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  1. Stuff

    As far as greyhound articles in the media the last few years go this was definitely not too bad. Expected a lot worse.
  2. Racedogs for sale

    $1200each ono
  3. Knock Cobanna 12 starts 2-1-1 Celestial action 36 starts 3-5-2 (2 over 520m) Cyndi action 47 starts 1-10-9 $1700 each ono richardjones888@gmail.com
  4. Positive move

    Grnz put their roadshow on with their objectives to try and change the perception of the sport to the general public (which lets face it is terrible) and to try to intice new people to get Involved in the sport. I thought It was good. obviously proof is in the pudding and we'll see how it goes. But every old school participant just winges about everything that happens and is proposed in this game. I don't envy any person that works or has worked in the admin of the greyhound industry, in fact I think they are great because in the 20 years I've been in the game, it hasn't mattered who has been in charge or what they try, the same people just moan and moan!
  5. Trevor Wilkes

    Always tough to back up from a 630 on a Tuesday and race over 645 Thursday. Lucky for opawa plum and know value it raced over 630 Sunday Trev, so opawa plum could run a nice 2nd! haha
  6. Auckland Track

    Have you guys not seen the news this week!
  7. Dogs been snapped up. Cheers
  8. Scodelario This dog can run but just can't get him going. Ran past top prosecutor earlier in year and ran 25.90 at Manawatu. Ran a sizzling 22.28 and 25.11 at Maitland before he came over to NZ. Just turned 3 so still has a lot in him if you can get him going. Might suit a small kennel. Richardjones888@gmail.com
  9. Track curiators

    alot more than 13mm at 9am this morning.
  10. Track curiators

    13mm?? no way! I'm 15 minutes from track and it hasn't stopped raining pretty much all day and last night and a lot of surface flooding on the road.
  11. An idea for consideration.

    Probably a bit harsh I Know. I agree with some of it. Dogs like calamity free winning at 5 and 1/2 in sub 18.60 show they can still race beyond the years most of them are finishing, but there aren't viable options for them to still race, when you are racing young ones coming through. If they were racing each other why wouldn't it work. Years ago Auckland used to run races now and again for 4 year olds but they could be quite one dog affairs if a bright star say was up against the c1's. Maybe restricting grades would help. Obviously if a dog is 7 tired and grey and not capable of competing you wouldn't race it would you unless you are retarded. No different to a 4 and a half year old now. Yes they may not be as exciting to watch but Joe blogs at the Tab or the pub will still bet on them. The antis will never stop whinging or trying to shut it down, and making dogs careers run longer by having races catered for them can surely only help the numbers. I can't comment on the waiting until the dogs are 2 years old would help longevity. I wouldn't know.
  12. Greyhound Racing Banned in NSW

    I don't condone live baiting at all in any form. Interesting I'm a boat builder and last week I fitted probably the 30th 'live bait' tank I have fitted in my life on a 65 footer. I can assure you Scooby the owner wasn't into greyhound racing. Interesting the double standards in this world right? Every 2nd boat in westhaven marina has a 'live bait' tank on it. Yet no one gives a toss about it!!! And you can't tell me a fish doesn't feel it because they flap like crazy when that sharp hook goes through its mouth! And before you say it's different it's for a feed. It's game fishing mate. Get a photo, a high five from your mates and then release it with a sore mouth, absolutely exhausted lucky if it survives! So if they are consistent, fishing will be banned too. Just regulate it better! Jesus Christ!
  13. Christchurch Thursdays

    I'm guessing Jape it's to finish early to make it easier for races there the next day? Does it have an effect on their turnover at all? I know I can't see at least half the card because of work commitments and therefore don't have a bet. And I'm sure the tab pubs would be pretty quiet until just after 5.
  14. Christchurch Thursdays

    Any reason why this meeting is starting earlier and earlier?
  15. Swimming goat and match racing

    The sprinter of the year race is starting to get very interesting with 6 weeks to go.