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  1. Dead baiting NSW

    Everyone has a different opinion, that's not a bad thing. I was just giving a couple of scientific examples that can aid training. There is a wealth of information out there, ie blood ph, etc, and the technology available to non-clinicians for use in training. How do you simulate a functional track lure at home? How can you take that replication and transfer it to a non-competitive play situation with very young dogs? Can you limit or avoid possible anxiety during that play? Love the virtual rabbit idea, that made me smile. Maybe, that idea could be developed to prevent track collisions in actual races? When the rules changed, instead of throwing their hands in the air, some actually sat down and researched possible alternatives and ways to reduce the inevitable percentage of non-chasers. They have trialed and modified prototypes and come up with a workable solution which involves sight, sound, and eventually speed. And good on them. Technology can be a wonderful thing.
  2. Dead baiting NSW

    In regard to precedents, the precedents used to challenge evidence or support a defense must be related to the case at hand. For instance, if undercover footage was used to successfully prosecute an offender in an animal welfare case, that would have a direct bearing on a similar case. So any court would look to the rulings from previous successful SPCA prosecutions and also the rulings made across the ditch in regard to baiting because they are the most relevant.
  3. Dead baiting NSW

    That's awesome Mike, but not everyone works to your standards. Those who do very little for the first 12 months and expect their dogs to be all things often look for quick fixes. It's not my place to pass on that info. If people wish to discuss their ideas and innovations, then that is up to them. But technology and scientific data will influence training in the future. Using RHR to monitor recovery and fitness, monitoring respiration and CO2 output, all useful training tools. Finding a legal edge in a very competitive climate, that's the future.
  4. Dead baiting NSW

    I don't know for sure if this is correct, but the second part of the penalties which refers to "Clubs" seems to be absent from the original "Code of Welfare." Could it be that the rule was revisited to include "Club Penalties"? Some great questions there White Poodle. To my knowledge, all rules, amendments, and retractions must be ratified by the GRNZ Board before coming into effect.
  5. Dead baiting NSW

    Stand up for your principals, gather your animals, and do it, call in the media and show them what you believe. Put your money on your keyboard. Tie optional.
  6. Dead baiting NSW

    When? Please quote.
  7. Dead baiting NSW

    You miss understood Mike, I'm not agreeing with the gathering of any alleged evidence, I'm saying that a precedent was set. The methods vary Mike, rather than disclose what others are doing, I will just say that they are looking to technology for assistance, and putting greater emphasis on intensive play from an early age.
  8. Dead baiting NSW

    ?Are you asking a specific person or just making a general comment?
  9. Dead baiting NSW

    Thank you for your considered reply, Mike. The rule is a response to rapidly changing public opinion, and the need to work within that public license. History has shown that past accepted practices are not appropriate to the world we live in now. The Australian model fully demonstrates that point. The sport in one state came close to closure, ACT has announced that it will close down the sport in that State. We do not exist in isolation, we are part of Greyhound Australasia and as such precedents have already been set. Do we want to travel the same road as our Australian counterparts, or should we be working smarter? I am in the second camp. The rule has been called "stupid", I don't agree. If we are serious about longevity then we must stay ahead of the detractors, we must change the model. Now many assume that all within the sport agree that the discussed practice is acceptable, that couldn't be further from the truth. Most trainers understand the ramifications and have employed alternative methods of producing chasers. They are starting that training much earlier, and putting in a greater effort. Our core business also relies on the punter. Many punters were disgusted by what was beamed to their television screens from Australia, and quite rightly so. Baiting in any form is seen by those outside and inside as abhorrent. Myself included. The rule is four years old, the opportunity to challenge that rule and succeed is long gone. I believe a challenge would have failed. So like it or not we have minimum standards that we ALL must abide by. To ignore the rule and carry on, as usual, is an extremely selfish act given the potential consequences. But to continue is also an affront against every trainer who adheres to the rules. Shelley has continually gone down the trespass argument in defense of alleged incidents. Legally it won't fly, especially if the case proceeds. It didn't fly in Australia because the ruling was that the evidence was in the public interest. But that's just a distraction. I have much respect for you Mike, but I don't agree. I am extremely passionate about the sport and the dogs. Longevity requires public support, it would be very sad to see that longevity in jeopardy because of the attitudes of a few.
  10. Dead baiting NSW

    Maybe you should have put your contempt aside at the time, and read the information sent out to all. The changes made were important and very necessary to the future of the sport. Far more important than an objection to a tie.
  11. Dead baiting NSW

    Didn't bother to read your email sent out at the time, didn't bother to check the advisory on the website, didn't bother to read the hard copy that was sent out to all LP's to be inserted in their rulebooks. You had the opportunity, the rule went through unopposed. No right to complain now, laziness is no excuse.
  12. Dead baiting NSW

    The rule is four years old, did you challenge the rule at the time, did any of the detractors challenge the rule at the time, did anyone at all challenge it at the time? I don't remember any challenge. Whether you think it's stupid or not, it remains the rule. Are you saying that because it is "stupid" we all should ignore it? Get over it, it is here to stay.
  13. Dead baiting NSW

    So why the sarcasm and emoji?
  14. Dead baiting NSW

    Commercially tanned sheepskin to be precise, as per the rules. Quite specific are our rules. No room for confusion.
  15. Trackside coverage

    Yet the race later in the day showed all. It's very hard to make a conspiracy case when the footage is not consistent.