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  1. How cool is this

    Looks like they've even installed a loop so they can work the horses in the opposite direction.
  2. Michelle Bradley

    Just looking thru the fields for Ruakaka on Saturday and noticed the training partnership of Chris Gibbs and Michelle Bradley. Can someone please enlighten me how Michelle came thru the ranks to now get into the training partnership with Chris.? Thanks.
  3. Gone Missing

    95% sure that his full name is Rangi Bruce Marsh, but yes always known as Bruce.
  4. Gone Missing

    Geez, Stephen wont be happy... Danielle taking off with Stephens Dad....ha ha....
  5. Crown Jewels Competition 2nd June $400 Prize

    In the Rules you indicated $1 to Win at the Tote odds, but Aaron said "First number written is the ew bet?"... to which you confirmed Yes.. Just confirming that its a WIN bet only and not an EW bet.?
  6. Fav last leg of quaddie

    Probably fair enough if its a handicap race... but if its a maiden race its a "toss a coin in the air" stuff
  7. James MacDonald

    Has a full book of 9 rides at Rosehill on Saturday... 4 for Waller and 1 each for Snowden, Ryan and a "lesser known" trainer of Matthew Dunn. But also riding 1 each for Gavenlock and Pepper.... who.??? Not something he could have probably done when riding for Goldolphin but I bet those 2 trainers are absolutely over the moon to get James's services and win, loose or draw then get great feedback on the horse. Well done James and his agent...
  8. James MacDonald

    Enjoyed the program.... There was 1 thing I thought they could have picked up on and made something really good of it.. There was a photo of Brett Prebble and a very young James (apparently taken when Brett came out to NZ ride a few to see if they were purchasing material).... I think James's mum said Brett was his idol.??? Then when they showed Green Moon winning the Melbourne Cup with Prebble aboard and James finished 2nd on Fiorente, would have been neat if they had a little segment of Brett Prebble talking about his thoughts of James when a young fella way back then...
  9. Payout please TAB

    Oh thanks for that, sorry wasnt aware of Alysha heading off to Singapore..
  10. Payout please TAB

    Sam on 107 wins, Alysha on 87 and CWJ on 86. Not sure why you think the TAB should pay out on Sam just because CWJ is suspended. Who'se to say Sam doesnt get suspended for 3 weeks and Alysha rides heaps of winners during the time and closes the gap considerably. And Alysha is likely to ride at all the South Island meetings (like Sam does) and could make in-roads there as well.
  11. Saturday Competition - Te Rapa Prize $200

    R1 - 8 Raise the Phantom R2 - 6 Lewis Caroll R 3 - 13 Zaniah R 4 - 8 Kostantina R 5 - 3 Mime R6 - 6 Chicane R7 - 5 The Ice Knight R 8 - 3 Galaxy Miss Thanks Col.
  12. Winx OUT !!

    If shes wins thats $3,854 on comp prizes here...... Go Consensus.!!!!
  13. Dont think it actually matters, you get $1ew on each of your selections..???
  14. "Your challenge is to select one runner in ANY 3 of these races to WIN or PLACE . Your total will be what you would get in return if you had placed a $1.00 e/w bet on those runners. (I think that covers it for clarity in how divvies will be calculated, but if I have missed anything let me know by tomorrow arvo please.) Highest dollar total after Race 8 Sydney WINS!!!!". Sorry but I thing for clarification:... Do each of your 3 runners have to come in.?? i.e., what if only 1 of my selections comes in but pays $100 to win and $25 for a place (for eg) and my $125 collect is the highest total. So under your current rules I would be the winner.???