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      TAB 0800 Telephone Bet Number - IMPORTANT!!!!   05/16/2017

      The Telephone Bet Service ceased in July 2016.    For telephone betting via Touchtone call 0800 10 20 33. The old 0800 number now belongs to a different company who are being bombarded with calls. The TAB Helpline is  0800 102 106


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  1. 16.1 on the Stud website http://www.richhillstud.co.nz/rich-hill-stallions/vadamos
  2. They'd have had such a fun time punting on 5 horse fields at Ellerlsie on Heavy11 a brilliant advertisement for the local product.
  3. Not to mention only so many competent horse men and horse women to prepare them and they can take sometime in education, maturity and preparation to get to the stage of becoming jumpers. A novel idea that I'd love to see work , but just can't see it happening. Don't you mean Istidaads to go about ?
  4. How about how well the Sire Scat Daddy is going at Ascot , I think he has had 3 or 4 winners so far. Don't know much about him.
  5. Possibly leaving plenty of room for negotiating ? But youre right there appear to be some bizarre fees for some of the new guys on the block.
  6. What the NZ TAB don't offer a product that people want to bet on? So no one wants to bet on the Aus product? No argument the NZ product is a tough sell, but people need to realise that the NZ product is rot that has set in over the past 30 years to get to the point where it is today and any improvements in it are going to take a considerable amount of time to come to fruition. Racing in this country even at the micro level(clubs) is paying for the neglect and sins of the past probably more than any other sport. There seems to be some momentum in the industry at least no matter how insignificant that may seem.
  7. You're very very right about those at the coalface , but do you seriously think these other International agencies are void of fat cats?
  8. That'd be great , any ideas?
  9. and they offer great prices on NZracing which they contribute so significantly to?
  10. Yes racing has a habit of only promoting the good things in does internally or to itself, in stead of as you say getting some great external promo for the sport.
  11. Couldn't agree with you more, but I doubt both the clubs you mentioned would have been offered the opportunity to add races or split fields.
  12. The clubs have a say , but that depends on which club it is of course. You'd think they'd realise that more races on an industry day over a prolonged period means more horses graduating to Saturday class races meaning more turnover. But I doubt it.
  13. I think you'll find it will depend on which club the races are at that decides whether races are split.
  14. I can't figure out what the point of using Ellerslie is in the winter. Dreadful racing(outside of the jumps races) particularly the past 3 meetings, poor fields just no punting interest at all. First 4 races on Saturday couldn't even muster a 3rd dividend. Why do they keep racing at these centres in the winter?
  15. I thought it sounded like the new NZTR CEO ?? More of the same old same old.