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    Track Record I havent made firm plans to go as yet but will decide in next couple of days.Any pups I purchase are able to complete their rearing and get broken in at a professional breakers over there.If interested pm me. AC
  2. So how do you feel Mr Rendle?

    I lost all respect for Craig Rendle and became worried about the industries future after having a phone conversation when he had become a board member. I wanted to discuss the discrimination placed on imports but was told "oh well you can buy some bread and butter dogs off Brendon Cole" That is my personal opinion and im just informing you of why I lost respect for the man.Of course many other things have happened since that have strenghtened my disrespect. AC
  3. stakes

    You will need to go through a few race schedules and get the calculator out Peter. AC
  4. stakes

    I cannot believe that as industry participants we are not up in arms about the change of the stakes percentages! Since the beginning the payout has been 60% for first 25% for 2nd and 15% for 3rd.That works that has always worked and will always work. It was in the rulebook as a rule up to recently.Why was it removed??? Can anyone shed some light on this? So why have these percentages changed???? In my opinion it is an absolute disgrace and makes a mockery of us (owners trainers etc) and shows no respect to us as the nuts and bolts of the industry. AC
  5. New staying race???

    Good idea Sheep especially as there is such a big gap between distance group races.Also it would create a much bigger pool of entrants as the 779m silver collar distance is way too long for most dogs hence why they hardly ever get more than 2 or 3 heats and only a few of them actually run out the 779m distance. I think the 645m at Addington would be ideal for a group race. AC
  6. The Amazing Chase Concept

    I would like to think races like NZ Cup and Auckland Cup would get the same coverage as that race series did.It was beyond believe the amount of tv time it had. AC
  7. Next Season

    Yes but the question still remains,are they playing with the percentage payout or not?
  8. Next Season

    Please tell me they are going to play with the percentage payout of 60 25 15??? That will be ridiculous! Surely that cant be right! No one would be stupid enough to go away from the 60 25 15 split! And as you say Lad,overall it is not the increase that it should be. AC
  9. Greyhound of the year

    She won it the year before Jape.Dyna Vikkers won it last year. AC
  10. Good on you Christchurch

    couldnt agree more.also they have reduced the amount of lime which has made a massive difference! AC
  11. question

    Firstly I must admit I havent studied all the conditions for this chase race.But can someone answer this? If a dog is booked for a solo trial can the day be changed after the original booking is made? AC
  12. NZ Stud dogs

    One would think with all the funding given to NZRS, breeders bonuses,etc etc they could spare some to support the few that do make the effort to stand a stud dog.Instead it costs about $2000 to register one these days. Unfortunately its becoming apparent to me that this once great industry is becoming elitest. How about some figures made public to show how many participants are benefiting from the NZRS? AC
  13. Positive move

    Just heard a small piece of Edward Rennell on the radio yesterday and it appears that harness racing are really trying to help industry participants as they are offering young new entrants money for clothing driving gear etc and also young people that want to get into training a full set of race harness and an amount of cash.A great idea and one that helps to encourage new people into their industry.Was talking to a senior trainer the other day and it appears that Harness Racing have a great consultation process with trainers etc as well. Does anyone know what is on offer for our young ones to encourage them to get involved in greyhound racing??? Especially in the Northern region cos in my opinion that area is in trouble. AC
  14. A Message To The NZGRA.

    How about you substantiate your claim Gary, You say alltheway is wrong so you prove how he is wrong and come up with your own stats to prove it. I could easily obtain those stats but then Im sure they would be questioned anyway. It is and has been obvious for years why a lot of the non chasers come here and I know that from my kennel more than 80% have raced without problems. AC
  15. re runs

    I am left in amazement that a dog that never competed in a race which had to be re run was allowed to gain a start in the race that was re run???? Surely if a race has to be re run the original 8 dogs that competed in the first edition must be the only ones allowed to compete in the 2nd edition. It could be said that it was a "no race"or abandoned,however if that was the case then surely the field had to be re assembled and start from scratch.. The reserve that competed in the re run had actually raced in another race on the night of the original race.! I am not a big reader of the rule book but know some of you on here are way more familiar with the rules than me so just looking for some clarification. I had argued it with the club but a ruling from head office disagreed with me. I had discussed it with Dave and although he hadnt given it any thought beforehand did agree that it was a very dodgy situation. AC