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  1. Jacinda Ardern

    Gotta love those "traditional fishing rights".
  2. Jacinda Ardern

    I'm sensing an instant guilt defence from you O'man in your new aquatic NZ First territory!
  3. Jacinda Ardern

    Well Jacinda had better tell "fish boy" to get his ocean-raping mates to stop throwing their bait bags over the side of their boats--they are the most common plastic bags I pick up on my shoreline walks.
  4. Jacinda Ardern

    AND--my late mother was a friend of the Holyoakes and later became a JP. Had plenty of connections in Government and assured me that 60% of honours recipients were "self-nominated".No surprise there with all the sycophants and wannabes in our society.Helen Clark achieved 2 worthy results in her tenure--1. Banning smoking inside public gathering areas and 2. Getting rid of the BS titular honours.
  5. Racing Integrity Unit Release 30 May 2018

    Their stable does very well, but a bit of humility would be desirable--self aggrandisement not needed.
  6. Racing Integrity Unit Release 30 May 2018

    Alls well that ends well Scooby, but how about you, and others, drop the pretentious moniker that this stable promotes.
  7. Racing Integrity Unit Release 30 May 2018

    More appropriate would be "who would be an employer?" Purdon/Rasmussen hardly on the bones of their arses but I guess even they are not immune from societal dysfunction.
  8. Jacinda Ardern

    Current one being this poxy government.
  9. I Have Just Bought A Race Horse

    Must be that Go Racing Reliable Man with Chris Waller that is a "Derby" horse according to the publicity and marketed for about 200K.
  10. Jacinda Ardern

    Totally agree O'man, but that only applies to workers manipulating the product for some time, not asbestos buried, contained, or rendered inert via encapsulation. Same with lead paint--dangerous in retrospect to painters and kids licking load paint on toys maybe.
  11. Racing Integrity Unit Release 30 May 2018

    Did they stop off for hydration from a trough in Matamata?
  12. Jacinda Ardern

    A world captured by hysteria. Asbestos another example--no problem if you are not cutting it, grinding it, or generally handling it. See 25 train carriages going to the tip (goons in full protective suits no doubt getting paid megabucks to supervise the trip) because there is believed to be asbestos nicely tucked away in the carriage walls!! Asbestos is not a volatile liquid or gas FFS. Expect sulphur dioxide from farting to be the next major health hazard.
  13. Attention Susan Devoy

    Female tokenism at it's worst.Should have known Devoy was not up to it. All she had ever done was wander around a small enclosure with black balls in her hand! Now we have the "Welfare Reform Commission"--riddled with the colonially oppressed so guess the outcome. I think this is committee number 84 appointed by this clueless government. Jacinda piling up her list of "comrades'.
  14. More Positive Attention for Racing

    Time to open a book on the odds of Peters getting a knighthood from the fecund one. Would have to get through on the Maori quota as his political contribution somewhat tarnished.( although not a supporter I applaud Clark for 2 things--smoke-free agenda and getting rid of those obscene titular honours)
  15. More Positive Attention for Racing

    Thanks O'man--I must upskill on how to transfer material.