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  1. which one won?

    Because every part of the photo finish in on the finishing line !
  2. which one won?

  3. Tauranga Races Saturday

    What other right hand track is there locally???? Thames
  4. Opies new job ?

    The Flemington Straight is 450m clock tower 150m so that's a time difference of 17 sec, long time to do nothing
  5. Opies new job ?

    You have to be kidding the clock tower at Flemington would be 150m from the winning post, I should know I was in front at that stage in the Melbourne cup
  6. TE RAPA

  7. R79 horse in R75 race

    A 67 Rated horse can run in a Benchmark 65 rating race as long as he has not won 2 races!
  8. windsucker

    As long as they have good condition no problem, Bahnhof Zoo was a wind sucker!
  9. Thames

    TAB could cash in on races being abandoned. Fixed odds on what race they are finished !!!
  10. Gingernuts

    Mr Mcginty had a detached fracture, that didn't involve the joint when beating Marscay. Screwed back and come back and won 6 Group 1s , including 3 in Australia
  11. Small Successful horses

    McGinty was 15.1 as 2yo, 15.2 as a 4yo
  12. Ruakaka M2 R3 N9 Angeline
  13. Craig Williams

    He must have had a -light ride later in the day otherwise you could just drink a litre of water at the start
  14. New low at Te Rapa

    Well said