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  1. Spirit Of Boom- What a start!

    Linebred to Thatch (top & bottom lines) Should he see any Zabeel, Stravinsky, Saddlers Wells mares, he should do rather well.
  2. Sir Tristram - et al

    HH88, thanks for sharing this with us. When computers gave us the ability to make a 7-generation pedigree in seconds, we lost something - the consideration necessary to tabulate a pedigree 'by hand'. And in the time it took to laboriously write it out, we probably enjoyed the pause it gave us for thought about each of these ancestors. My old mate Clive Harper would have smiled wryly if he'd been able to read this post. Those of us who were able to decipher the works of Harold Hampton, likewise. Clive was able to interpret Harold, and being a teacher by profession was able to render an almost-incomprehensible subject in a way that a few of us could comprehend. Yes, there are many 'breeding enthusiasts' who think that it's possible to explain linebreeding in terms of stallions only. Sadly it's a bit harder than that. 'Put the best to the best, and hope for the best' is still practiced widely, but the clever linebreeder will always minimise the chances of breeding a 'duffer'. Your analysis of Sir Tristram and his son Zabeel was pretty good, and while there will always be disbelievers who are either too lazy or ill-equipped mentally to investigate a pedigree beyond 4 generations, it's now well-accepted that much of the prepotency of a thoroughbred is 'off the page' or back 7, 8 or 9 generations or beyond. Thanks for a stimulating analysis. My namesake's breeder Federico Tesio would have understood your analysis. Nearco
  3. Comp Final Day selections

    Oops, my BB R3 Springback Eden 3 (probably my worst bet, too!)
  4. Comp Final Day selections

    Addington Race 3 Springback Eden 14 Race 7 Billy Badger 2 Race 9 The Fixer 4 Race 10 Have Faith In Me 16 Race 12 Mighty Flying Major 3 Thanks for a great comp. I swore I'd never back horses pulling carts - see what you made me do!! cheers, nearco
  5. Emirates Day Entries Saturday

    Riccarton race 7 Mongolian Falcon 3 Flemington Race 4 Inside agent 6 Race 6 Sort After 15 BB Race 7 The United States 3 Race 8 Malaguerra 7 cheers & thanks, Nearco
  6. OAKS DAY Entries...dont get confused!!!

  7. Cup Day Races/Entries

    R6 - Invincibella (12) R7 - Hartnell (6) R8 Fabrizo (14) BB R9 Ruettiger (9) R10 Rockolicious (7) Great comp, thanks. Pity I'm such a plonker this time. Nearco
  8. Derby Day Spring Comp Entries

    Race 2 Tiamo Grace #6 Race 5 Astern #3 Race 6 Dixie Blossoms 10 Race 7 Highlad 12 BB Race 8 Seaburge 16 cheers, Nearco
  9. Cox Plate round entries

    Moonee Valley Race 3 Angharad no 17 BB Moonee Valley Race 6 Sezanne No 3 Moonee Valley Race 8 Who Shot The Barman No 3 Moonee Valley Race 9 Winx No 8 BBMoonee Valley Race 10 Sacred Elixir no 2 cheers, Nearco
  10. Round 6 Entries

    Caulfield; R3, Almighty Gir l 3 R4, Whyouask 6 R5, Highlad, 7, BB R7, Shillelagh 12 R8, Sacred Master, 15 Cheers Nearco
  11. Round 5 Entries

    Sorry, my Bb is R7 1 Whispering Brook Nearco
  12. Round 5 Entries

    CAulfield R3 14 Angharad R7 1 Whispering Brook. BB R8 1 Sacred Elixir R9 4 He's Our Rokkii R10 1 Flamberge cheers Nearco
  13. Round 4 Entries and new rule

    Hastings race 8 Authentic Paddy 3 Randwick race 7 Happy Clapper 4 BB Randwick race 8 Who shot the Barman 1 Flemington race 6 Eleonora 5 sub 14 Flemington race 7 Happy Trails 3 sub 10 Thanks team Nearco
  14. Round 3 Entries and new rule

    Caulfield r5 Whispering Brook..1 (sub 4) Caulfield r6 Saracino...2 (sub 6) Caulfield r7 Voodoo Lad 7 BB (sub 9) Caulfield r8 Lucia Valentina 11 (sub 2) Caulfield r9 Atmospherical 9 (sub 1) Thanks for the comp Nearco
  15. Champion Tipster Comp Round 2 Races/Entries

    Hastings R6 2 Volpe Veloce R8 7 Rasa Lila R9 14 Promise to Reign Caulfield R5 7 Rocketeer R8 13 Tom Melbourne Playing my Joker! cheers nearco