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  1. TE RAPA

    Yeah they could have a Ford/Holden drifting event on the inside of the course and the crowds would be ten fold
  2. Sales

    Thanks for the responses above. One query - is the dummy bidding that NZB talks about being illegal (unless of course it is a part owner looking to secure full interest) relate to bids under the reserve or over the reserve or both? Obviously dummy bidding over the reserve is highly risky if the bidder doesnt want the horse but is it allowed if the bids are under the reserve??
  3. Sales

    i dont know what level the genuine bids were at but its not a great look is it!!
  4. Sales

    I was in the unfortunate position of having a horse (book 1) subjected to a mix of dummy bids and genuine bids. Unfortunately one of the dummy bidders (NB - not acting on my instruction, rather the on account stud) bid through the reserve so the hammer fell yet it then transpired the 'purchaser' was the dummy bidder so horse gets passed in. Thoughts on that everyone??

    you blokes are like a couple of 5 year olds!!
  6. Best Racecaller in New Zealand

    I agree with The Torch. We cant all be blessed with grammar from the gods yet he did raise some interesting points and I thought he was, in the main, respectful of those who held an alternate opinion. We need people that generate debate and I think we can all look past poor spelling as long as the message is clear . Give him another chance I say - I was rather enjoying his presence !
  7. Danny Crozier

    2 Danny Crozier runners at Riccarton - trainer reports that they will both need the run. Both bolt in.....
  8. TAB Mistakes

    I had this happen with NPC rugy when daylight saving ended in NZ and the Aussie bookmakers didnt adjust their start times hence the betting was still available for a raft of options that had already resulted. The bookmaker paid out on some bets but then refunded and voided the larger bets that I had. To be frank, I can see their point especially where it is a genuine mistake. As someone on this site said at the time "If you cannot lose, you cannot win"
  9. Worst Ever

    Thanks Tiger, always very helpful
  10. Kuwee !!!!!!!!

    Depression? Dementia? Drunk? or d) all of the above?
  11. The Arab loses 100 million FFS !!!

    Someone asked Lloyd after Alamandin won last year about the financials...his reposnse was along the lines of 'I would have to win the Melbourne Cup another 8 times this year to be ahead for the year"
  12. Trackside Ozzie Coverage

    Completely agree...there was one point yesterday where Channel 7 were doing their spiel with Francesca Cumani and co (highly informative and interesting even for non punters) and they cut back to the English bird in the studio and all she did was read out the tote prices.... The Channel 7 coverage as well as the actual on track product out of Aussie just shows how far behind we are. Insurmountable I would say
  13. TAB - Disgrace

    Cheers PFP, on that basis i would assume they have a decent claim against the server provider given the financial and reputational ramifications
  14. TAB - Disgrace

  15. TAB - Disgrace

    I've mentioned in another thread but this beggars belief. With all the criticism in the past and the promises to get things right it is an absolute disgrace that the website was down for an hour before the race. Heads must roll