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    There’s your ultimate indictment of the bewildered and the brainless. The issues are twofold..... the most compelling of which is the congestion in the 65 grade....so what did the lobotomised morons do with that 65 grade ......absolutely far-king nothing.....
  2. Asian Racing Conference and NZTR

    Excellent work Leggy. We can now rest easy knowing Mr Burns of NZTR has this rather sensitive matter of post Racing / breeding horse welfare all sorted, well maybe not sorted but it appears he has a plan and that’s a good start.
  3. Asian Racing Conference and NZTR

    Since when did NZTR ever demonstrate any animal welfare initiatives ? And why would NZTR run a news article on their own website trumpeting the Marty Burns presentation ? ( if it was in fact insignificant or non existent ).
  4. Asian Racing Conference and NZTR

    I note there’s a “their” in there when it should’ve been a there, so there.
  5. Asian Racing Conference and NZTR

    So we sent a delegation again, and NZTR ran a news story describing one Marty Burns as having presented a paper on the NZ industries horse welfare initiatives and post Racing care for retired animals. Being an enthusiast, and being completely unaware of any such initiative from NZTR I googled the relevant proceedings ( this is the best I could find ) but I cannot find any reference or anything attributed to this Marty Burns or NZ. Am I missing something or is their some chicanery going on here ? If anyone knows of these admirable but mysterious efforts by NZTR to give even a smallish fuck about horse welfare could they post details. Thanks https://cdn.racing.com/-/media/racing/files/arc-day-3-doc-6
  6. More Positive Attention for Racing

    How does WP help the racing industry 6x’s ?
  7. More Positive Attention for Racing

    It’s Muldoonism gone mad, mad in the sense that there’s so much bitterness and jealousy within the NZF party policy development, not to mention their wish for more central government intervention in the economy.
  8. More Positive Attention for Racing

    We need Desmond Morris to do a research paper on the type of person who votes for and or supports NZF Clearly ( using 6xes ) as an example were not looking at the deep end of the gene pool here, and one would hope this type of voter wouldn’t currently be breeding ( humans that is ). I note too that according to impeccable sources the pickled poli Whiskey Peters didn’t even write that budget statement, instead he plagiarised it from a submission made to the courts in a case brought by the IRD against a high profile syndicator. That explains the curious vernacular used to describe the qualifying criteria for yearling purchases. I’d also like to give that million a year tax write down opportunity some perspective. Grant Robertson found 24 billion in extra funding for his budget, that’s 24 billion dollars, the well soaked demented old fool found 4 million, but he didn’t really find anything, he just tweaked the existing interpretation of the law. Does anyone still believe in him, and does anyone still believe Messara is likely to be effective ? Wake up please, this is the real world calling !!!
  9. More Positive Attention for Racing

    The NZ racing dystopia rumbles on, with the pickled politician right at the beating heart of proceedings
  10. I hate to say I told you so.....

    Here’s a better ( but rather mischievous ) plan. Lets pick say twenty horse each out of the various catalogues, RTR and Karaka 2019 and ask the IRD to evaluate each horse and confirm it’s “ good looking and nice” and thus qualifies for a tax write off !!! This Winston budget bullshit is so bizarre and so ludicrous it’s almost funny. I wonder why the mainstream press aren’t crucifying the silly old fool over it.
  11. I hate to say I told you so.....

    Don’t worry, during the “wine box” enquiry when the “well soaked” one was seeking revenge against Fay Richwhite he demanded the IRD release all personal files held on the subjects of interest ( it’s no surprise he demanded personal files NOT be released when he got caught claiming excessive benefits himself ), anyway I’m sure he’ll agree that every time one of these special yearlings is the subject of a tax write down we’ll be able to examine the relevant IRD notes pertaining to that yearling. The real fun will be when the bespectacled accountant ( member of Lions Club, Boy Scout master, Freemasons and Skoda enthusiast society ) from the IRD investigates the now gelded 17 hand slug by Duelled from xxxxx yard as it debuts at Te Teko, as a late 4yo, over 2000m, on a heavy track, and the spokesperson for Team Dodgyson boldly announces that this “beautiful animal” is the best horse ever to peer through a bridle and will win the Parongia Cup at Christmas time before embarking on a trip to Melbourne where he will, on the first Tuesday in November, do to the opposition what NZTR has done to NZ racing this century. That’ll be the challenge, especially when they call in the experts to critique each other’s purchases, McAnutter, P Moroney and DCE offering expert opinions on each other’s purchases !!! There’s a reality TV show here, let me go find a camera ...
  12. Read this, it’s a great story

  13. I hate to say I told you so.....

    He’s bitter, a liar, and he’s a parasite. That means two things, he’ll do whatever he can to hurt a centre right government because he fell out with both Bolger and Shipley.....and secondly, he’ll take what he can from any donor ( I don’t need to remind you who’ve been his benefactors ), he’ll lie to them with regard to what he’ll give in return, and then he’ll turn traitor because he has no shame and no sense of guilt. Sadly he’ll still get treated like royalty at big racing carnivals and at next years Karaka sales when the reality is that he should get treated like the pox. I have to say though I’m finding this atrocious manner in which he’s treating racing rather amusing given that so many of the blind morons here and elsewhere still believe in MIA Jackson, NZTR, NZF and now the Messiah....brain dead morons...
  14. I hate to say I told you so.....

    I’m thrilled I’ve transitioned from the thankless grind of training horses.......and repositioned myself with a great business right in the beating heart of the next America’s Cup, flanked by Team NZ and Prada. I note you poor bastards got nothing in the budget, however the America’s Cup got 100 million.....go figure .....and of course the Cup will inject another 500 million plus into the local Viaduct economy.....I’ll have to hire someone to help me stack the notes and count it, then I’ll go buy a couple of really “nice” yearlings ( there’s no better judge than me of a “nice” yearling ) then I’ll claim the tax write offs there.....I’m smiling, I’m getting two bites of the cherry, and you poor bastards got nothing......text me if you need a tissue...
  15. If Messara really is The Messiah

    So if your tax write off is 30% of capital invested it follows that this $4 million dollar “package” ( spread over four years ) means we’ve got a million a year in write offs, or an incentivized gross spend of just over 3 million a year ( if I’m reading this wrong pleas correct me Mr Notts ) Let me remind you in the year 2000 a single yearly sold for more than 3 million at Karaka !! By my calculations this bizarre package is going to mean the mystery new investors are going to be able to buy between 1 and 3 more yearlings at Karaka next year......that’ll help.......as they say you get what you deserve in life and those of you who believed in NZF, the well soaked leader thereof, the vocal trainers and their association, MIA Jackson, NZTR and Messara......you’re getting what you deserve for being really stupid and unbelievably gullible...