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    Why don't they just sort the system out so i works or may five win horses carry top weight in R65 Grade. It's crazy sometimes seeing 5 or more win horses running around with 52-53kg after the claims.
  2. Another meeting bites the dust

    Don't you mean 'Date Rape" ? I'd imagine the likes of Ruakaka wouldn't be needing so many dates if there was an AW in the Waikato?
  3. Another meeting bites the dust

    1.03 ...yeeeeeesssssss!!!
  4. Another meeting bites the dust

    I can't pick the winner in an 8 horse field , I sure as hell won't be betting into a 30 horse field.
  5. Another meeting bites the dust

    Perhaps that's true in the winter but surely not in the Spring and Summer months?
  6. New Stallions 2018

    again $2k for a son of RC for breed to race crowd, why not?
  7. New Stallions 2018

    Noticed El Doute going to stud today also, seems reasonably priced also https://www.racingandsports.com.au/en/nz-breeding/el-doute-gets-his-chance-at-stud-story-448952 Don't know much about his Damsire Fimiston , any thoughts?
  8. New Stallions 2018

    Sorry misread your first part.
  9. New Stallions 2018

    The point I'm trying to make is his form is over shorter distance, he has a reasonable hot pedigree and that something that appears to be quite available in Aus. I'm certainly not comparing them on fee . Don't know why you wouldn't include Supido under that scenario?
  10. New Stallions 2018

    Agree and as exciting as this stallion is, the Australians have this type of stallion in abundance already with Hellbent, Invader,Supido and Russian Revolution all going to stud this year fitting the bill, he certainly looks a go at his fee in NZ however.
  11. Chris there are multiple under used courses in the upper/central NI that could take more meetings particularly industry days that would give some of the premier tracks a rest and at the same time potentially revitalise some of those venues it can't be any worse than the consolidation/neglect of tracks through dates etc that has got the industry to this point, that has been shown to have worked wonders on numerous occasions to date... on no wait a minute.
  12. From the NZTR news feed...

    It's all a bit of the same isn't it, don't worry keep breeding the Australians will buy your horses.
  13. New Stallions 2018

    Lovely pedigree (family of Snippets and Forensics) and a very fast horse , looks promising. https://www.gwstud.com/derryn
  14. Perhaps its time to use some other courses , give these Premier tracks a rest. Greed the root of most evil!
  15. 2018-19 Racing Calendar

    So many things wrong with the game and this ones a major and getting worse, we are running one meeting on a Public Holiday across the country on a day to showcase the sport, you'd be better taking the midweek meeting and moving it to the public holiday, the new calendar has several events placed in close proximity to the same horse population presumingly to save $ on travel accommodation etc. Instead what the will achieve is a drop in revenue. This is always going to be a problem when you have people making decisions who don't understand the complications of being a trainer,owner or punter and that's exactly what we have.