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  1. World Cup Soccer 2018

    Had a big say this morning , iam not sure about it I tend to be with OM with this. Goal line tech to clear up crosses line or not great . Something like this morning it's back to ref determination and maybe his gut feeling in real time better. Iam not really sure pen or not today but if pushed I'd go with rough on Croatia but pen correct, arm not in unnatural position , didn't appear to move towards ball however stopped it going across goal maybe into the covering defender in behind him into net or keeper fumbles and scraps picked up by French. But iam then into the ifs and buts spiral. As a supporter though iam comfortable best team lifted trophy on whole tournament. I've heard someone on radio good few years back ( think it was Miles Davis ). Guts of it was tough unfair decisions in sport teaches you something about real life , life's not fair all the time you got to move on .I've used version of that in kids sport from time to time when something costs team in this manner you either get on with it and try harder or give up and you don't wanna sit home next Saturday morning when your teamates are having fun winning next week.. I have used that in kids sport since then. Seems to work.
  2. Alpha Centauri

    Impressive in mid range handicap , Flemington straight no problems when horse can run out the July course straight at Newmarket like that and won over 2000 metres at Pontefract as a two year old so cannot see it not staying , will it quicken enough? Only had 7 runs so loads upside.The other Godolphin runner in behind it Natural Scenery has been in against best stayers up there and has entry for Yorkshire Oaks next month at the Ebor meeting so is probably better than her for looks and she was left in wake. Id be surprised if Hamada is not in Aussie October time somewhere.Hamada has entry for Ebor Handicap next month and lightly raced horses are what I used to seek out for that puzzle. It would have to get up the handicap a bit to get in to Cup I'd guess. Won on good to soft , firm and awt .We all know Charlie Appleby can travel them well.Iam keen on Appleby' s Rare Rhythm.Got class lightly raced , missed Sydney Cup to stay at Meydan for World Cup night and had one run since behind top class horse at Chantilly in June. Missed out UK so far this year.Saving it for Melbourne ????
  3. Alpha Centauri

    Hope you got bit of the odds there OM, followed the history of guineas runners / place getters dropping back to 6F in July cup. O'Brien has done it before with Mozart , and it's also been done by Green Desert , Dream Ahead plus others. Talking Everest now , not sure he could beat best Aussie sprinters on home turf. I see Ryan Moore jumped on plane and won the Grand Prix de Paris on Kew Garden for Coolmore later in evening . He's a jockey and half, just not the best at picking right ride sometimes within the Coolmore battalions. Re Redkirk Warrior , just giving it some thought, he was on hiding to nothing . Would it not be hard ask to peak Aussie spring spell then peak Aussie autumn short spell travel to opposite season to summer in UK to peak again within 9 months. In no way am i being critical to training team as I couldn't train a guinea pig and they are top top pros but thinking in human athlete terms it would be tough .Sporting of them as nothing in it breeding value wise obviously. Puts into perspective the achievements of Black Caviar , Takeover Targets of this world. With northern horses coming down for Melb Cup carnival the northern season sort of runs into it and trainers just seem to go bit lighter mid season with those types of horses.
  4. World Cup Soccer 2018

    Nah OM taking the p### about TAB offering that price Surrey, started thread on it last week. It's ridiculous ,I think it's pushed out now but agree it's 250 at best. England poor today , yep not at level Belgium France at moment IMHO . Good on Kane he has to slot them and glad as he seems decent bloke but not a golden boot winner to go down in legend , but as a pom 4 th was better than I expected.
  5. Alpha Centauri

    Alpha Centauri bolted up in the Falmouth Stakes at July meeting Newmarket last night , backed up huge Ascot effort with interest. Redkirk Warrior goes overnight tonight in July Cup with Regan Baylis up , I can see an improved performance from Ascot and going to chase my money.
  6. World Cup Soccer 2018

    Like the domestic Cup comps a draw comes out play the 11 in front of you , all this easy draw this and that . What would some people have England do, phone fifa say hey old chaps swap us into Brazil game instead playing Swedes. How about Rekindlings owner phoning Racing Victoria last year maybe , hey hes quite good bung us an extra kilo. Totally agree with comments hand of God , shootout loses , England have well paid back for "that" goal in 66. Not poms fault didn't play Germany or Spain they weren't there anymore, thats their fault.They done very well, lasted to last four out of 200 that started 3 years back.Croatia were the better side this morning hard to argue they were not and after two lots of 120 mins they gutsed it out with not a little creative guile and decent goals, good on them. Poms under 17 and under 20 World Champs, won big French end season age group comp last two years and in Gareth Southgate have a manger who's all class so future bright. Poms reached on or near their level at the moment IMHO. I've borrowed from my kids piggy banks, mortgaged the house , hocked the cars and put up my 5 buck win ticket on Surrey at 26 bucks this year's Melbourne cup as collateral and rolled it into France for Monday morning. Cannot see any other result, same applied if Poms had made it as would be hard to see them downing that French side. Football being football Giroud will bob up with a goal.
  7. Pre noms Melb Cup surrey

    I've just had quick skim through pre noms market Melbourne Cup, Surrey 26 bucks to win the big one. Who makes these books. Say for example Alward , now I don't see that getting within 100 metres of the winner of cup but at least it's a decent Saturday stayer who ran well in Lexus last year, it's 100s. 26 bucks Surrey really, I cannot believe it, it's won a maiden and last time ran in highweight without success. I know we can choose value and ignore it but it makes no sense. How about maybe 300s about right. Not even qualified. Must be a mistake.
  8. Big bet

    2 grand whacked on horse straight up like that I would have thought might be worth half a look by betting regulators , maybe even just to note it as regards other patterns as time progresses to see if something correlates somewhere else. Surely some form of eye is kept on odd wagers, I have not looked at the form and harness not my game but I have to get on the Rusty boat that it was different
  9. Four Corners Aust program

    No reported 6 to 8 deaths per year in NY marathon , that may make news I would suggest having runners dragged off every few miles , plus the death notices each year and any coroner enquiries. Having many a year worked the London one with thousands of runners I can tell you the death rate isn't that many and it makes the news on the odd occasion it happens .Up to 8 people dying in a marathon run in a big city is pretty serious with lots of crying family members.Anyway that's by the by . No issues with what you say about the fragility of horses, Ive been lucky enough to have decent share in a good bread and butter one and a slowish one both injured on gallops with no fault of anyone ending careers. Both happily had injury treatment paid for out of the pot of prizemoney and fees followed by second chances outside racing and I will be back into it again when iam an empty nester.. I really just had an issue with the completely wrong figures put around , kind of look at us we doing so much we are better than the rest when figures totally wrong. Even clearly wrong from own stipes reports. It misled people who read it. The industry has to be open, accurate and transparent or it will lose the public. Animal rights lobby in Australia lot more militant than here so industry has to be ready when questioned. I try to explain to friends from time to time how well cared for the vast majority of racehorses are .When it boils down to it I would much rather come back , if indeed that's the way it works as a racehorse rather than beef cattle or pig on pork farm, zero retirement options there. The industry leaders need to have the backs of those employed in it.Chevy I am as far from anti racing as you are no doubt and without it I'd have a huge chunk of my enjoyment in life gone.
  10. Four Corners Aust program

    Totally agree LZ and PR. With these days of social media it's a lot easier to find out the dark side. In Nov 2014 I read an article on Stuff , it was titled NZ racing not cruel to horses ,(rechecked still on computer if google but Iam a technical dinosaur so cannot link it) it was in light of the sad events surrounding that years Melb Cup. Now I've been following this sport since backing Soba to win the Stewards Cup at Goodwood in 1982 and I was a wee bit young to bet then , however as a Natonal Hunt fan my father and I travelled the UK visiting many courses, I know what can happen in racing and it's not nice at times especially over the sticks. Anyway this article stated from a spokesman for NZTR who was named , that it's more dangerous to run the New York marathon and only four horses died on track in that past year. I thought no , that's misleading , as I backed two horses one day at Ashburton that year and both those tragically died one inside the final 100 metres and one that resulted in serious injuries to the poor jockey. So two more for entire year cannot be right .I went through only three months of stripes reports and even then had totally discredited those figures put to general public. I e mailed NZTR and asked if they would correct this grossly misleading article . Basically got e mail back that was rather rude like it's not my business. Maybe not but I buy the paper and you misled me.To there annoyance I pushed it. They eventually admitted figures completely wrong and sent me NZTR figures and a RIU spreadsheet detailing fatalities. Investigation 101 cross check evidence , I found only a few on both lists , some missing , basically embarrassing bookkeeping, untidy in the extreme. I e mail asking if correction to press would be the honest thing to do. No answer to that , but said basically upping their game by getting Waikato Uni students in to fill in forms on track in cases of injury. I decided because I love racing and respect the hard working workers not to e mail the Press and embarrass the industry. I contacted the RIU a few years later and got a reassureing friendly reply that they have handle on it . I don't know do they ? I suppose they can at a flick of a computer keyboard tell me the full details of every horse fatality on the track this season. More dangerous to run NY marathon give me a break. I researched the NY marathon it is quite safe although not for likes of me , 35 kms too far for this old footballers knees.
  11. Four Corners Aust program

    Living legends on my list to visit one day and I know Kentucky have a version of it with many retired champions. I like to think that if I was lucky enough to race a good one I would set aside some coin to provide for retraining , rehoming or its keep later in life if of course it was not assessed as unsuitable . If I had a big offer for a horse for Singapore or Macau , well that's a tough one. I suppose it's where you are at in life , kids all set up , mortgage gone probably be a no but once in lifetime chance to take chunk out of those bills it's a consideration. I love racing in Singapore , enjoyed the visits to kranji but got to admit had this nagging dig in my conscience what happens to that poor bugger that's ran last for forth race in a row. I know some are re homed at riding schools, some end up in other lower quality racing outposts I believe . It's a tough one alright. Living legends NZ would be great. Would be great to know the iron horses like Sir Slick and Scapolo of this world live long and happy lives.
  12. Anti Money Laundering and Fraud

    The UK has brought in a very smart ex high ranking detective to investigate various suspected rorts in the sales process , and in law enforcement circles over there it's well known the betting ring is a great place for drug money to be cleansed . As time goes on the financial reporting requirements will become ever more tight.In answer to question though I for one care about how criminal gangs launder money or if people perpetrate rorts against unsuspecting victims. Hopefully most people who love this game or business if your livelihood depends on it will.
  13. It pays to take notice sometimes.....

    A good read OM , will have to keep eye on this site , hopefully a regular feature .
  14. Nature Strip

    Hello LZ. Correct Nature Strip is a sprinter. It is clear due to the length of races it is entered up in , It was really just an off the cuff comment that if you've gone through 3 trainers and now have it at the champion of Victoria's yard maybe Mr Waller as champion of Sydney might be the other option. I am well aware of the others abilities as trainers and accord them the greatest respect for being the top of their chosen profession The caps lock , that I've been told by learned friends is in social media akin to shouting I will fully accept on the chin as a rebuke for not mentioning others. However although I am not employed by Mr Waller, having followed his success I would stick my neck out and say not every horse in his care has the same training routine everyday . He possibly employs different training regimes for the Who Shot the Barman's or Grand Marshall's of the yard as compared to the two champion sprinters he trained in Zoustar and Brazen Beau. Both of whom command healthy stud fees. Having had a good look at Nature Strip's record it appears maybe the owners had hand forced for first trainer change with the Robert Smeardon suspension. There probably are not many horses on forth trainer closing out 3 year old campaign but iam sure if digging is done a few could be found.
  15. Choke ya bastards

    Class performance by Belgium and Courtois keeping masterclass. Not sure if Poms make it through they could live with counterattacking of France or Belgium. Going all out tempting fate England as sure to win tonight as Nature Strip is to smoke down the straight six winning today . Heat wave in UK , not ending tomorrow . 3pm kick off UK time , start drinking 11am , poms drink heat football, oh dear it might get very very untidy either result.