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  1. Messara's List

    Leo Genter
  2. Oaks Selection Policy

    Fanta Bale was class one at one stage
  3. CD missing out

    Em, as you say each region has it's difficulties and that would be true of any business. I doubt there is any region where some people haven't been frustrated getting starts. The problem may be more obvious with the large flow of young dogs to the CD. With all the bigger operations , to have a competitive edge they have to try a large range of pups many that are not going to be topliners. Those that don't make the grade are often moved on to smaller trainers or trainers without the ability or facility to breed their own. Sprinters are the biggest problem because trainers realise where the money is, thus the castoffs usually hang around in the c1 and c2 level for most off their lives and there are more sprinters than not. This is how the industry works aT the moment. The next step is what should the industry do to cope. Should they put on more and more races to allow the system to keep going ? Should they maybe double the size of the adoption process to cope in another way? Should they limit the amount of dogs being bred (taking into account how drastically this line of thought has impacted on the Aust industry) or should we just wait in time with our 'nobodies child' dogs till we get a start.
  4. NZ bred racing series

    Too restrictive Gary, there is nothing wrong with raiders going out of their own territory it's what our sport is about. I just think if you are trying to reward participants that go to the trouble of breeding their own then it should recognise far more dogs and owners and trainers than it does at present. It is a must that there must be a nz series race for maidens alone. The good thing about doing that apart from making sure maidens actually get selected is there will be a different winner of each one
  5. NZ bred racing series

    If there is one issue that needs looking at within the industry it is how the NZ series rewards participants. Firstly think of what the purpose of the series is and how it actually works. Presumably the purpose is to support the NZ breeding industry and thus ensure the industry becomes robust enough to stand on it's own without having to resort to importing greyhounds . This makes sense as the sudden downturn in Aus. breeding has proven. How is it actually working? I do not have actual figures but my guess is most of the money put forward for the series is shared within say six major players. It is not unusual to see the same kennels chase the NZ series through all the regions and thus only a small amount of participants are rewarded. There is some merit in that but surely the intention was to promote and encourage people to breed dogs not just support and enable the bigger kennels to dominate. A far fairer and productive system was the old one where every NZ bred winner got a bonus. The big Kennels of course would still get the lions share but near every participant would have a chance every meeting. Maybe not exact the same as it was before but a system that gives all NZ breeders a realistic chance. The second point is the present system virtually excludes some dogs from having any kind of chance. Take the novice series where a maiden having it's first start may have to compete with a dog that has won over twenty races and say $80,000. That is crazy. Have a look at the all of the series races and see how many maidens actually get a go at it. The novice races are full of the stagnating class one dogs. Same applies to a lesser degree in c1& 2.
  6. CD missing out

    Dogrug, Are you certain about same amount of dogs and same amount of low grade dogs? Where do you get that information from. Comparing your situation to Sth is not valid. If you take the miles covered to access their tracks it would equate to all the tracks in the North Island which you have already said is too big a burden for you. For this argument the regions would fairly be split into four. Far South, South, Central and North and as I said then your three would be fair.
  7. CD missing out

    Emotive, I was just wondering yesterday where you had got to. Welcome back
  8. OP

    Onya Insider, for helping
  9. Oaks Selection Policy

    I must be missing something here Ray as your posts are usually of a high standard, Are you upset about national selection criteria for age races or individual clubs applying them? With five heats and no reserves and one vacant box and class one to five selected I am unable to see who has missed out
  10. CD missing out

    Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Not bad for one region
  11. "A Long Way From Wyandra" Peter Moody

    Yip, Where do I send the money D Mike Martin
  12. Thank you GRNZ

    Why the thank you ? It is GRNZ policy, no option
  13. Worst punting track.

    I must admit Wanganui is a lot more predictable. Just stick to the one trainer and you are in the money Bigtime
  14. What a wonderful win from a great dog. Congratulations to the Coles, Craig and all concerned. Home bred as well' The run for third from Levi was almost as good, huge effort all round Now add the Lois Henley , the Graham Hayden-Holmes, and the Palmerston North Gold cup plus chuck in a few more grade races and can anyone think of a more successful day for a trainer in NZ ? What a successful brood Romberg Lass has been. And to think she never won a race past sprint distance. Throw's some theories out the window. Went to some great studs though.