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  1. Worst Ever

    Thanks Tiger, always very helpful
  2. Kuwee !!!!!!!!

    Depression? Dementia? Drunk? or d) all of the above?
  3. The Arab loses 100 million FFS !!!

    Someone asked Lloyd after Alamandin won last year about the financials...his reposnse was along the lines of 'I would have to win the Melbourne Cup another 8 times this year to be ahead for the year"
  4. Trackside Ozzie Coverage

    Completely agree...there was one point yesterday where Channel 7 were doing their spiel with Francesca Cumani and co (highly informative and interesting even for non punters) and they cut back to the English bird in the studio and all she did was read out the tote prices.... The Channel 7 coverage as well as the actual on track product out of Aussie just shows how far behind we are. Insurmountable I would say
  5. TAB - Disgrace

    Cheers PFP, on that basis i would assume they have a decent claim against the server provider given the financial and reputational ramifications
  6. TAB - Disgrace

  7. TAB - Disgrace

    I've mentioned in another thread but this beggars belief. With all the criticism in the past and the promises to get things right it is an absolute disgrace that the website was down for an hour before the race. Heads must roll
  8. tab website crash today

    what a f%%ing disgrace, I was trying to bet on the winner from 415 pm and was just stalling the whole time.
  9. tab website crash today

    what a farking joke
  10. ellerslie

    I was on track Saturday and thought the atmosphere was fantastic. I was in the bar on the ground floor ( Winning Post I believe) and it was packed throughout with a great mix of punters and casual observers alike, all having a bloody good time I might add. I dont think the bar prices in there are over the top - 5 Steiny Pures for less than $40 is pretty reasonable in my opinion. Good work Ellerslie, always enjoyable
  11. Veitchy

    Disclosure.... I don't like the guy. I thought the way he went on and on post his horse win today was a touch over the top.... and to continually talk about the money he has turned down for the horse and the fact david Ellis is the Oracle was just a bit much.... anyone else hear that ?
  12. Melbourne Cup Comp

    in thanks mate
  13. Gingernuts

    No... hence my initial question. Was genuinely interested and I think by the response there is a bit of conjecture on the said subject
  14. Gingernuts

  15. Gingernuts

    Can someone answer this question for me, however simple it may be... Why is it some important for Gingernuts to have contested the Livamol and, more importantly, why does having missed the race mean the Aussie campaign is over? Couldnt they simply head back to Matamata (or find a track with decent footing) , get a few other nags and simply race Gingernuts really hard over 2040 metres, essentially replicating the race? Now I realise that the opposition will be hard to get and will in no way replicate the field he would have met in the Livamol but im sure that Te Akau could pull a few strings in that regard by even looking within their stables. It just seems to me that you are poutting alot of eggs into the basket if the Livamol is the make or break for an Aussie campaign.