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  1. ellerslie

    That's not true. She does all the mainstream media liaison work, and I know that because she facilitated our Melbourne Cup crosses with the AM Show and Alysha. She also did TV1 and Laurie Laxon the same day. I understand she works largely on racing related media stories or special events, in fact she was running the media side at the NZRB AGM this week too. I'm not sure about the press releases you claim she signs off, that may be true but she's not John Allen's speech writer, that I do know. I accept that you're allowed to criticise but it'd be nice if you could launch from a factual base don't you think ?
  2. ellerslie

    Seriously, what do you think her job is and how could she have done it any better ?
  3. Bloody Hell...

    No logic there. You may as well just make it compulsory they tip every ride they've booked as a manager, then you lot will be bleating that they're tipping losers.
  4. A fool and his money...... http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11947312
  5. Bloody Hell...

    What's the problem if they are ? There's no conflict of interest there that I can see.
  6. Arrogate still ahead of Winx...???

    Yes Chittick certainly got it 100% right with his Australian speed blood, Centaine, then O'Reilly, Last Tycoon ex a Slipper winner, then Pins, and now Savabeel. Clearly Chittick learns from his mistakes, he tried those European plodders you seem to like, he realised they were breed fuckers not breed shapers, then unlike you, he took the lesson on board and is now reaping the benefits through his utilisation of speed. Isn't it a pity you seem incapable of learning anything useful. BTW we have Consensus on my breeding interests. I have zero interest in that facet of racing.
  7. NCEA Maths Level 1

    1. It depends if you're the accountant for the NZRB or NZTR, they could easily make 3 cubed = 33, maybe even 66 on a good day, then again if it was Pitty and the figure was a horse rating he could make 20 points disappear in a phone call which would leave you with 46, and that's the average IQ of most of the adult male population of Amberley and Rangiora. 2. You are not alone. The next time I see you I'll wrap my big strong arms around you and talk about this, I might even go find you one like Aspen Lass ( she only cost me 5k at K1 ). 3. Is Uber a sleazy ex jockey, sex offender, or Mike Breslin, because if he is the answer is not very far. Of course a discerning judge like moi might run his eye over Mrs Cubes and Shazza, and wonder out loud what their combined square root is, then take them clubbing with a view to breaking at least one commandment and getting half your obviously significant fortune. On that basis can you send photos of Mrs Cubes and Shazza, mounted would be good. 4. Once again you're in esteemed company. My one bet of the carnival was a giant Q with Riding Shotgun and Passing Shot.....but they didn't like that sun bleached track that had as much give in it as a billiard table. To rub more salt into my gaping wound some round actioned R70 rated ranga humiliated me by wining that race, a race that it shouldn't have been allowed to participate in. It's a great leveller this game Cubes, now get up, dust yourself off and get back on the horse.
  8. Arrogate still ahead of Winx...???

    You can’t read fuckwit. I was there, I rode out with one of his jockeys twice a week, I don’t need google to talk about Balmerino and how he liked to bludge. I told you the race he won at Goodwood that was worth (from memory) about 5,000 quid to the winner. I even told you who rode him in that, as in GS. You don’t seem to understand how horses were handled in the UK, as in older horses, and how many are kept in training. Any chance you could go find someone else who has knowledge of the UK in that period ? In the interim you keep living your delusional fantasy. You’re not Garry Chittick or Pudding Moroney are you ? They both used to subscribe to the same values you have, and as a result buy shit one paced horses out of Europe, horses of the Balmerino type who’re of average ability, think Super Grey and Khaipour, classics breed fuckers. For your benefit I’ve posted a link to the slug fest in Italy you’re wanking on about, the G2 marathon run in October when all the decent horses are focused on the Arc. You'll recognize Ventura Storm, he won it last year, he ran five times in Ozz this last spring and got beat by an average of 10 lengths. There’s your measure. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gran_Premio_del_Jockey_Club
  9. Arrogate still ahead of Winx...???

    I just googled his race record up North. The Goodwood Race was 2000m, he beat Uncle Pokey, you’ll all know Uncle Pokey in a dazzling 2.10+ time. The race he won in Milan ( yes Milan ) he beat Statef, you’ll all know Statef He won a small race in the USA, still a win though, and I note he was 4th in the Washington International, in a field of 8, behind Johnny Majestic, you’ll all know Johnny Majestic In his last year Racing he has seven starts, 1 win in a race ( I think ) worth 5,000 pounds to the winner, plus three placings, and three times he didn’t pay a dividend, usually in very small fields, typically in shit races like the Hardwicke. It’s time to stop living this lie, he was just a dodgy old cheat and well below top class towards the end of his career. In his defence he’d had a very tough career, he ran in everything, and MRC did give him some terrible hidings during his career, as was the way of many jockeys in those days. Now reply with some facts please, or at least go read about the horse and get up to speed before you start wanking on again.
  10. R.I.P Pentire

    Lovely little horse, and ample proof that it’s not how big the dog is in the fight, but rather how big the fight is in the dog.
  11. Arrogate still ahead of Winx...???

    Rated 124 ..... and a champion ? Best you learn how to read Timeform then.
  12. Arrogate still ahead of Winx...???

    I rest my case, the first race at Goodwood was over 1800m, Greville Starkey rode him I think, and it was an 8,000 pound listed race from memory. He was just an average to decent horse up there.
  13. Arrogate still ahead of Winx...???

    You're clearly a bit cerebrally challenged, I've never disputed his class as a three year old, I merely dispute your inflated version of what he was or did when he was based in the UK. Does Mummy know you're playing on the computer ?
  14. Arrogate still ahead of Winx...???

    Yes, and that just shows that I’ll give him credit for being an amazing three year in NZ, and pretty good thereafter, until he got to Europe and turned into a reluctant cheat. Just go get the fucking Goodwood race he won data and post it then let the Cafers decide.