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  1. I see Oamaru is gone for good. $195,000 down the drain for South Island racing, which is quite a big hit really. $30,000 not paid out to jockeys etc. Interesting that no thought was given to transferring any of that money to the Timaru friday meeting. To put it into perspective, other than the mud meeting at Riccaron for the Grand National, the next meeting in the SI with decent stakes is the Riccarton meeting on 9 Sept. That is a long time between drinks. The obvious date to rerun the Oamaru meeting with virtually no change to the programme is the weekend of 19 August as there is a two week period with no SI racing. What are the chances of that? Zero, I would imagine, but who knows, we will wait and see.
  2. Well put. I couldn't have said that better myself.
  3. Poorly written article. Seems to have been hacked together.
  4. It seems a bit strange. Hardly anyone goes oncourse so surely the grandstand doesn't matter that much? It would only have been dangerous if a bit of roofing blew off during a race and headed towards the horses on the track. I'm not trying to be picky or anything, that was just my initial thought. Te Aroha is a pretty big course so surely some facilities could still have operated.
  5. Chevy, you obviously haven't followed his earlier posts. It is CT who is always the first to get nasty and turn things personal. I wasn't meaning it in any nasty sense when I suggested earlier that he is pyschotic, he really is troubled. If you care to go back and look at all of my posts on here over the last year or so you will see I have never been critical of anyone, but CT really is a troubled and nasty piece of work. Social media of all types gives people who wouldn't normally be listened to a chance to be heard, and surprisingly they sometimes develop a following. Sadly it is the age we live in.
  6. He isn't really the recipient of scorn chevy, he brings it all upon himself. Midget is probably the best to give you his CV as I seem to recall comment about him sitting on his knee once, but basically CT comes on here reasonably regularly and tips out red hot favs which invariably then lose. Somehow though with at least 95% of his red hots losing and needing 10-20 successful bets to make up for each loser he manages to have a jet-setting lifestyle. He used to be mildly amusing, but recently he has revealed a quite nasty side.
  7. Scooby, I wouldn't let him bother you. He is clearly psychotic, and lives in a quite parallel universe to the rest of us. Most bizarrely there seem to be two or three on here who take his Winx tips quite seriously, which only encourages him.
  8. Most??
  9. Those poor bloody owners. What on earth have they done to deserve that?
  10. Not sure if you are taking the piss or not.
  11. OMG. Surely the Warriors are the only outfit in NZ that makes our racing look impressive.
  12. Bloody hell!
  13. Oh dear!
  14. I was actually thinking of Pakenham, which cost about $70 million for the whole complex, Geelong, Newcastle, who spent $11 million on the track itself, and Caloundra which is one of my favourite tracks. Pakenham races about 50 times a year, Caloundra every week.
  15. That put me in mind of this.