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  1. Sorry we don’t have brood bitches.
  2. Race dogs for sale

    Dyna Bevlin sold Forkner Bale still available
  3. Forkner Bale $1500 Dyna Bevlin $1500 Email Matt Roberts m.g.c.roberts@hotmail.com
  4. Cawbourne Brick @ stud $700 service fee (natural) Brick was a fierce competitor and a very hard chaser. He remained very sound throughout his career and comes from a great family who's Dam continues to throw group quality dogs. 141 starts 37 wins 28 seconds 16 thirds $140484 stakes Finalist Waikato Cup 2015 Wellington Cup 2015 Waikato Cup 2016 North Island stakes 2016 Angus Wright Memorial 2016 Waterloo Cup 2016 Spion Rose 2016 Peter Early Classic 2017 First Auckland Classic 2015 Third Jack Hannah Memorial Cup 2015 Third Peter Early Classic 2015 First Trainers Invitations Race 2015 Second NZ Cup 2015 Second Wellington Cup 2016 Stunning 29.68 win at Wanganui 2016 Email Matt Roberts m.g.c.roberts@hotmail.com
  5. Cawbourne Midget $2000 Cawbourne Buttsy $1500 Big Boy Deno $2000 Email Matt Roberts m.g.c.roberts@hotmail.com
  6. Race dogs for sale

    Sorry I have had a number of people email about the dogs and thought I had responded to all. Guilty conscious, not sure exactly what you are referring not to... Sorry but dogs sold. Thanks
  7. Kirkham Jack $1500 Kirkham Harvey $1000 Email Matt Roberts m.g.c.roberts@hotmail.com
  8. Lagoon Mac $1200 Cawbourne Rowan $1200 Email Matt m.g.c.roberts@hotmail.com
  9. Imports

    Unfortunately Ray, whilst there are a few decent breeders in NZ there are many who aren't. We barely have enough trainers let alone breeders and unfortunately I don't see a lot of young people knocking on the door to get into our industry. In my view if we relied on NZ breeding alone we would end up with 10 race cards and probably 9 of them being sprints with in a couple of years. Week in week out we struggle to get c5 middle distance races all over NZ if you take away the imported dogs you would be lucky to see a c2 middle distance race. On another note if it is the welfare side of things you are worried about do you think 100% of dogs bred in NZ make it to the races? there is a large percentage of dogs that don't and many have short careers because they aren't competitive. Are the Majority of these dogs finding homes? Be realistic if you enjoy having a industry in NZ the imports have to stay. Matt
  10. Greyhounds are not commodities

    I do understand your concerns and I suggested a way of potentially identifying who is affecting these statistics. You need to start somewhere with some rough figures. For example in the 2015 Greyhound Awards night Georgia Cole confidently said how many litters they had on the ground - as this was shown on trackside to the public Aaron Cross is going to come back to those statistics in the next year or so asking where all these dogs are. I agree with you that sustainability is a concern and by the number of dogs Cole is breeding, he is doing more than enough for anyone in the industry alone. I would like to know where their dogs end up. If you want to freeze Imports then you will need to freeze all breeding in NZ, as I state above, i am sure the number of litters being born far exceed the number of dogs being imported.