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  1. Allstars 10 wins in a row

    Yep, love the humanity inherent in that attitude but no room for emotion when $'s and ego are paramount. And trying 50/year there is massive wastage and inevitably the attention of animal rights movements.
  2. Allstars 10 wins in a row

    It's all down to the nasal strips they wear
  3. Golden Slipper F4 Challenge

    Understand entry order but how many starters?
  4. Why is Felaar at $2.20 ?

    Did you undergo Genetic Modification in Wellington?
  5. Te Aroha tomorrow

    All the best for tomorrow Ted, looks as though the track will be spot on. The Club has not had much luck lately with the weather. Would love to have one lining up but not yet ready. You shook my hand in the winner's circle a couple of years ago without knowing I was from Motown.
  6. Jacinda Ardern

    Hesi--you are a tragic! Whenever I am on this insidious forum you are there as well!
  7. Jacinda Ardern

    I see Hesi you have done "more than 3 terms" (in political parlance) on Race Cafe so it is understandable that your political acumen has become a little stale. Why don't you see if John.K can put you up at Wailea for a bit of R&R?
  8. Racing Synergies

    Nice to see teacher and pupil both going well at the moment--Allan Sharrock and Michael Walker.
  9. Jacinda Ardern

    Settle down Hesi--"extreme"? That places him in the Nazi, Fascist realm and he ain't that. Certainly right wing but if talking "very uncommon" common sense puts him in that group then more power to him. Welcome to the real world Cindy for which you are totally ill-equipped. Maybe you need to get Winston to deal with the toxic events--he is well used to it with his own indiscretions.
  10. Auckland's Studio 54

    How much later? With CW's reaction I smell an ambush.
  11. Jacinda Ardern

    Agree Hesi, but you have to admit that Ted is a talent. Find him a lectern and an electoral committee! or an advertising company that needs a lift.
  12. Kapoor - A tragedy.

    Just looking out for a fellow Shoreite Gruff!
  13. Kapoor - A tragedy.

    Yeah, careful Gruff, spotted a couple of cop cars on my travels today sporting new livery on their roofs -scrolling messages saying "no tolerance". What did that extravagance cost? Most of the felons wouldn't even know what it meant!
  14. Jacinda Ardern

    A load of codswallop Hesi--they have "started"( 100,000 new homes but after nearly 6 months none completed) "introduced"(legislation) "formed"( an endless list of committees because the useless band of socialists have no policies after 9 years to formulate them) and now this virtue-signalling unmarried mother trumpeting the #metoo mantra is trying to cover for some sleazy young Labour offending! In all honesty Hesi I was prepared to give her a chance as I thought she seemed a decent person, although vacuous in the extreme and totally ill-equipped for the job that clown Peters thrust her into. So far she has been nothing but a sideshow, woman's magazine fodder, badly exposed on her business acumen (well what do you expect never having had a job beyond the public tit) and by the way--"where's Kelvin?"
  15. Kapoor - A tragedy.

    My alter-ego amongst those close to me is "Sniffer"--remember Colombo.