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  1. Easter Monday Rotorua

    Tradition has never really been respected or appreciated in NZ racing, especially not in recent years. Every week we see races in Australia with time honoured names, and races named after famous horses. In NZ most of our races tend to have locality names, Auckland Cup etc. Very few names like The Stradbroke, in NZ. Some races had prestige through their name rather than the stake, but most have now been let to disappear; Haldon Plate at Riccarton, McLean Stakes at Wingatui, even the Chalmers at Trentham - I know it still exists in name only. I am always appalled that there are no races in the SI named after Grey Way, Show Gate, Phar Lap etc. That would never ever happen in Australia. Canterbury Belle is probably the only SI horse to be recognised in "recent" years.
  2. Easter Monday Rotorua

    Geez, don't make me feel so old Blue. I think the New Year's hurdle idea was tried early 90's, or thereabouts.
  3. Easter Monday Rotorua

    You are suggesting there is a "pattern" Chris?
  4. John Allen's latest "conversations"....

    At least they are starting at the heart of NZ racing.
  5. Easter Monday Rotorua

    I am pretty sure the Easter meeting always used to fall at Easter, but since the introduction of Auckland "Cup Week" it has tended to get pushed right back. With Riccarton no longer racing at Easter either the Great Easter is about a month after Easter this year I think.
  6. Why is Easter Cup meeting now during the day?

    I have seen a few comments from Brodie on here being critical of one stable dominating big races; obviously it isn't ideal if winners are paying very small divs and stifling betting, but what does Brodie think the solution is? Would he bar that stable altogether or bar their horses from the betting if they are assessed as being too much of a certainty? In Australia clubs are more than happy to see Winx in a race even though it ruins betting. From my casual observations, there isn't much depth in some of the fields these days if you take out the Star horses.
  7. OP

    Bit harsh on those who backed the eventual winner though to have their odds slashed when they probably would have won anyhow.
  8. Why is Easter Cup meeting now during the day?

    Some people are a bit critical of one stable having dominating favs, but my god how ugly and horrible would those fields have been without that stable.
  9. Why is Easter Cup meeting now during the day?

    You all talk as if this meeting is something special; five of the races were worth $10,000 and two others were $14,000. The biggest field was 12 horses and only one race was that size. Overall it was lower profile, and I imagine would do less turnover on and off course, than the Riverton gallops.
  10. Lets Hope They Unite.

    Whilst I don't necessarily disagree with many of P4P's comments, I don't actually think money is wasted on stakes. I think the total stakes pool is badly allocated. I was not a fan of Winston's multi million dollar races, which I seem to recall P4P supported. And I do believe we do need some aspirational races, but within reason. The problem we have is that virtually the same pool of horses race for $10,000 and $22,500 races so that does nothing to create an obvious structure of racing. And why on earth rating 65's needed to be $22,500 rather than $20,000 is beyond me. Basically, the money is just not spent wisely and there are examples of that every day. The biggest problem with the gallops code is that there appears to be no one with any feel for racing or common-sense running things. The non racing types need to be cleaned out while the industry returns to getting the basics right. I would be interested to hear where P4P thinks stakes money is being wasted. I presume he would prefer to see money taken out of stakes and spent building some super tracks. A bit chicken and egg really.
  11. Lets Hope They Unite.

    Several of Winston's objectives are totally unrealistic.
  12. Lets Hope They Unite.

    I suppose just as Australia has been deporting their crims to NZ, they are now deporting their unemployed.
  13. Looked worse than it was ?

    Interesting. You certainly couldn't say he didn't put it in the race. Seemed more interested in the inside horse than the eventual winner. Pretty good run really.
  14. Horse Kicked At Mornington?

    Hmmm...well if it was that grey thing that wouldn't budge an inch I can imagine a few old time trainers who would have walked out with a gun and then backed the truck up.
  15. Addington Friday- Great Fields

    Not very big fields, five with 8 or fewer runners, and four trot races, that must be getting up there with 40% of the card being trotters.