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  1. Horses to follow over summer

    Geez that was impressive today, great manners too.
  2. Lenny The Shark

    My point being Aussie drivers won't sit back and give him an easy time like he has been given, eg generally he will hand to a stable mate and get an easy trail and whoosh up the passing lane....tell me what pressure he got in the nz cup?.....0 I am not denying he is the best horse in Australasia, just saying he will get it served up to him, especially on an 800m track with no passing lane! Sorry you don't agree with my opinion, but that's the way I see it!!
  3. Lenny The Shark

    Just saying they will make him work for it....just look at nz cup 2min first mile a sprint home, there was no pressure applied to him at all. He went a good race first up at Gloucester pk, and yes if draws reversed he would have won, but he would cop a lot more heat than he does in nz, if you can't see that then you really are one eyed.
  4. Lenny The Shark

    I think the racing at Gloucester park is the best in Australia and those west Aussie horses are serious race horses as Lazarus has found out, he won't have it given to him on a plate by the drivers like he is in nz.
  5. Video on excessive use

    He is far too "important" for the likes of us Brodie, it appears he is the only person allowed to have an opinion and because he is so "important" he is always right.
  6. Race fixing

    Yes thanks for that, I thought he had sired a few, and Zeus was one I was trying to bring up from my memory banks.....not a bad record for only serving 14 mares.
  7. Race fixing

    You were lucky to know him, I had a paper run after school and when the trots were on a Friday night in Auckland I would just make it back in time for 5.10pm to listen to reg's tips on 1zb, think he just gave selections for the double and treble...a bit of the park died when reg retired and prematurely passed away.
  8. Race fixing

    Other names I remember from going to Alex park as a kid were, paddy timmins, tommy Knowles, red hilmer, graham reaks, and of course Wolfie was at his peak driving ....seemed a lot more characters back then and the master Reg Clapp would bring them all to life.
  9. Race fixing

    Great racing back then, I used to always follow stormy morn, he didn't have brilliant speed, but never stopped trying always on the back mark.
  10. Race fixing

    Didn't Diogenes sire a few trotters as well?
  11. Tonga england

    Agree one of the more interesting games of the tournament, I really hope the refs aren't influenced by the crowd.....
  12. Race fixing

    A bit later in time, early 80's I was 11or 12, went to hutt park on the way down to the s.island on holiday January time with my parents, I remember Bonnie's chance winning that night and one of my favorite horses hilarious guest winning a two year old race on the same night, I thought that was a great track.
  13. Arrogate still ahead of Winx...???

    Not an easy thing for our horses to compete overseas, remember black caviar almost got rumbled in a pretty mediocre field at ascot. Balmerino was a fantastic horse for his time, to take on northern hemisphere horses in their conditions and beat them a great feat...winx is a super horse but I don't think she has beaten a vintage crop of opposition in aus.
  14. Tonga england

    Yes have taken a multi today finishing with england to beat Tonga......cue riot police central otahuhu!
  15. tab's got no kahuna's

    Yes I misjudged them, good to see its not just the big 3 dominating the game now.