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      TAB 0800 Telephone Bet Number - IMPORTANT!!!!   05/16/2017

      The Telephone Bet Service ceased in July 2016.    For telephone betting via Touchtone call 0800 10 20 33. The old 0800 number now belongs to a different company who are being bombarded with calls. The TAB Helpline is  0800 102 106

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  1. What mares does everyone this bloke would suit??
  2. Racing shares available in rising 3yo Pour Moi filly. Has had a couple of preps and a couple of jumpouts. Hasnt done anything wrong to date. No R.O.P sorry. Almost ready to come back into work for spring racing. Located in New Plymouth. $27 P/W per 5% share. PM for any further details
  3. 6 Group 1's.............
  4. How is that Davis's problem if a bloke who may not know alot about the game has a bet?? I dont know alot about the stockmarkets so i stay away from them. Don't know anything about the Pokie machines so i stay away from them. Understand throughbreds so i have a punt. Surely that isnt Steve Davis's problem if he likes something that gets beat and someone listening in a tab be it Remuera, Petone or Mangere or Eltham for that matter punts it beyond their financial means?? if thats the case then shut the whole country down because there are alot more people out there spending money on takeaways, cigarettes, alcohol, pokie machines etc etc which are beyond their means than there are people listening to steve davis's tips on trackside
  5. Think the real lost causes are the ones actually listening to presenters advice around punting..... Like Steve Davis, colourful character. seems the few that dont like him have a rather censored sense of humor
  6. Whats the difference?? especially when we are talking about Eftpos withdrawals?? All Tab's should have the ability to do it. Surely it isn't ground breaking technology....
  7. Mug by name Mug by nature............ Condolences team. Absolutely gutted for you!
  8. Coronation Hotel Eltham. Great pub, Great characters.
  9. Have had this happen to me plenty of times. No Eftpos Topup or withdrawal facilities at my local TAB. Have been told "I can give you a voucher and you can take it somewhere else to collect". Have also asked for a cheque at other times and been told no. Was at a tab in Hamilton and had a decent collect only to be told "I can only give you half in cash just in case any of my locals have a good win". Understand sometimes they can be a bit light on cash. thats why every tab should atleast have eftpos withdrawals. It does happen, just may not have happened to you
  10. Looking forward to Kawi's trial video out of foxton too!
  11. NSW must have a bit more faith in the NZ form over the VIC form. Wish all the best for connections
  12. Remember having read connections saying the logistics of getting to sydney was a lot easier than getting to trentham with the detours in place at the moment
  13. Agree WK! We've all seen his ability when he wants to put in. Has the ship already sailed in terms of a stud career??
  14. Scratched from the Telegraph I see due to a "at best fair" gallop. Have to wonder if there would be too many willing to send a mare to him when they do finally retire him....
  15. But does it have a better racing surface than the "Big Four" tracks??