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  1. Showcasing - interesting

    Alamosa ,he's done it again.The Avondale Guineas and in Australia Almost Court lead all the way over 2000m in another $100000 race at Randwick.There are few Alamosa's racing in Aust which does surprise me. Obviously this stallion is good value at $8000.
  2. I see the new Cambridge stud has purchased another Fastnet Rock son Age Of Fire.I don't know who is advising them but I hope they are making the right decisions. If it was me I would be looking for sons from the Invincible Spirit and/or Snitzel line, if its speed they want. Interestingly here in Aust Spirit of Boom also seems to be the next rising speed star.

    I have bred my danzig line mares to Complacent as Authorised seems to cross well with this line. Look at Hartnell who won a 1400m Gr1 on Saturday against top Aust horses. Hartnell is by Authorised out of a Danzig line mare .His dam is by Anabaa.Complacent beat Hartnell in Aust.and won from 1400m to 2000m also running 2nd at 2400m.He was a very good horse when racing and showed a great turn of foot in his races.
  4. Mark Mcnamara

    Orange is a city of about 45000 people and is the gourmet capital of NSW.It is one place that reminds me of NZ as it has a cooler climate with snow in the winter.It has a variety of trees about the place and not covered in gum trees like other places. Properties are as expensive as in NZ and probably more so than most country places in Aust. It's about 250km from Sydney and not far from Oberon where even more snow falls in winter. It's also not far from Bathurst which has a much dryer climate. Orange is one place in Aust I wouldn't mind retiring in.
  5. Melody Belle rort ?

    Ten wins and only $199000 in the bank.He would be better racing in Australia regardless.
  6. Showcasing - interesting

    Bit Lippy at Pukekura well ridden Cameron Lammas. I have become a big fan of these Showcasings and the pocket shows that. Another stallion whose stock have been treating me well in NZ is Alamosa. He seems to have a winner or placed horse most meetings and my punting has improved since I've been watching these two stallions stock.
  7. NZRB 2017 report Brian de Lore

    20k that's a drop in the bucket. In Aust the Shepparton City Council is about to spend $40k on a new building in which to hang art. A Council run by old farts and women,thank God I don't live there.
  8. Winstons big announcement...

    What's that saying about cunning dogs?
  9. It is interesting to note that out of six races yesterday all bar one was either won by an Australian sire or out of an Aust bred mare.
  10. Winstons big announcement...

    Winston is not going to upset the apple cart too much. Think about it' when he's acting PM his salary goes to it's highest level in politics and I bet at the end of this term he will retire on a govt pension for the rest of his life, with free travel and all the perks.He's no different than the rest of them ,his nose will be in the trough and the tax payer will still have to foot the bill.This seems to be the main purpose most are in politics, last three terms and ones future is set.Beats the standard pension.
  11. Choosing A Yearling

    All In Fun by Alleged Dash won just over $1k.
  12. Showcasing - interesting

    It looks like the colt was purchased by a partnership of China Horse Club/Newgate Farm and WinStar farm.
  13. Showcasing - interesting

    Mine was nominated for the Magic Millions but they said it was too big yet they only inspected it once.She was certainly big and leggy early on but has grown within herself now. It's not hard to tell she's a Showcasing as she looks a dead ringer for her dad, except she has two white socks. I think it depends WHO you are in this game.
  14. Showcasing - interesting

    A Showcasing colt out of Midnight Senorita just sold at the Gold Coast sale for $280000 to the China Horse Club.
  15. Choosing A Yearling

    I agree TN it's very hard picking them as yearlings.For years I have bred my own and raced them and to be honest it's probably harder.I have been through plenty of horses but I adopt the policy that if it can't show some ability after about four months sound work, after the initial early education, and/or can't run 600 at better than 36secs then I usually give them away. To date I've never given away a top horse but have given away the odd winner, which never carried it on. We always hear of the good luck stories but rarely the others. Just as well some of us breed and race for fun and guess what, if I don't spend it my kids will.