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  1. Cawbourne Krusty wins Group 1 NZ Futurity

    Huge effort by wee Krusty and Matt and Sarah.Congrats to Bro Bronson and Stu Dickinson.You have got a nice one there Bro! AC
  2. NZ Oaks

    Yes big congratulations to Matt and Sarah! Your wee girl went great wazza ,just couldnt quite reel in the Taber. AC
  3. Straws

    There is 1 Dyna Vikkers straw at Matamata vets and 1 straw at Vets on Carlton Wanganui. Price is $1725 for each. Contact Craig 0274800433 or email [email protected]
  4. brood bitch

    This bitch has been sold. AC
  5. brood bitch

    Cawbourne Leaha (Fabregas x Asterix) Has been racing but has a slightly arthritic hock so racing sparingly. Is a sister to Cawbourne Trixy,hypocritical and Cawbourne Buckle and half sister to Cawbourne Brick. Great broodbitch potential. Price $750 Contact Craig 0274800433
  6. Small breeders and FS

    Garrick I have been speaking to Paul Westerveld and he sends frozen semen over to Shirley vets himself.He has been doing it for a year or 2.He said it was too messy dealing with assn. So you will have full access to his straws anyway ,but would sugggest if you like one of his lesser sires contact him . AC
  7. Pups for sale

    By FABREGAS out of SOSAN Whelped 22 nov 17 2 bitches avaliable. Price $2500 each or 2 for $4500 Contact Craig or Dan Roberts 0274800433 0274800432
  8. Forbury Today

    Didnt see the incident.who was the handler? AC
  9. ACT Bans Greyhound Racing

    There is 1 track in Canberra and from what I know very few participants actually based in ACT.A lot of them are just over the border.There has also been strong talk of a new track being built in NSW right by the border.However I think there is still some strong resistance to the ban. AC
  10. Trackside coverage

    Any race incidents are seen in the live telecast on trackside.If you want to see it again simply push the rewind button and then use the slow mo option on your remote.Technology today allows you watch things over and over again on demand in your own time. Remember the other 2 codes and sporting codes dont have a dellusional idiot tracking EVERYTHING that happens in their codes.To the extent of even ringing dog transporters demanding evidence of greyhounds being shipped to China. AC
  11. Average Age

    I agree bus stop. There are many reasons for this and here are a couple of them. Cost of land is too expensive. Hard to get a cashflow to start a business up. Animal welfare issues. Rules and red tape issues.(re obtaining a licence,cost of breeding ,importing etc etc etc) No incentive from our governing body. The political atmosphere in greyhound racing is off putting. I have been involved in this industry for 35 years and there are many aspects of this industry that I disagree with. My son started out public training and within 4 years has reduced numbers right back and is looking at other business ventures. AC

    Track Record I havent made firm plans to go as yet but will decide in next couple of days.Any pups I purchase are able to complete their rearing and get broken in at a professional breakers over there.If interested pm me. AC
  13. So how do you feel Mr Rendle?

    I lost all respect for Craig Rendle and became worried about the industries future after having a phone conversation when he had become a board member. I wanted to discuss the discrimination placed on imports but was told "oh well you can buy some bread and butter dogs off Brendon Cole" That is my personal opinion and im just informing you of why I lost respect for the man.Of course many other things have happened since that have strenghtened my disrespect. AC
  14. stakes

    You will need to go through a few race schedules and get the calculator out Peter. AC
  15. stakes

    I cannot believe that as industry participants we are not up in arms about the change of the stakes percentages! Since the beginning the payout has been 60% for first 25% for 2nd and 15% for 3rd.That works that has always worked and will always work. It was in the rulebook as a rule up to recently.Why was it removed??? Can anyone shed some light on this? So why have these percentages changed???? In my opinion it is an absolute disgrace and makes a mockery of us (owners trainers etc) and shows no respect to us as the nuts and bolts of the industry. AC