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  1. For what its worth....

    I can recommend Tucker Carlson on Fox debating Cathy Areu if you really want to see just how OTT. feminism has gone
  2. For what its worth....

    The speakers cancelled their trip to NZ.Poor ticket sales the most likely reason.There are many other venues available for them to book if they wish.One of those old red phone boxes would probably be suitable for the 'crowd' who would want to hear them.
  3. Chaos in NZ

    Supposedly you are talking about the GFC ,caused by those cut from the same cloth as former P.M Key.In the world of forex gambling he was very successful and known as 'the smiling assassin'. The Christchurch earthquakes were dealt with as any major catastrophe is by the incumbent Govt. How well did Gerry handle it?Debateable, as deficiencies come to light and unresolved claims are still being negotiated. History shows National Govts maintain the status quo,and very rarely embark on significant programmes of change that affect the rank and file. The Key administration did plumb new depths in black ops with Jason Ede and dirty politics with the compliance of unprincipled provocateurs Slater,Lusk,and co. They can thank Lynton Crosby for astute P.R and a compliant msm to faithfully regurgitate meaningless propaganda like...'sound economic managers,a safe pair of hands',a brighter future' and 'on the cusp of something special'.
  4. Chaos in NZ

    facts for you P4P...National do not have debt repayment funds.National borrowed more in 9 years than the total borrowed since NZ became a sovereign nation.The Clarke administration ran straightline budget surplus,National straightline deficits. The economy responds to international events and is hardly affected by domestic governance. Defence like most things ,was negelected under the 9 years of Govt that had the usual objective...'for the few at the expense of the ...many'. Nationals legacy after 9 years ...=destroyed the Kiwi dream of home ownership for new generations, and accelerated the sale of NZ to foreigners. Their first 'initiative' was to bring back knighthoods and funnily enough the 2 main actors received one as they departed .(Along with a few wealthy donors ..of course)
  5. Chaos in NZ

    After 9 years of mismanagement and a borrow and hope Govt, that believed in kick the can down the road ,hardly surprising that people left behind in the remuneration stakes are flexing their muscles.M.B.I.E are a joke.Spent over $1million a week on consultants on Joyces watch,70k sculpture,140k big screen T.V,hair straightener FFS...couldn't run a bath. Nurses deserve every cent. As for chaos ,unless you are very young there have been plenty of worse clusterfucks with inept politicians at the helm.
  6. C W Johnson 100winners for season

    I guess you haven't seen many then. A very good Sth Island hoop,but not in the class of Brent Thompson,Jim Cassidy,Shane Dye,James Mac Donald to name just 4.
  7. great racecallers

    I really like this new Melbourne caller Matty Hill ,has a great voice for it.
  8. Aussie racing -alert

    1 win from 3 picks but what a price.! As my post never made it through the mods I will take the hint and put my cue in the rack.
  9. Performance and Efficiency Audit due in 2018

    'Who needs a report every 5 years to keep verifying that?'....consultants of course.Great little earner.The one Goff commissioned for Auckland that was hidden ,cost over $900,000 and made the stunning revelation...that another report was...required!
  10. Aussie racing -alert

    1 win and a 2nd from 5 picks=not good enough.Go again at Caulfield -track should be o.k. R4-No.4 Miss Norway,consistent but may overcome nasty draw with alot of speed still outside. R5-No.3-Just Hifalutin,fresh,honest performer. R7-No.4-Al Passem,2nd up,has raced against top company 12'S LOOK GOOD. Rosehill R7-No.2 Red Excitement...looks a big chance in an open race. good luck.
  11. And this bloke will save the Industry.....???

    'Maybe the answer is to acquire a house the way Winston allegedly did, just google Jan Trotman, his wealthy partner.'..... Winston has never needed Robertson or anyone else to do his talking for him.Has over 40 years in politics ,a distinguished career and has achieved far more than many ,who received Knighthoods for...turning up.

    the proven way to test tipsters expertise is asking them to name a LOTD and picking 2 horses in each race that can't run a place.
  13. I hate to say it but he’s right about most of this

    racing sheep...a novel idea but a rather...woolly..one.
  14. Tatts Tiara Double BB Comp Entries here.

    R2-Light up the Room -6-BB R3-Galea Warrior-9 R4-Foxy Housewife-12 R5-Trommelschlagen-3 R6-Honey Toast-6 R7-Ulman-2-BB R8-Invincible Gem-9 R9-Stella Ombra-12
  15. I hate to say it but he’s right about most of this

    so Marama Davidson could be a hope then?