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  1. Entry fees

    I don't agree, there is nothing like being on course and enjoying the atmosphere watching the field spring for the finish up the home straight, the noise of the crowd the moment, particularly if its a decent course with a decent straight . Whilst I think $20 is a fair bit to go on course I can understand the rationale behind it . An NPC game or a night at Western Springs with an Industry type program will cost you about that much to see.
  2. Entry fees

    The problem with racing charging entry fees is that the average racegoer sees his or her punting $ as an adequate means to funding their entry onto the course, particularly because in most cases they do their dough. However the average race goer doesn't understand the funding mechanism that the racing clubs are under and therefore is very hesitant or resistant to paying the entry fee that in most of the smaller clubs cases is a significant portion of the revenue generated in enabling those clubs to put on a race day and continue to exist. I used to be dead against entry fees but they are a necessary part of holding the day in most cases, if you think that for a $20 entry fee on an Industry Event day the club has to get each person to punt around $235 through the tote to generate the same amount of income that is generated via an entry fee of $20 then you can understand why they are required, particularly over the summer period. Not to mention that most clubs nowadays are putting on kids entertainment and the smaller country clubs might be allowing some BYO or reasonable priced bar prices and 6-8 hours of entertainment then its really the best value for money around over the summer period.
  3. Matamata abandoned

    Not only that, too much rubbish racing at the same rubbish tracks. Centralisation doesn't/hasn't worked the entire calendar needs a rethink in a massive way, some great venues going to waste because of the ignorance and arrogance of a few who don't have the best interests of racing at heart but only that of their own.
  4. Bloody Hell...

    Exactly my point same goes for Pickles, if someone is going to point out her moonlighting on domestic TV then I can't see the difference with those I've mentioned.
  5. Bloody Hell...

    Doesn't stop Ken Rutherford or Trackside presenters being jockeys agents.
  6. TAB Beta Racing Website

    Form navigation needs to improve or go back to how it was. Apart from that yes it looks better. How are you supposed to take them seriously when they sprout out stuff like this: 10 DISPOSITION Barrier: 10 Weight: 53 Trainer: Adam Durrant (Karnup) Jockey: Shaun McGruddy Odds: $61 & $14 Former WA Oaks winner who has gone off the rails of late. Her only win since October 2015 was at Kalgoorlie. Looks well outclassed.
  7. R.I.P Pentire

    Wonderful stallion and one of those rare breed that could leave anything on the track, sprinters, stayers, jumpers , Broodmare sire etc.
  8. Lost my mare this season

    Helluva a lovely family to breed from as well https://nzb.co.nz/sales/pedigree.cfm?sale_id=189&lot=470 Send her to Echoes of Heaven and you'll get the same cross as She Will Reign
  9. RTR Sale Selections.

    and a $100 weanling purchase to boot, good on them.
  10. Te Aroha - joke!

    C'mon Army haven't you read the rule book if you're from Te Rapa, HB,Ellerslie,Awapuni and a couple of others you're exempt from criticism.
  11. Te Aroha - joke!

    I feel your pain edor , I think what happens now is if you own a horse outright you're looked upon as being a bit different, the game is now seriously catering for a lot of fly by night syndicate owners. I'll never forget being at Rotorua one day when a friend had a horse in a $70k stakes race which he owned outright and they gave him one drink ticket nothing more than an insult.
  12. TAB stores - opening hours

    One very good reason for going in store would be to avoid the tab website , which has gone from being the best betting website from a functional perspective to an archaic mess akin to the modern art of a drunken gorilla!
  13. He's Remarkable;

    1st winner for the sire today in Aus.at Armidale , at Remarkable odds if you got some as well.
  14. Obviously his employer, what is your problem with that? I enjoyed his interviews and it was great to have a kiwi on the ground. There are numerous folk following the AB's what the diff?

    certainly was and a tasty div as well. http://racing.hkjc.com/racing/video/play.asp?type=replay-full&date=20171029&no=07&lang=eng