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  1. Most Wins in NZ since 1979

    Our Genes. 25 El Chico 24
  2. Trainer for stayers

    Otago / Southland shuts down for several months and has no Premier Days few feature days Riccarton as I said has 23 meetings per year how many starts do you want to give your horse no traveling mostly Premier and Feature races
  3. Trainer for stayers

    My apologies just trying to give good advice about your horse not your travel arrangements - tongue in cheek
  4. Trainer for stayers

    How much more needed They run 23 meetings a year at Riccarton mostly feature and premier stake money
  5. Trainer for stayers

    Nah, Send it South whilst it's developing it will pay its way if good enough without being put under pressure
  6. Rubik's Cube would be better and appropriate
  7. New Oaks Day Competition....

    I suggest you take a $5 multi to return $62k in the unlikely event you get all 5
  8. Said in one eyed jest - lighten up
  9. My bet is Derby - Field Oaks - bracket Savvy Coup/Pinup Coup All the best
  10. I believe the handicapping staff can be approached re a horses rating but a lot of it is common sense - you race out of your class you get penalised I have questioned the complaints group but I understand that more often than not there are few complaints but a lot of selfcentred bitching most of the time by horses connections who have run their horse out of their rating band re bicarbonate testing and jockeys testing Why South Islanders get tested more often is perhaps a question that Pete Early should ask the RIU I DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT THE LEVEL PLAYING FIELD I AM SURE IT IS
  11. Never, ever just get the ratings / handicaps right as I try to in racing!
  12. Personally I have no problems with receiving or giving constructive criticism, I put up with LJM doing so on a regular basis, most of it in jest. I know many trainers and jockeys who can't handle such but that's their problem not an excuse. I am often maligned for my own comments but more often than not it's not just about me -especially when writing my weekly THE INFORMANT column I often make comments/criticism for the benefit of colleagues as well as my own situation all the best now "hit me with your best shot!!!"
  13. Michael Pitman

    Gruff El Chico never had 3 starts in 9 days with us ever Only time I considered taking him to the Telegraph he finished 3rd then won the Listed Timaru Herald Stakes (which he ended up winning 3 times) 7 days later
  14. Melody Belle rort ?

    Very true comment Leo a lot of horses do come south and get confidence and "learn how to be a winner" and continue on. Often there is less pressure in our races, having been up north just recently I am sure climate also plays its part
  15. No one said they didn't want to take Enzo's Lad to Wgtn rather concerns about the track were discussed EL was booked to travel a week before the race and Sam was booked before the fields were framed. As the trainer and part owner I can assure you it was on the radar before NZ Cup Week that was why we did not run in the stewards being mindful he would have to carry more weight for a Group3 win than a listed win. The result was very satisfying and rewarding Thank you