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  1. Herlihy looks more like a Butt these days.

    A Butt won 4 races on him its probably the Maryborough Gold Cup.
  2. For what its worth....

    Do you condone the Pakistanis Raping and sexually abusing about 3000 White English Girls and the police turning a blind eye to it?
  3. All Stars Simply The Best !!!!!!!

    You ask me how do I know well here is the easiest and the simplest clue they like a few others hate the successful ALL-STARS Stable. If you are an owner or trainer you would be fairly calm about me saying on a website you DOPE your horses many many times, well I'm not and for that IDIOT to write 10 or 20 times that what I do is blood doping gets a little tedious. Here is a sample of a question, do I bring the horse or do you send a product, what is the serum and Lee is not a real person even though I explained who I am and what I do with my phone number now you can tell me why I should not describe them accurately? I anxiously await your reply.
  4. Big day out ffor Kiwis at Meadowlamds today

    It's not right that Maple and Hunterthepunter hate any horses that come from All-Stars.
  5. All Stars Simply The Best !!!!!!!

    Don't mention the questions they were asking. They were without a doubt the DUMBEST IMBECILES I have ever encountered on a website. You must have read their questions the ones I answered they kept asking over and over again. One of them is a trainer who over 24 yrs training has amassed 181k in prize money he trained 6 winners in 10 yrs and can't believe the All-Stars win 2.7 times that at one meeting and thinks anyone who wins more than 6 races in 10 years is cheating. Now you tell me he is not an imbecile. I dare you to write some of the questions Nora and Fiona asked me it will give the cafers a lot of humor. I had to explain what Autologous means.
  6. Trump written off

    The Sydney M H and NZ Herald will be heavily redacted as it doesn't suit their narrative. Any betting it will be Trump's fault?
  7. All Stars Simply The Best !!!!!!!

    By gee, you would like to get hold of those bureaucrats that closed the asylums down they got a bit to answer for. The staff drug case was an expensive exercise.
  8. All Stars Simply The Best !!!!!!!

    Could it be possible its a full brother to the nutters that post there who is running the site.
  9. All Stars Simply The Best !!!!!!!

    I can not imagine how apoplectic they would have been Jewels day Watching the All-Stars cleanup. You can see them now cuddling those calming goats.
  10. All Stars Simply The Best !!!!!!!

    I for one can fully understand why we are the youth suicide capital of the developed world. How long does it take to realize that some people are better than others? ie The All-Stars.
  11. Trump written off

    Oh dear, I didn't realize you were one of them how remiss of me I am sure you have heard that very old adage about the cap fitting and wearing it. Don't you hate it when you get caught out it really hurts, like all lefties you resort to abuse? Do you still go back and refresh your memory of all those inane posts you wrote or should I bring a few up?
  12. Trump written off

    This is for all the Fuckwit imbecile left wing lunatics who are now overloading the helplines the multi Billionaire just did what all the liberals have been dreaming about. Get a compassionate friend to nurture you for a week or two before you self-harm.
  13. Cambridge Stats

    Yes, Andre did.
  14. The Rocks Rocked Em!

    You're a genius Iraklis finding that on USTA it would be easier picking the card at Methven.
  15. Cambridge Stats

    Ray Green must be tearing his hair out with the tasks his horses are set by some of his drivers.