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  1. Robert Dunn Vs All Stars.

    Alot of the Allstars horses are tried and then shipped to Aus if not up to top tier NZ rscing.Most of the time still under same ownership. This is successful for the owners as winning 10 races and 60k in Aussie much easier than in NZ. Couple weeks ago at Geelong there were 9 ex Purdonn horses racing same night
  2. Kiwi Guns Racin Tonite

    I agree Iraklis,all the information was out there and were cleared by vet,so i have no problems with them starting. In hindsight maybe they shouldnt have started,but easy to say now
  3. Without thinking

    Kiwi,Bonecrusher and Waverley Star
  4. Oamaru Race 6 , Why the holdup????

    Brodie number wasnt upside down.you cant fit these numbers on properly upside down so needed new number.i cant workout how it wasnt noticed in parade ring.
  5. Ellerslie All Up Comp

    R5#5 BELLA COURT scratched so replace with R6 #4 CHARLES ROAD(place)
  6. Ellerslie All Up Comp

    R4 #1 CONSENSUS (place) R5 #5 BELLA COURT (place)
  7. 1=3/4 2=1/3 3=5/9 4=13/14 bb 5=1/2 6=1/2 7=2/4 8=4/8 bb 9=2/3 10=4/13
  8. Punters Club 16

    Shit mate you not having much luck with your gallopers
  9. Riccarton Competition 15 Feb

    I thought 2 knowledgeable fellas couldnt be wrong so had nice wee trifecta collect .Thanks guys
  10. Riccarton Competition 15 Feb

    Thanks Col R4 #7 LIVE IN HOPE(place) R5 #10 RED TIARA(place)
  11. Riccarton Competition 15 Feb

    I hope you have better luck than with Dale. Good luck tomorrow.
  12. Robert Dunn Vs All Stars.

    Double edged sword Brodie as the stakemoney won in Aussie gives their owners more money to spend in NZ eg Yearling sales, breeding,sponsorship etc.. I am sure that when Robert and John get suiteable horses they will take them to Aussie to race as well.
  13. TE RAPA

    Brilliant.Happend to mate who gets real agro real quickwhen we watching cricket couple years ago and you could bet on runs per over.He was getting real shitty and decided to ring tab and give them an earful.After a minute of being on hold I told him what he done,he picked his bottle up and through it at tv and that was end of watching cricket.
  14. TE RAPA

    One day same happened to me then I realised I had paused when doing a run to beer fridge and wasn't watching live.