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  1. News from Wanganui

    I embrace professionalism with open arms I just can’t condone spin doctoring. As far as I’m aware your staff are on salary so there isn’t a issue there. Contractual issues don’t come into on a Sunday as you are catering for the participants as the rules require. Health and safety is a everyday event or should be. You are right you are a service provider first off to the participants they are the ones keeping racing going. Surely you could have called a special meeting and involved the members they are entitled to be treated fairly. I’m sure there would be a lot more respect shown to your board. Me I applaud you for taking on new initiatives I’m just voicing a opinion
  2. News from Wanganui

    What legal obligations Auckland race on sundays health and safety is relevant everyday of the week. Vets have 24 hr on call all services. Or are you going to have a vet actually on course whilst having the trials. If so that’s a added expense. It doesn’t bother me what day you have trials I don’t train. It seems to me that clubs are forgetting why they are there.to help participants of the sport not hinder them. Tell what moral obligations are not being met. Manawatu was always going to be successful once the all weather track was put in and certain members of the Nzgra were replaced that was a given
  3. News from Wanganui

    I understand how you feel but members can be assertive they can demand they can change a board if they so wish. You only need a leader
  4. News from Wanganui

    Remember folks if you are members of Wanganui you can call a meeting and put your concerns to to the board. If you choose to leave it you have nothing to complain about your decision

    Apparently the rule was made by a certain person in the office and took it upon themselves to sanction it. The board hadn’t seen it so hadn’t ratified it. So it had been a case of the tail wagging the dog and the dog finally showed strength and bit the tail.
  6. Dead baiting NSW

    John it’s just as illegal to dead bait as it is to live baiting just as big penalty using road kill
  7. NZ Cup entries Here.

    Got Stopper. Locally Sauced. Bee Tee Junior
  8. Nathan Purdon

    If you go back to when Mark was a junior he wasn’t driving for his father or Barry he was working in Aussie getting experience from outside stables. The Purdons don’t pamper their kids they send them out to experience the world for awhile. Then they take them under their wing and teach them
  9. GRNZ update

    Don't bet on it