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  1. Craig Dowd

    Wow....still the asylum I see?
  2. Rugby's a bore

  3. Four Nations

    Good value
  4. Four Nations

    The Sydney game catered for by Sydney people..Anyway, $2.35 is easy money against these crims.
  5. Four Nations

    Bloody bullshit that it's a 8.45pm kick off. What a joke...pandering to the Ozzie public zzzz. Tell the fuckwits in Oz to tune in at 7pm NZ time
  6. Cricket World Cup - A million to one

    How'd you manage to dig up this post from 2011??
  7. Chicago Test

    Robbie Deans,that fellah that should've got the ABs job way back in 2007? That fellah. Hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  8. kiwi mania

    Really? Never knew. England would have a decent team wouldn't they? Lots of crims over there
  9. kiwi mania

    Nup..tell me more. What two Nations??
  10. kiwi mania

    Was there a League test? When was that?
  11. ITM finals

    It's advantageous in this modern day 'NPC' to NOT have All Blacks in your squad
  12. Cartman it's free beer

    Easy Money ..
  13. Chicago Test

    Bloody arrogant All Black supporters..spose they expect the All Blacks to win too?
  14. $2.5 million McCaw

  15. R1-2,4(11)BB R2-2,4(3) R3-4,6(5) R4-2,7(10) R5-4,10(1) R6-9,10(3) R7-1,4(6) R8-2,3(1) R9-3,5(7) R10-7,11(10)BB