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  1. Investigate nous

    Who was that?
  2. Prom Queen

    Great bloke Kenny Rae I wish him and his partners all the very best
  3. National Day Suspensions WTF!

    The new system, don't you think that it is more fair as it is aligned to their earning capacity sure ABC rides at a lot more meetings Last season ABC 832 rides Sam Wynne 484
  4. Case of Strangles in Main Cambridge stable

    CC Terrible accusation to make and by not naming any one casts suspicion on all I hope you have the facts right if not you should be banned from this site for life
  5. Champion/Murphy vs Ashburton RC

    How many would support that!!
  6. McConnell Road

    We trained this horse for Jim 9 years ago Retired as a hack as he was not competitive what he's done for the last 9 years is anybody's guess
  7. Champion/Murphy vs Ashburton RC

    Have already tried that Leo. 2/3 years ago many of us, some better equipped than me in these matters, offered to mediate between both parties. This was and has been continuously refused since then. Poor form by ARC I know that NZTR, NZTA and RIU have been involved in some capacity but the training partnership have done nothing that warrants charges or investigation. Do ARC want to continue having horses trained there, probably not. It's like it's our playground play with our ball to our rules or don't play at all!!
  8. You are right again Leo but did you notice that Mime dropped 3 points 2 starts later when beaten only 5.8 lengths in WFA AND THAT WAS AFTER STIPE COMMENT OF BILATERAL PROXIMAL SHIN SORENESS SofM dropped 4 points in Derby when beaten 35.9lengths no stipes comment no abnormalities you figure
  9. Well done took a bit longer than I thought you would I noticed that when checking up on last years Levin Classic placegetters Leo I always said you were blessed with brains
  10. Haha! it was by speed dial of course! just name one horse
  11. The trial is irrelevant I asked for reassessment before he trialled the less one point was applied On 19th Sept close to two weeks after I first approached the handicapper and after he had returned from being in Melbourne
  12. SofM was reassessed after the Derby Tell me any other horse that's received 17 points for running 2nd in any race in NZ That is what SofM got for running second to Dukedom in Levin Classic went from R65 to R82 had previously won maiden races at Kurow and Omakau. Winner Dukedom only got 13 points going from R71 to 84 had been Group2 and Group3 placed in his lead up races I Asked for a reassessment following two poor runs prior to spelling as a 4 yr old and he was dropped one more point, half a kilo, it had nothing to do with his trial Who would think any horse would drop points for winning a trial Can anyone name me one horse that has received 17 points for running second. I'm sure xpecting an avalanche of names YEAH RIGHT!
  13. Rogerson

    99.99% more!!!
  14. Ratings

    That's what I call good placement!!!
  15. Small Successful horses

    Silver Liner