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  1. Aiden R

    Hate to see him on Guy Fawkes night
  2. Wellington Cup Day

    Yeah , I like the look of Rondinella and Eagle Bay in particular.
  3. Wellington Cup Day

    Has the feel of a raceday back in the 70's and I'm really looking forward to the action. You can't help but see how exited our young Trackside team are about it analysing the "weights and measures " form etc. The only negative is the constant ringing in my ears.............. PUNTERS GRAVEYARD. So expect the unexpected !! Goodluck Caffers.
  4. Smart Patch

    Clearly you didn't hear the interview and that is what the thread is all about NOBODY will convince me that the horses ability was clearly understated. For what purpose. As I began by stating I made it the bet of the day until I heard a very underwhelming comment about its chances. As for the Melbourne Cup analogy goes can I state that I never have a bet in that raffle for the reasons you outlined. Its nominated for the Wellington meeting in FEB but I bet we never see it again until it appears in HK.

    TAB Website ........... Just calls Him/Herself the " Tennis Expert ".......... Which reminds me about an " Accelerate Drip "

    Have we found the new trackside tipster ?? Matthew Ebden v John Isner: Isner Sets 3-0 ($2.55) Isner leads the H2H 3-0 and has won all 7 sets contested by the pair. Ebden has had real problems dealing with the Americans booming serve and things should be no different this time around. Inser has thundered down a total of 50 aces in their 3 encounters with an average of over 7 aces per set. Isner has won 42 tiebreakers over the last year – 20 more than any other player. Even if Ebden can keep it close he will not able to claim a set.
  7. Smart Patch

  8. Smart Patch

    With due respect I am only interested in this one horse , I am pleased others heard the interview as well. There is no need to conduct yourself like Jack and Bill Winder these days we have Fixed Odds Betting so after you have the loot on tell the bloody world. Without the punters there is no farting race industry.
  9. Lazarus. Wow

    Yes , incredible effort. Must be a few burnt fingers and nearly me at $1.30. I thought that's a very tempting offer. Had it been on earlier I would have been a casualty.
  10. Smart Patch

    It's not the first example of this in my extensive experience and after reading the story below you'll see why I feel compelled to report this. I was on a business trip to Hamilton about 7 or 8 years ago and after my only appointment went to the races getting there after race 2 from memory. I had a pie whilst flicking through the Best Bets ( as you do ) and after getting out of the car met the fella in the next car in the car park. We had a good old chin wag covering everything topical to racing that year and after about half an hour he said he had to get going. I said " do you fancy anything ? " he replied by saying " yeah my horse " It will win alright........ I said O'h thank you I'll throw a tener on it. He replied by saying its probably worth more than that. Great !! So I looked the horse up and it was first pick everywhere but I thought at least its not waiting for next week and the owner is backing it. Horse absolutely bolted in like a top horse . Later that afternoon I ran into the son of an old mate who came up and said hello. He said he had come to the course to back a certain horse and after hearing the trainers comments backed something else. Guess what........ YOUV'E GOT IT . SAME HORSE. That is why I am sensitised to the matter. I for one would be very interested to see any betting patterns.
  11. Smart Patch

    Had this marked as the bet of the day prior to hearing L O'Sullivan's comments during his interview with Des Coppins. this morning Love to hear it again.................... Not the first time this fella has given Joe public the swerve AND it wont be the last. Hope you made heaps and glad to see you've found that ole cow paddock again.
  12. All time favourite songs.

  13. joke thread

  14. Tauranga Today - Race tactics

    Good to see him have a change of luck.
  15. H Andrew

    Lucky to get any news in a paper these days I think they think people buy papers to light fires and read endless adds for junk furniture and cars.