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  1. Lest We Forget

    OhOakman my old man too if I could share your flag.
  2. A legend retiring.

    I hear Richard brosnan last runners Friday. A man of high integrity who never took a backward step.on a personal note a man who stood by me in tough times and I have never forgotten.who could forget no response and bonnies chance. I hope all in the industry recognize hs achievements.I know he don't want a fuss but I hope the atc has plans to recognize his career.
  3. Amateurs Taking Winter Break

    It's done on drives.probably 2 a month so 6 drives.I think.
  4. Hi Ho Tiz Off To The Park We Go....

    engheim flying
  5. Positives at Nelson

  6. Hawera

    there is only one winner true but that winner needs to get a decent whack considering they get handicapped close to Auckland for it-if they got3 or so points it is worthwhile- but hawera gets the double whammy - low stakes and hit too hard in the handicaps. if u run fifth at hawera btn 10 lengths u got no point reduction and if u run 2nd at Auckland in a 20k race u get no points. it it really the same. anyway I still take my hat off to the people down there- they try there arse off- no directors fees down there
  7. Positives at Nelson

    newshub were at it lying in saying the dunns had spiked there horses- 2nd item on news anyone who read the decision knows this is untrue. john and Robert don't deserve this shit- given we never get coverage in mainstream media u have to think was an attempt to slander them by who- I have no idea.
  8. Hawera

    True country meeting. Money shit but those boys try hard brendan towers and his team.we really need to find a way of getting money up,.competitive racing something for everybody.big mistake losing this type of meeting.good place for jewels.would certainly make it a fair contest.2 400 plus straights.1 bend.town would fill the joint up. About the same crowd as an Auckland meeting. Well done boys
  9. Late Scratchings Auckland Tonight

    Hsvman has plenty he can pay.
  10. Late Scratchings Auckland Tonight

    Makes sense
  11. Positives at Nelson

    Itz magic has caffeine just have to be careful.10 day witholdingI found a good product. but contamination wrong horse there are many ways to make a mistake.trainers face minefields every day but is part of game.just about all positives would be mistakes as the swabbing process is so robust. Bruce negus for example the most honest bloke in the world got done.whatever happened he wouldn't have done anything dishonest.poor bugger a lifetime in the game and some event gets him a conviction.fortunately u wouldnt find a person in the game who thinks it's deliberate.
  12. Late Scratchings Auckland Tonight

    Better to have a scr penalty say 100 bucks.every horse vital for Auckland. This standout stuff is ancient.plus pay a driving fee.probably stop the frivolous ones
  13. Amateur Crap?

    Good drive saved ground from bad draw.I thought she came to end of it 100 out.there is always some horse parked or 5 fence or 3w.don't see what more she could of done.always got a drive for her up here.winning drives are good ones and losing are bad.
  14. Trotting in CHINA??

    Tahiti race on grass I think monthly n.z horse been going forever
  15. Again At Auckland

    No the rating system crap and yes harder to make a go of things.