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  1. Allen Hits Back at Damning Deloitte Report

    The NZRB would continue to borrow to finance their grotesque salaries! The lunatics are firmly in control of the asylum.
  2. Allen Hits Back at Damning Deloitte Report

    John Messara also of the opinion that the NZRB should have struck a deal with Tabcorp. Pity the NZRB did not take the time to consult him during their Due Diligence process.
  3. Zahwip

    Sam Wynne the rider. She came home in 33.91 for the last 600 off the front. Zawhip pulled hard early and couldn’t quite get there.
  4. Allen Hits Back at Damning Deloitte Report

    FOB Platform will suffer the same fate as the Typhoon Betting System. As Brian de Lore points out in his column in today’s Informant the NZRB should have gone with Tabcorp instead. John Allen fancies himself as some sort of world leading gaming guru. Totally delusional more like it.
  5. Power

    Power will stand next season at Oaklands Stud in Queensland for a fee of A$10,000 plus GST.
  6. Kapoor - A tragedy.

    Tragic. Lovely relaxed filly who always tried her very best.
  7. Tauranga Races Saturday

    Racing Tauranga were going to pay $200,000 in Stakes on Saturday. Will be interesting to see how much Rotorua will be paying out.
  8. Tauranga Races Saturday

    Apparently the Tauranga Club has relinquished it’s date for this Saturday and Rotorua has picked it up. Curious situation. What is going on with NZ Racing?
  9. Brian de Lore

    Brian’s columns in The Informant are gold. Most other Racing Writers are beholden to NZTR or the NZRB hence their silence on the REAL issues confronting the Racing Industry.
  10. Brow Band off????

    Note that Ronchi has the tongue tie on tomorrow. If he can jump reasonably and get into a nice breathing pattern he could be a chance. Course stats are good but 0-2 at 2000m the worry.
  11. Who would you like to punch the most ?

    What happened to turn the other cheek?!
  12. Auckland Cup - Blasts From The Past

    crusty Gallery never raced in an Auckland Cup.
  13. Auckland Cup - Blasts From The Past

    crusty the Boxing Day Highweight was won by Ocean Monarch and Gary Bell from Easter Boy and Alwyn Tweedie. Ake Ake was unplaced. On the second day Ake Ake won the Highweight ridden by John Grylls from Shirani and Tom Fallon. Ocean Monarch did not start. On the fourth day Ake Ake and John Grylls won the Highweight from Bonnybard and Dick Walsh. Ocean Monarch did not run.
  14. Auckland Cup - Blasts From The Past

    crusty the date was 1/1/75. Ocean Monarch was ridden by Gary Bell and Ake Ake by John Grylls. The quinella paid $7.30. Later in the day John won the Auckland Cup on Kia Maia. Gallery did not race that day. Only two Te Awamutu horses raced in the Cup that year. Sindicato and Skite. Skite was by the same sire as Gallery- Showoff 2 hence your possible confusion!
  15. Auckland Cup

    Fountaincourt was a gelding. He paid $45.70 and $14.40.