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  1. GRNZA and the GAP Levin Kennels

    Yes the list down here keeps growing.After GAP lost its kennel base in Amberley we were rung to say that no dog on the list can race.If they do they would be removed.Was told that the list would reduce quicker this way.It hasn’t.Like most I had dogs on the list while racing. I have since transferred my two dogs on the list to Hampton Downs.Yes it will cost me about $600 to take them up,but that’s the choice I make.I have had 1 dog go thru Hampton Downs and find them to be great
  2. GAP South Island

    There was 5 dogs taken thru to Levin on Tuesday.One was one that hadn’t found a home before the kennels closed.Think it was Howard Andertons dog.Was told on Tuesday that a kennels had been looked at.

    Should that said person be sacked
  4. GAP Kennels (or lack thereof)

    Yes have just received a phone call from Julie to tell me about my girl that went to her new home in the weekend. Julie said that she had resigned because of somebody bagging them. Sorry that her and Richard have resigned,I found them to be great with the dogs.

    True Joe Blogs.Just be in a stir up next Junior McInerney.Whistles all the time.
  6. Dead baiting NSW

    Shelley I have been told that the photos were taken from the neighbors property.The private investigator was given permission form the land owner
  7. Changes to Otago and southland

    Thank you There has been talk down here this was happening for the last week. It would be nice if they would advise us not leave it until Monday to post it on the web site. It would be nice to be able to plan ahead. Just think I can now start my c1 dogs at Otago on Monday and again at Christchurch on Tuesday........
  8. Dogs web site,look in your on track magazine for changes.... Would be nice if we had our new on track mag to know what the changes are.