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  1. R1 1,2 R2 3,5 R3 1,2 R4 3,5 R5 1,7 R6 3,5 R7 3,9 BB R8 1,10 R9 5,9 BB Thanks!
  2. R1 5,11 R2 4,12 R3 1,6 R4 7,8 BB R5 3,4 R6 4,6 R7 4,6 R8 3,5 R9 3,5 BB Thanks!
  3. Swynford's Challenge PremierSelections

    Stumbled across this thread, so felt it was due for an update as we progress through their 4yo season - will return to it once the season is over. Of Swynford's 15, 7 have won (4 of them are multiple race winners). Three times Group 1 placegetter Savile Row is the only one (so far) to be showing a profit. Lot 14 C All American - Klairevoyant passed $50,000 Unnamed - yet to race Lot 83 F Redoute's Choice - Mygoodgrace $340,000 My Grace - 13:4-1-1 AU$61.9K Lot 93 F Stravinsky - Obey passed $100,000 Zabay - 15:1-2-0 $12,175 Lot 106 C Fastnet Rock - Pampurr $200,000 Two Strikes - yet to race Lot 125 F Stravinsky - Pride of Tralee $180,000 Crystal Fountain - 7:4-0-1 AU$101K (won its first four starts) Lot 143 C Iffraaj - Riesling $70,000 Prince Hareem - Beauty Miles (H.K.) - 4:2-2-0 $22,750 Lot 156 C Authorized - Sandie $170,000 Newton - 7:1-1-1 $10,650 Lot 167 C Jimmy Choux - Seven Schillings $150,000 Heptagon - 3:1-0-1 AU$14.5K Lot 200 F Commands - Valpolicella $325,000 Packing Heat - 4:0-0-0 AU$800 Lot 227 C Redoute's Choice - Volkrose $180,000 Unnamed - yet to race Lot 234 C Northern Meteor - Wit Beyond Measure $260,000 Unnamed - yet to race Lot 323 C Snitzel - Copita $200,000 Ninety Ninety - yet to race Lot 327 F Rip Van Winkle - Cramoisy $50,000 Winkle Dancer - 5:0-1-0 $2,350 Lot 372 C Fastnet Rock - Episode $350,000 Klarik - 3:0-0-0 AU$825 Lot 391 F Makfi - Fleece $120,000 Savile Row - 11:2-3-1 $241,126 (G1 placed x3)
  4. Scratched

    From The Language of Horse Racing by Gerald Hammond
  5. R1 1,4 R2 6,9 BB R3 1,2 R4 6,7 R5 2,4 BB R6 1,2 R7 1,2 R8 5,11 Thanks!
  6. Too many 1's... R1 1,2 R2 1,5 R3 2,4 R4 1,2 R5 1,4 R6 1,5 BB R7 3,8 BB R8 1,5 Thanks!
  7. R1 1,7 R2 1,7 R3 2,10 R4 4,8 R5 2,11 R6 4,5 BB R7 9,11 R8 3,7 R9 8,9 BB Thanks!

    Or not.
  9. TAB Beta Racing Website

    Couple of nice things about the video on the Beta page: 1) It's no longer using Flash which should play much nicer with Chrome 2) The video gets buffered so you can roll it back if you want to rewatch the race. No need to wait for the replay! At the moment it seems to continue pulling the video data even if you've closed the video window, so be wary if you're on a metered connection.
  10. R1 3,6 R2 7,8 R3 4,7 R4 4,9 BB R5 1,2 R6 1,3 R7 1,5 R8 3,6 R9 4,13 BB Thanks!
  11. Agreed. At the very least they could be pushing any original content on to their underutilised Youtube channel. That way they'd be able to promote NZ racing to a global audience, even if they want maintain the block on overseas bettors visiting tab.co.nz.
  12. Don't think there is on-demand capability, but it is repeating at 7am on Sunday.

    The thing is, YDGAS. You repeatedly post about how the tipsters are rubbish. A wee while back you started a thread tracking their performance which was great but you stopped as soon as one of them started showing a profit. You seem to think that TV tipsters should have this magical strike rate, but there's no reason why they should. If you're winning money hand over fist from the horses, why would you also want to work long hours on a barely watched TV channel telling some dim-witted viewers all the answers? If they're such bad tipsters then take note of their picks and back something else. It's not rocket science. Oh, and I'm about as removed from the subject as can be, so don't even try using that pathetic way out. Look forward to your picks on Saturday!

    Well he's picked two winners so far, and will be in profit for the day irrespective of the other results, so yet another fail from you. Still waiting for you to provide your picks for every race in a race meeting just to see how much better you are than BP is... how about this Saturday?
  15. Arrogate still ahead of Winx...???

    Beating the world's best racehorses would be a good place to start...