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  1. Scott Base at $4.....???

    I can’t see that SB is a wet tracker. I heard Jono say on Trackside that he worked well in it but that’s when someone had a hold of your head, and is helping your balance. If you watch the replay from yesterday there’s a good side on shot of him about the 1000m mark, and he looks very much like a top of the ground actioned horse there. I guess the 2400 is still a question mark for him, but if he gets good ground on Derby day he’s still a huge chance.
  2. BS from AS?

    I’m a big Embellish fan, but yesterday’s run wasn’t his best. He’s looking like a grinder now, and he’s lost his action a bit, not sure what to read into that but if you go back to when he was an early 3yo and won at Ruakaka then compare him to yesterday you’ll see what I mean, he’s carrying his head differently and not using his front end the same way.
  3. Without thinking

    No mention of Glistening or Verify !!
  4. Scott Base at $4.....???

    Ask the staff to call me, I only live 200m away, I’ll come by and say hello
  5. governance

    There’s a pattern of behaviour here.....played and missed ......again, thirteen years in a row if you include his disastrous disaggregation of TVN.
  6. 100k maiden Naki challenge

    I applaud them for showing initiative. Bad time of year for mine, I don’t do the mud thing, but if it was in summer I’d be buying a slot ( given that I’m the best judge in NZ ) then I’d approach someone with a decent horse and go halves in the stakemoney.
  7. You talk rubbish Cornelius, your prerogative of course but let me assure you no informed member of this industry subscribes to your view of Bruce and his role.
  8. I’m amazed at the NZ horses having far higher ratings when in Ozz, I’ve never researched this but it does rather prove our point about Melody Belle for example. It should of course be the reverse given that on average Australian horses are far better and arguably a G1 NZ horse is more like a G3 Aussie animal, until you get over a long trip then it evens up. BTW I do not agree that Bruce Sherwin is compromised in any way, he’s highly professional and has a great mind on him.
  9. Te Aroha

    Front runners track Trump, no camber across the top turn so you can’t attack wide, and if you do they corner on the wrong leg and can’t accelerate. I don’t know much about the history of Te Aroha ( come in Ted ) but I suspect it’s born of the local farmers wish to have somewhere to call home for racing, back in the days when every farmer seemed to breed one or two every year. My well documented position on this track is that whilst the club has every right to race there it’s not relevant to modern racing, for two reasons primarily, one being the lack of a decent camber, the second, and more important, reason being that the racing surface seems to be clay or mud ( I’m sure someone will have a more scientific description ) and it’s either a swamp or it’s baked rock hard. It’s certainly not a G1 venue for my money.
  10. Go Winnie

    Just a vituperative and toxic old cxxt, driven by revenge, despised by the electorate.
  11. TE RAPA

    Help me understand why Te Rapa would fall on their sword and cash up for the industry ? They’ve got a perfectly good club with a better than average track, and they owe Matamata and Cambridge nothing the way I see it.
  12. TE RAPA

    Brookbars was 12 lengths off the leader at the 600 and she was still last turning in......
  13. Nz tab

    He’s on 600
  14. They’ll have a meeting at NZTR about this, but what can they do ? They’ll leave him on 65 because they seem to want to congest that fucked up dysfunctional grade anyway, and they daren’t cross swords with me while we’ve got them under the pump with compelling evidence of their ineptitude ( is that a word ? it just came into my mind ) I wouldn’t really care anyway, he’s a big strong one win horse and he can race in the grade no matter what they give him.
  15. She won fair and square, no complaints from us, and there’s no point in making an issue of her rating because it’s NZTR’s doing and not Brookbars fault.