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  1. Understand what you're saying but alot of these sons of Fastnet can still leave a good horse look at Hinchinbrook, possibly only starting to come to prominence now? As for Age of Fire at stud well like everything it depends on the price they stand him at, but you can't argue he has lovely bloodlines. I'm a massive fan of I Am Invincible and love following his stock, he has done it the hard way and only now starting to get the accolades he deserves.
  2. I'm not sure those line of stallions would be cheap to get into with most Australian studs snapping them up. I like Age of Fire pedigree by Fastnet out of a Galileo mare, out of a Soviet Star mare out of a Mill Reef and I'm sure he wont be as ineffectual at stud here as his previous family member Fly to the Stars. I'd love to see NZ get a son of Exceed and Excel at stud , doesn't appear likely though.
  3. Yep they haven't really set the world on fire , but a fairly competitive market in Aus, competing with some of the more established stalllions. I was more referring to see how his sons at studs here in NZ go Atlante, Highly Recommended , The Bold One.
  4. 100k maiden Naki challenge

    Well ok, but what did they say about the man who just served the burgers buns with some sauce?
  5. To be fair there are some nice sons of Fastnet standing at stud.
  6. 100k maiden Naki challenge

    Whatever its still a straight out copy of The Everest. Are you saying this is gonna be better than The Everest?
  7. Otaki transferred to Hastings....

    How many meetings have been transferred out of Otaki in the past 18 months, perhaps time to optimise the calendar??
  8. 100k maiden Naki challenge

    But my point is its still a restrictive race you need to have purchased a slot to run in the race.
  9. 100k maiden Naki challenge

    Is it really showing initiative though? As it is a straight out copy of The Everest from where I'm standing albeit on a much smaller scale. Don't we already have two races like this they are called the Karaka Million for 2 & 3yo i.e. the entry fees are all pooled together to create the prize money. The racing in August I don't see as a problem , as no body knows what type of track you're going to get dished up by the weather gods in NZ at any given time.

    Have you thought about a stallion like Contributor, plenty of proven success on that HC Danehill X and the people at Mapperley Stud a really great to deal with.
  11. Right! That's it; surely!

    Agree programming is average to say the least. I don't like harping on about Aus but for most of their races they seem to have a journey thats leads horses there. The only two races I can think of that have a structured journey like that in NZ are the Derby and the Oaks , the rest is a complete shambles. Not to mention the extra races that are put on , how they come up with that is just plain crazy. I don't know why for industry meets they couldn't utilise something to find what trainers wanted beforehand not just a couple of trainers something that covers the entire area.
  12. Abandonments - RNZ This Morning

    really I thought they were all volunteers there?
  13. Abandonments - RNZ This Morning

    I'm startled that a man in his position can be thinking this about the tracks. It would almost be worth drawing up a list of tracks in New Zealand who are not run on a voluntary basis , would it go something like this: Ruakaka Ellerslie Counties Te Rapa Matamata Tauranga Hastings New Plymouth Wanganui Awapuni Trentham Riccarton Wingatui would the rest of the tracks not be operated on primarily a voluntary basis?
  14. Showcasing - interesting

    sometimes performing as a 2yo doesn't contribute to going on with it if you know what I mean.
  15. Karaka tv coverage

    Agree she is brilliant, as good if not better than the woman on C7 in Aus.