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  1. christen me n

    Yes I watched the race too John. Yes my heart goes out to the poor horse. How could they do that to him?
  2. Tim Williams

    I agree with what you say there far too much. Whilst it's not their fault they are way better than everyone else, it can't be easy for other trainers to find new owners because of this. And of course stagnant stakes, but higher costs
  3. Tim Williams

    Not sure where your coming from scoobs? Anyway Tim just drove a winner! Didn't panic thought he may have got the shuffle up, good job Tim!!
  4. Tim Williams

    $80 or $90 a day?
  5. Tim Williams

    What are Mark and Nat's daily training rates Fartoomuch?
  6. Tim Williams

    As per normal the Brodster is on the money!!
  7. King Callow

    You need a slap with E Cups!!

    Take those blue and white star tinted glasses off!!
  9. King Callow

    Not too sure what your deal is fartoomuch! You are clearly an imbecile. "Left Victoria after getting fewer and fewer opportunities to ride in Provincial NSW" WRONG!!!! Not sure why he doesn't get more rides for the top stables, perhaps having an opinion doesn't count for much with some trainers. Anyway I've had good collects off the King for years now and will continue to no doubt.
  10. King Callow

    How good is this jockey?? In my opinion right up with Bowman, Shinn & Co
  11. Tim Williams

    The whole industry needs help. How can anyone think their domination is good for racing. Not to mention the domination of just the commercial pacing stallions in the harness industry. The old adage of a good horse can come from anywhere unfortunately doesn't really exist anymore, with pacers anyway
  12. Tim Williams

    I wish!!! His UDR SHOULD be better too because he drives for ALL STARS, have you seen their UDR? Are you the chairman of the T. Williams fan club??
  13. Tim Williams

    LOL please he gets given good horses to pretty much sit on and steer from Purdon every week. Look from all accounts Tim is a very good horse person, but from a punting perspective hard to have as he all too often seems unsure on whether to take the aggressive approach and roll to the top or just sits in no mans land and gets beaten. Trust me it happens alot!
  14. Tim Williams

    Sheree Tomlinson, , Brad Williamson, Kim Butt, Matt Anderson ...... and they don't drive the same cattle. Incredibly indecisive for mine
  15. Tim Williams

    The run was very good but clearly a Purdon b grader. T williams just not good enough, there are much better younger drivers who are better out there