, to get this show on the road, if you are pushed for a Captain then I'll take it on, but if someone else comes forward before midnight that really really really wants to do it then I will step down
  13. Well done Tom and MrZ out of all the horses racing at Trentham today to whack 5 hundy on the nose and come in at 12s.. that's beaut form analysis and selecting Also showing good lead in form TC for the Summer Comp very consistent over two days - good stuff and great start Hall!
  14. Wellington Cup Day

    Yes just heard them say on TS, very sad.