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  1. Caulfield Cup Comp test run for MC

    Oops sorry. Didn't read this first.
  2. Caulfield Cup Comp test run for MC

    I did. Will try and catch him again tomorrow night. Thanks for letting me know he is going to be on, Maybe they can keep everyone happy and put him on both nights every week. Best stuff on Trackside radio by many lengths.
  3. Caulfield Cup Comp test run for MC

    I disagree. I think Wednesday works well. If it was Thursday you wouldn't get much of a show, as he'd have to cross to the dogs and harness every few minutes. He does an excellent job. It would be good if the TAB could get the fixed odds up for some of the New Zealand weekend races by Wednesday evening so we can get an idea of what Ted's scratchings and Neil's selections are paying,. Then get rid of the Queensland harness. etc. and the show would be even better.
  4. Final Field and Futures bets

    12.11 Postponements The Board may allow a period of up to and including three days for a postponed Race to be conducted, before deeming the event to be abandoned. 12.12 Abandonments Final Field and Futures Fixed Odds Race Bets will be refunded in full if the Race in question is abandoned.
  5. john allen

    Been milking it for over two years already.
  6. Randwick Race 7 No 1 Happy Clapper
  7. M11 R7 No.1 Chatauqua Playing joker Thanks
  8. M12 R8 No.11 Bonneval Thanks
  9. Great idea for Xmas races

    Some wowser will surely soon complain about how this is really bad as it makes it easier to buy alcohol and alcohol is the cause of so many problems. And the article says: Most of the racegoers at Christmas at the Races are under 40 and a lot of them don't carry cash, Bellew said. What sort of person goes to the races without any cash? It would be like going fishing without taking any hooks.
  10. No Commingling

    You got shafted whatever way you bet on the NZ TAB.$8.70 tote and $5.55 fixed the place on tab.com.au The percentages they had on those first 5 and first 8 finish markets at Hastings were unbelievable. With the prices they had up on the weekend the turnover must have been tiny and the margins enormous. Nice First Call Special though.
  11. No Commingling

    The pools aren't commingled, but the girl on the television is promoting betting on Quaddies as a good idea. Telling people to get involved and how they can use the computer to help them make their selections. At least Michael Guerin did the correct thing on the other channel and pointed out what it meant for punters and told them not to have any big bets on the tote.
  12. The First Call

    I thought this might have been replayed before the racing started today. General Managers of everything at the NZRB, but nobody in charge of updating this web page: https://static.tab.co.nz/content/trackside/index.html Turned the television on at 10:00. Get On was playing. After that some trial replays. More likely to put you to sleep than motivate you into having a bet. Shutting down phonebet, closing the TAB's, putting the TV shows on when nobody will watch them. Where is this all going?
  13. Taupo - punters graveyard

    @b_popplewell has another tremendous video...and he's in super tipping form. Mofara is up in R3 at Taupo