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  1. BS from AS?

    Bulked up in the neck perhaps?
  2. BS from AS?

    That's a bit harsh. In my opinion Trump's analysis is devoid of any parochial bias. Embellish got the softest run and in a fast run race was in a good position to pounce or even "grind to the line". A disappointing run and certainly not in the class of those who beat him fair and square. I would't be surprised if we are soon notified of a "problem" with the horse. If it is minor I would leave the horse in OZ with a proven stallion making trainer. On what he has done so far he would struggle in the current stallion market. If there is a major problem which puts him out for much of this season then cut your losses and geld him. But given he has already been bought by the cashed up Cambridge Stud owners I don't see that happening.
  3. Stirrups too short?! Tongue in Cheek!

    I'd like to know what difference it makes to a horses chance.
  4. Otaki transferred to Hastings....

    Geez Insider you are having a shocker. Not so sure about your "associations" and "your sources"! If my memory is correct spending on training infrastructure was funded in 2008/09 as Otaki was then deemed to be a training venue of national significance. I suspect it may have lost that categorisation recently.
  5. Otaki transferred to Hastings....

    Didn't NZTR pour funds into training facilities that benefited a few select? Whom of at least one have joined the exodus north and west.
  6. 100k maiden Naki challenge

    Your "association" is?
  7. Otaki transferred to Hastings....

    Tell us more. And why now? Especially after they have plundered the NZTR capital fund. As for the trots - been OK every year except this one.
  8. Te Aroha

    Asian punters are not dumb. We need to provide a quality product at the right price.
  9. Te Aroha

    There are more Asians online than in Auckland.
  10. Agree. Transparency equals Integrity.
  11. Thanks Bruce for your post. RaceCafe has been waiting for an industry contribution to this important issue.
  12. Te Aroha

    Most of the revenue comes from online betting - doesn't matter where they race as long as there is a quality product.
  13. Te Aroha

    Just like increased stakes there is no correlation between population size vs on course participation. If what you say is correct about Ellerslies longevity then it is an albatross around the industry's neck. To fix the track may well be impossible given the courses topography. As it is it is closed for a quarter of the year.
  14. Isn't Cornelius saying that when the horses he mentioned first started in OZ they were rated higher than they had been in NZ? I'm picking RaceCafe is going to get a post from one of those people mentioned.
  15. Te Aroha

    I thought for a moment there you were describing Ellerslie......."it's either a swamp or baked rock hard"......