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  1. Drivers not trying!!!!

    totally agree, the money was on today, gate speeds there when they want ,not abad horse either , someone got plenty
  2. Motukara Yesterday

    great club amberley, be happy to donate $10
  3. Harness Racing Names

    sorry to the rest of you guys, yes im not 100% on the spelling , but im sure you get my drift, i say it as it is, just i no who this guy is, born in cobden helps, and knowing hes got this small guy syndrome ,. and doesnt like when other people have a say over and above what he does.seems to think what ever he says is correct, but he always talks from his pocket, in other words backs the wrong horse.
  4. Harness Racing Names

    tough guy ah, your just a fool, clowns like you are clueless, especially ones like you.
  5. Harness Racing Names

    you have no idear , if you dont no this stuff, then id advise you to button up
  6. Harness Racing Names

    thats the one,beat noodlum twice, just read up on the noodlum story
  7. Harness Racing Names

    he wasnt quite as good as the previous two, but i no he did beat them at some stage,the three had some real battles, when i said hall of famers, i mean those three in the day were famous, two of them had cult following.
  8. Harness Racing Names

    i hear what you are saying , my point was harness horses like noodlum , commissionaire , and olga korbet were three horses in the 70s maybe early eighties who were pacing hall of famers in there own right, not as today, but some names today are not very original, and im dam sure the guys who name these new ones today no of the previous ones that were famous , thats my view anyway, might be wrong.
  9. Harness Racing Names

    Ive just heard a galloper race in australia some provincial track , called stars and stripes , at {gosford} , if my memorys still working im sure barron had a pacer the same name some years ago, could run too
  10. Drivers not trying!!!!

    news im reading says he is in the maldives with rickies coaching school
  11. Drivers not trying!!!!

    thats right, and i new the stapletons back then always used a white harness
  12. Drivers not trying!!!!

    yes i got that totally wrong , not sure what i was thinking about the herberts, may of got it all mixed with the stapletons
  13. Motukara Yesterday

    god thats unreal , i was refering to the mot, never paid there, and its been a while since ive paid to get in at addington, mid week stuff mind you, i must of been lucky those days, shouldnt have to pay to get into race courses, they get enough off you in there, having said that , i realise these small clubs need support ,im sure the guys who look after country race tracks do it for the love of the game.and do a great job with it.
  14. Motukara Yesterday

    im very supprised to hear that , i went out around christmas , and was no charge , new there were no mobil coverage , that in itself is crazy , but not many clubs in the south charge to get in these days,its a great club too, normally put on a great day,.Thought the days to pay to get in were over , i remember in blenheim once it was free and they handed out betting vouchers.
  15. Winstons big announcement...

    well said, i couldnt agree more , this guy just cant be trusted , dont no whos worse, peters or jones, a couple of pricks, thats what i say.