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  1. "Northern" Kawi

    Woops as you were! Of course Consensus won it last year....how could we forget!
  2. "Northern" Kawi

    Won the Zabeel last year after missing the start - I guess doesn't need to do it again.
  3. Where's Winnie???

    So you are saying that legislation should be passed to stop a New Zealander betting with an offshore agency on NON NZ racing? Of so protectionism at its worst!
  4. Where's Winnie???

    I don't agree that the racecards are IP. Charging for access to them is this information age is akin to charging entry to a supermarket or akin to charging for information on a pound of butter. A NZ racecard is no different from any other jurisdictions racecard. It provide information on our product. That information unfortunately only makes obvious the fact that our product is by competitive comparison high priced and of inferior quality.
  5. Where's Winnie???

    I don't understand the rationale behind "protecting our NZ Intellectual Property (IP)" - a concept which seems to underpin the Race Fields Legislation. As far as I can see by the normal definition of IP we don't have any or at the very least anything of value. IP is based on property that is unique. What is unique about NZ Racing? We don't don't have anything that is any different to any other racing jurisdiction which produce a product for people to gamble on. We do produce one that is arguably inferior in terms of quality and one that is comparatively over priced.
  6. Where's Winnie???

    The Bill is fundamentally flawed because the premise on which it is made is fundamentally flawed. If no one wants your overpriced low quality product no amount of legislative protection will save it. John Allen your days are numbered.
  7. Kawi Cheats Well!

    FFS I just asked a QUESTION. I remembered that Kawi and Coldplay were the last two to go in. As for Molloy he leaves himself open with numerous holes.
  8. Kawi Cheats Well!

    I asked a QUESTION! In normal English comprehension that indicates the person asking the question doesn't know the answer. So how can I be WRONG?
  9. Kawi Cheats Well!

    I wasn't wrong you will note I asked a question. There would have been only seconds in it in any case.
  10. Kawi Cheats Well!

    How long from first horse to last horse loaded? Wasn't Coldplay the last? A nine horse field if the club had spent another grand for the day they could have all been loaded at once. Maybe that could be a new NZTR KPI? Speed to load fields.
  11. Kawi Cheats Well!

    So you are saying that the accumulation of lactic acid is immediate or is there a delay between when the adrenal gland expression occurs (presumably gate entry) and the formation AND accumulation of lactic acid? I note that Consensus was the only horse to "miss the start" but I note that she has done before.
  12. Kawi Cheats Well!

    That's the race I watched. One thing I noticed was after the winning post Waddell gave Kawi one hell of a victory slap with the whip across the flank. Understandably the horse gave a "WTF was that for" reaction. Flattened his ears down and gave Waddell an eyeball which if looks could kill the jockey wouldn't have weighed in! Kari is definitely a "thinker" a requires an intelligent jockey.
  13. Kawi Cheats Well!

    Given it is produced in anaerobic conditions I'd say only if you were holding your breath or swallowed the tongue tie.
  14. Kawi Cheats Well!

    Who trained her to start?
  15. Kawi Cheats Well!

    Thinking about it - if Kawi has all these "issues" and is a "cheating mongrel" Red Sharrock must be a champion trainer to get 7 Grp1's out of him!