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  1. 100k maiden Naki challenge

    I thought that too. Though pretty hard to be a 3 or 4 race winner between June and August plus slots close on May 1st. The article does not explain that well.
  2. 100k maiden Naki challenge

    It must be maiden as at June 2017. As it says 2 and 3 and 4 start winners will have weight penalties.
  3. 100k maiden Naki challenge

    I thought that to but it says,slots have to be bought by May 1st ? So can owners of horses be approached to lease there horse for the day like the Everest in Oz?
  4. Interesting concept. $5500 plus gst for a slot in this race. States must be a maiden in June . Not sure if that's June 17 or June 18. Thoughts anyone on the merits of such an event. ?
  5. TE RAPA

    Credit is due to Te Rapa. Most other tracks with this much rain would have not gone ahead.
  6. TE RAPA

    They very rarely call terapa off. Only wind when rail fell down was the only recent one I remember.
  7. Last 600m times

    Seems strange 2 of top 3 are at puke from r65 and r75 horses.
  8. Avantage Syndicate & Veitch Share??

    Was that Veitch sitting beside Ellis at the sales today ? He' a guru now

    Agree mate. Amazing thrill. The missus just dosent get it lol.

    I agree there. I only ever have a couple at a time and max 20 percent. There are some signs of improving stakes. Few Friday meetings offering 22k for r65 stakes.

    You would be an exception rather than the rule. But good luck to you. Any owner than comes out in front deserves all the success in the world. Very tough in NZ when you are paying close to 3k a month to train a horse and the prize money as we all know is not flash. Basically a horse needs to make about 30k a year or 120k in its racing life to break even. I love to know the percentage of horses that start that make 120k in their racing life. ? 5 percent or is that to generous ?

    Not many horses are profitable Scooby.Only people thart make money on horses are breeders and trainer's and the very rare lucky owner. These big hitters have multiple horses and their balance sheets would be massive in the negative. Just a hobby for them. Like buying a sports car or luxury yacht. Disposable income.
  13. Last 600m times

    Howbowdat listed as a 32.39 on same day
  14. Last 600m times

    Yes leggy was Pukekohe
  15. Last 600m times

    Good afternoon all. Just looking at some last 600m times for an r65 race the other day and a couple of horses ran 32.6 on a good 3. Does that sound right as sounds bloody quick to me. Anyone know the fasest 600m in a 1200m race. Have a bet with a mate .