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  1. Robert Dunn Vs All Stars.

    Happy to to be of service
  2. Robert Dunn Vs All Stars.

    You asked the question iraklis, and you are right it has been put to bed
  3. Robert Dunn Vs All Stars.

    So its a legal and recognized method of treating harness racing horses in nz and aus Doctor? Someone that hasn't committed an offence does not plead guilty and hand over $15000. After previous dealings in the murky world of unregistered "remedies" police probes etc, you would think a lesson would have been learned.
  4. Robert Dunn Vs All Stars.

    He injected a drug unregistered with the harness racing nz and aus, he admitted his guilt and paid a $15000 fine
  5. Kiwi Guns Racin Tonite

    Thems the breaks ftm......on the Aussie harness website they told of a punter who put $50,000 a place on Lazarus @$1.04 to win $2000 ... must have been squeaky bum time for that man on the home turn....
  6. Kiwi Guns Racin Tonite

    Hope you didn't lose too much of your sherry money @ $1.18 on sat, I know that's good value for you,!
  7. Kiwi Guns Racin Tonite

    Yes pretty sure its one line of 8 Robert, his long run of great draws in Aussie have come to an end, he will have to drop out, as tiger t won't hand up a Soho tribeca won't Give up the breeze, they will run some time.
  8. Robert Dunn Vs All Stars.

    All well and good Richie, but if every stable just supported the the big money meetings, we wouldn't have the great grass track action we get every week in the south, to me operations like the Dunn's do a lot more for harness racing, all stars are an elite operation, that can pick and choose and harness racing would not survive if everyone could do that.
  9. Kiwi Guns Racin Tonite

    Did Lazarus have to run in that race last night to qualify for the miracle mile or would he have got in regardless? Not sure of the qualifying criteria nowadays.
  10. Kiwi Guns Racin Tonite

    Pretty irresponsible of them to run the horses if they are not right, for the horses welfare and the amount bet on them by punters.
  11. Kiwi Guns Racin Tonite

    Too much FRICKIN goin on in da hood
  12. moment of truth

    Nice article Belinda on hrnz website on your horse trekking operation, fantastic stuff.
  13. Passing of Danny B, son of Albatross

    The person/people responsible for his poor treatment, should never be allowed to own any animal, good on you horse talk for picking up the pieces and giving him a great life....I take my hat off to you.
  14. Sales Time

    With stakes set to rise in Auckland and small fields, you would think a good time to get into harness racing in the north. It appears the trotters star is rising now, due to the blitzkrieg on the top pacing races....seems owners with promising pacers are just waiting for the first tempting offer and selling overseas the dream seems to be disappearing for the owner without big money to splash around.
  15. The Gap is Closing

    That's great, and with the inter dominion trotters section being reintroduced to the series, good times ahead for the squaregaters.