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  1. Punching above there wait

    The original post sounds like someone intentionally trying to make as many silly spelling mistakes as possible just to get some reaction. Each to their own I suppose.
  2. Otaki transferred to Hastings....

    You do have to question group one races being held on a country track, not really a good look.
  3. 100k maiden Naki challenge

    I think just about everyone can guess the track conditions. Let's see???? Heavy or perhaps really heavy.
  4. Abandonments - RNZ This Morning

    Bush jockeys! So are you saying they will just head over from Riccarton?
  5. Right! That's it; surely!

    It's a group one race. The mares would have turned up for $50,000.
  6. Abandonments - RNZ This Morning

    I think I saw it in the ODT.
  7. Right! That's it; surely!

    I think I asked this once before and got no reply, but is there anyone that people know of in the Racing Board or NZTR that knows all about dates and programming and has a history in Racing that is making any progress in these areas? Or do they all just have a history in posting letters? Because it does appear to be getting worse rather than better. As McKenzie mentioned above a lot of the problems in the NI are caused by Auckland; firstly plonking an Auckland Cup carnival in where it doesn't fit and then slotting the Karaka meeting in and clashing with established meetings.
  8. Right! That's it; surely!

    Surely this weekend sums up everything that is wrong in NZ racing and answers quite a few questions. Te Rapa and Riccarton aren't minor country tracks, that are supposedly causing most of the problems; they are two of our top four or five metropolitan tracks. And there is nothing wrong with their stakes, but to be brutally honest a lot of the fields are rubbish despite reasonable stakes. The Dyke at Te Rapa has attracted exactly the same field for $400,000 that it would have got for $200,000, and a pretty ordinary field at that. It shows that stakes are not our problem. Structure is a much bigger problem. We have far too many 2,000m WFA races scattered randomly throughout the season, all attracting poor fields. Riccarton gets six horses for a $35,000 race. Hardly surprising really, following only a week after a major meeting at Wingatui. The SI doesn't have the horses to be running major races at Riccarton every second week with Otago and Southland holding major meetings on the Saturdays between. And Otago and Southland have for some bizarre reason held low key midweek meetings with only seven races for the last three weeks, whereas the last minor meeting in Canty was mid December. Totally mindboggling really. How do they expect horses to get through the grades and fill the tighter class races? I wonder if anyone has ever thought outside the square and thought of running a 1,200m 3yo race at Riccarton. It wouldn't clash with the Guineas down south. Perhaps even an 1,800m 3yo as an Oaks or Derby lead-up. Anything to shake up the "lets drag last year's programme out of the draw" school of programming. Many people on here love discussing the merits of pouring $20m into an allweather track and would love to create a few $1m races and close down a few dozen tracks, but as I have said many times most of the problems are structural and just down to administrative incompetence and don't actually take much to resolve. Handicapping probably comes into this category as well. With all of the highly paid administrators about it is pity none of them have any interest or skills in the areas of dates and programming and general structural matters. What a pity we can't get the basics right. Then perhaps start thinking about building an all weather track somewhere.
  9. Waikato Race 1 Today

    I thought Te Rapa this weekend looked pretty ordinary, especially considering the stakes on offer. The progreamming and stakes allocations is just all wrong
  10. Avantage Syndicate & Veitch Share??

    You are getting very anti these days Deputy. Sounds like you keep getting out of bed on the wrong side.
  11. Avantage Syndicate & Veitch Share??

    The trainer is doing more for the owner than just winning a race or two, he is increasing the horse's value. What if an owner trainer has a horse and it does nothing so he decides to give it to a proper trainer and the horse quickly comes out and very impressively wins a couple of $10,000 races and suddenly a $250,000 offer comes in. Under your scenario the trainer gets $1,200 in percentages from the two wins and a month or two of training fees, whereas the owner has just earned $250,000 all through the trainer's efforts. It would seem a bit unfair not to reward him somehow. Its almost an intellectual property situation.
  12. Win a $100 voucher at HQ

    No gin list on line. Oh well, at least someone has put a lot of effort into the wines.
  13. Win a $100 voucher at HQ

    I will check the gin list and see if he passes the ultimate test.
  14. Win a $100 voucher at HQ

    My word, I just checked the place out, what a good wine list. I was worried it might have one of those ugly Lion Nathan lists that so many have, places that I tend not to set foot in. Very impressive Chards and great to see the Hiedler Gruner, the Vouvray and the Bouchards. Someone certainly knows what they are doing. Well done Leo.
  15. Bernard Saundry appointed to key role at NZTR

    You have to break things into paragraphs Tom. Hardly anyone will have read through all of that.