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  1. James MacDonald

    Hope he has learnt his lesson. Still can' believe he,was such a dope.
  2. Lazarus sold...

    How much would he have been sold for ? 5 million ?
  3. Big 4 Weekend Comp Entries/Results here...

    Schweppes Oaks, Savacool (7) Bring me roses(2) Semari (11) UBet Classic, Catchy(15) Quilista (6) Viddorara(2) Hollindale Stakes, Egg Tart (10) Tom Melbourne(3) Coming through(2) Silk Stocking, River Racer (9) Our Beebee(8) Off the day (10) Cheers

    I think it' just Rogie been Rogie. NZ's version of Gai Waterhouse. Still waiting for his Mosque is the next Savabeel comments to eventuate.
  5. TAB big bets

    That's some serious coin to drop. I suppose you can't take it with you.
  6. TAB big bets

    Broken even ? Are you saying the spent $250k on woman' golf. Bugger me .
  7. TAB big bets

    I know it's not a race bet put TAB released info saying someone had 10k on Ko at $26. Do you think thise is a publicity stunt or legit. Almost impossible to check unless you see ticket or screenshot. Good luck to person if true.
  8. Nash Rawiller gets 15 months

    Just stupidity. Surely the Munce example was a template for any jockey thinking about doing this. Just crazy. No one knows what happens behind close doors I suppose and who has got there claws into these jockeys.
  9. Nash Rawiller gets 15 months

    I honest don't get the mentality of these jockeys. I could understand a jockey trying to get away with having a punt if he was only getting a few rides but these guys. E.g. Munce, McDonald and Rawhiller plus many others. Do you think these guys are addicted to the punt or just dumb ?
  10. Maiden Trivia

    Would definanetly need patience to race one for that long without a win. Most I assume would be owner/trainers. Only recent one I can think of is Kittykittybangbang I think won in its 32 start.
  11. Well Done Nigel Tiley

    Impossible if 3 way tie.
  12. Pick For Place entries here

    Riccarton Race 7: Pinup Coup Randwick Race 5: Dyslexic Randwick Race 6: Bondi Randwick Race 7: Showtime Randwick Race 8: Almost Court Cheers for comp
  13. C) HAWKES BAY - Race #7 (4.15) #8 Akoya D) SYD (OAKS ) - Race #6 (4.25) #1 Aloisia F) SYD (CUP) - Race #8 (5.45) #18 Peribsen Cheers and good luck everyone
  14. King of swing YES

    Close to 400k I read somewhere
  15. Wuhey some good racin Sat.....

    Good on you Iraklis. Great to hear someone with such passion.