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  1. Golden Slipper F4 Challenge

    Might pay to wait till Wed till the finalised field comes out, to save Trump a bit of hassle. Besides it's not a done deal till Barry complies
  2. Surprised no one has acknowledged that TC is now 8 zip, and put a substantial break on the rest of the combatants. Pretty good stuff TC, but your luck has to run out sooner or later, I got bombed badly yesterday, and the simple message in this comp, is that no one is immune
  3. Well played today Korio, bit of a bath for me. Dixie and Daysee race against each other so many times, and I normally take the both of them in PJ's comps, but not today, still would not have got me home Cheers
  4. Oaks Day Comp Results

    5 picked 3 winners Memphis Double R Al Feilding Harro Taaxi
  5. R1 2=7 R2 2=8 R3 1=12 R4 1=11 R5 1=5 R6 2=3 R7 2=6 BB R8 2=8 R9 1=7 R10 1=5 BB Good luck Korio Hopefully into the lead today Rubiks, good luck Thanks PJ
  6. New Oaks Day Competition....

    Felaar Slimline Scott Base Ferrando Milseain Sounds like you are associated with the WRC Insider, so good luck today Thanks to the prize money donaters
  7. I'll be bothered Weasel, no prob, all Trentham R1 Euphoria R4 Felaar R9 Parvina Thanks
  8. What Happened to Bowman?

    Half a chocolate fish to you Belinda
  9. What Happened to Bowman?

    Probably applies also to a lot of people on here, who were dropped on their head at birth Gruffy
  10. What Happened to Bowman?

    Classic So from Bowman himself, adjusting his position on the horse, is what caused the sideways movement, and subsequent fall Don't hold your breath Admin, waiting for the slaggers to come forward and apologise
  11. Jacinda Ardern

    Nah Bloke, let him make a complete twat of himself being the adult debater of issues, boldly going where no man has gone before, holding Ardern to account., with photoshopped pics and comment on her speech impediment
  12. Jacinda Ardern

    Mostly on in the morning and evening, and a few times during the day from the i phone. I said last year was my last, but enjoying the comps, but who knows.
  13. Jacinda Ardern

    No thanks, I'm still trying to comprehend the photoshopped pics What I will do though is post the next set of poll results(good or bad)
  14. Jacinda Ardern

    Hahaha Must be one or your dinosaur mates that still reads hard copy Surely Ted, you don't spend all day trawling the internet, looking for any snippet of info that might fuel your crusade