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  1. Tim Williams

    Spike, haven’t got a problem with anyone thinking what they want! Just do not call me a liar! Lieing is not one of my traits. Dont bring up the old one of self exile and then coming back on, as that is not lieing
  2. Tim Williams

    Scooby, your business so you can call me what you want! I am buggered as to what has got your goat? As for you not stopping them anymore, hadn’t noticed that you had been, sorry!
  3. Tim Williams

    Fart Too Much, sorry but dont have a sister and never have had!!!! Truth is that “The Brodster” is supported by most apart from the select few that think they know more than “The Brodster” but we all know that that isn’t the case!!!
  4. Tim Williams

    Scooby, not sure what you mean? Why do YOU say I deserve everything I get? Yes, I do deserve what I get and I am appreciative of that! I have worked for everything I have now, and are able to now enjoy life to the fullest due to my endeavours! Thank you for your support Scooby!
  5. Tim Williams

    Fart Too Much, sometimes you have to pull your words! Mark Jones is entitled to have an opinion on things, just as you are! Mark has seen the writing on the wall, just as Tim Butt has and they have moved their major operations to OZ, as they are aware they are pushing it up hill in NZ at the moment! They know their best horses will not be winning big money in Nz now that there is the dominance! We can all put our head in the sand and say yes everything is rosie, but watch the industry self destruct!
  6. Tim Williams

    You must have a thin skin Fart Too Much? Not berating you at all, as “The Brodster” just wouldn’t do that! Yes most people who care about the future of harness racing in NZ are concerned about their dominance! Personally, doesn’t affect me much at all, but yes I am very concerned for many in the industry going forward and I do believe it is currently hurting the industry big time by way of not attracting new owners and by punters not bothering as much. As to the solution Fart Too Much, yes many have a solution but not able to comment on here!
  7. Tim Williams

    No you were right, The Brodster is wrong for once. Wasnt concentrating on the race saw it on small TV,.
  8. Tim Williams

    Richie, to be fair their b,c and d team would normally win on a low key meeting! Just an interesting night wasn’t it? Shorties getting beaten when they normally wouldn’t! In the fillies race they were in front and trailed and they didn’t fill a place!!!!
  9. Tim Williams

    Fart Too Much, which part of no one is knocking the AllStars Stable don’t you understand? What the majority of harness racing participants (apart from the select few on here) are saying is that although they are unbelievably successful, they are not great for the harness racing industry! The monopoly they have limits the ability for all other stables to win sufficient money to make racing horses financially viable. Interesting night at Addington last night though, as several of the All Stars Horses were actually passed in the straight by other horses! Just doesn’t happen normally, was it just a below average night at the office for them?
  10. Tim Williams

    Yes there are major inconsistencies! Do not believe the 3 families you have mentioned get favourable treatment at all! I do know that amateurs are the ones who seem to be picked on more so than the pro’s! Dont think that Sam Payne’s Drive was all that bad at all. He went forward and couldn’t get past Sarah O’Reilly on Living Legend who wouldn’t hand up the parked position! What was Sam to do?
  11. Tim Williams

    Purdon me!
  12. Ed, yes very good quotes. Yes I must be neurotic, insecure, anxious and all of the above, if you say so! Wouldn’t change any if it though as I tell it the way it is without be false? Very comfortable with who I am and it has always worked for me!
  13. To be fair Janitor, most said that they admired their results but that they were not great for the harness racing industry as the money is not shared around enough. This is one of the reasons that people are not breeding as much nowadays. The interviewees are hardly going to say exactly what they thought on that topic on TV as it would not be a great look for them! Would it? We all admire their results unauestionably but not great for the industry financially!
  14. Confident, cocky, opinionated whatever you want to call it Scooby! Why are you not allowed to back yourself nowadays, when I am always on the money! I express an opinion and what I say I believe in! Rather be confident than the other way!
  15. Scooby, wasn’t aware that this site was not allowed to have humour in It!