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    Ivan, I don't listen to other people's tips, but I have no doubt they are poor from the discussions I do hear on Trackside, BUT you really have no understanding of the totalisator system (I know we have fixed odds as well these days, but this even applies there). The TAB doesn't want people to lose. It benefits them if favourites win and people collect and then reinvest. It is all about TURNOVER and reinvestment. The concet does confuse a lot of people. The TAB takes a percentage of every bet, so favourites can keep winning all day as far as they are concerned. The poor tipping you hear is down to incompetence, not conspiracy. Do you really think they are clever enough to manipulate things the way you are suggesting?
  2. Off the Track - Chris Johnson

    We can't all be pretty boys.
  3. Worst Ever

    My word, this is the first time anyone has actually been interested in any of my rants about structural problems, let alone agreed with them. I think it is largely beyond the area of interest for most people. You are correct about the McLean Stakes, I remember it well. Otago has also dumped the Champagne Stakes on Boxing day, which used to be the major SI summer 2yo race and got good fields most years. Neither Otago nor Southland run any 2yo races during their Cup carnivals in Feb. Although interestingly Otago has introduced a low grade 2yo race at their mid Dec meeting. In Canterbury the time honoured (that is a way of saying retains some prestige despite the poor stake) Haldon Stakes no longer exists, and I don't think there is any 2yo race in the SI for fillies only, nor any 2yo race further than 1,200m. So programming is very boring. And I too have always been intrigued that the CJC runs more meetings with no race further than 1,800m than any other club in the country, including at their next meeting. No wonder the ranks of stayers were so poor at the Cup meeting.
  4. Off the Track - Chris Johnson

    "Poor ol" is an expression. He wasn't describing CWJ as poor or old. If CT tipped out Winx as a good thing we would all think poor old Winx what has she done to deserve that.
  5. Worst Ever

    I don't quite follow your logic. You suggest betting figures will be down because there are three hot favourites on the day (thank god you don't follow trotting) and yet you criticise the bigger attractive betting fields because of their lack of quality, and you didn't rate Prom Queen anyhow. As it turned out, other than the 2yo race the hot favs turned out to be false favs so there was certainly value for some. And really Riccarton didn't do too bad when you look at the ordinary lot that turned out for the Group II at Tauranga. And wait until you see the fields that turn up for the Group 1s at Otaki and elsewhere. It isn't just a SI problem.
  6. Worst Ever

    That isn't really a silly suggestion sadly. The number of SI runners in both guineas each year is very poor. Also the SI runners in the various stayers races is very poor. Sadly I can see no evidence of the Industry doing anything to rectify these problems. The poor representation in the guineas is largely down to a poor structure of 2yo racing in the south, which means very few horses with 2yo form are set for Riccarton. Also there are no early season 3yo races in Otago or Southland to create a bit of form and get connections excited about going to Riccarton. The staying races are a big worry. Once again no early season leadup races in the deeper south. I also think a better pattern of spring hurdle races might help. Currently all jumps racing in the south ends with Grand National week. A series of spring hurdles races on better tracks would produce good races in themselves and might get some connections thinking of the NZ Cup. It seems to work with European horses heading for Melbourne. What about a 2,500m rating 80 at the Oct meeting at Riccarton; the poor man's Bart Cummings. Currently there is no evidence that anyone is doing anything to fix systemic problems.
  7. Prom Queen

    She had every chance, didn't get the mile. There is no disgrace in that, it happens.
  8. Gobstopper

    All he can do is win the race and that is all he wanted to do. There are no bonus payments for running time.
  9. Sheree Tomlinson

    I'm amazed how long it took anyone to mention this win on here. I thought it would be big news. It was travelling like the winner a long way out, just needed gaps at the right time.
  10. Investigate nous

    The RIB is just a new name for the various governing bodies that have been about since the 70s. I think the first one was the Racing Authority. Of course they are charged with governing the whole industry, including dogs and trots, so they can't be held responsible for galloping's problems.
  11. You’re kidding Matt Cross....

    Who, me!!
  12. You’re kidding Matt Cross....

    Well Winx was aiming for the Cox Plate, but that didn't stop her winning all of those other races. I think the jockey might have been a bit over confident and never put the horse in the race.
  13. Prom Queen

    She just didn't get the mile.
  14. You’re kidding Matt Cross....

    I'm sure they aren't all knockers. They were just jesting with Leo. Some have been waiting years for Leo to be wrong about something.
  15. You’re kidding Matt Cross....

    You all have to admit this has been a very entertaining thread. It does no harm to learn some humility at times. At least Leo is prepared to put his ideas out there and at least he sets out his reasoning behind them. We had a very similar thing on Saturday when David Walsh said he thought Kinigat was a good thing based on ratings and weights. Personally I liked Don Carlo who wasn't a rational bet based on the weights. What people tend to forget is that NZ form is very inconsistent, for various reasons, and the higher weighted horses aren't always that classy, so lower weighted or rated horses coming through the grades are always a chance, purely because the class at the top is not great.