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  1. Does Anyone Remember

    Ronnie tattooed Teepee Gold on his arm , never won another race after that
  2. This is how its done

    That must be a 1200m Chute off the back straight!

    Never rode!
  4. Waikato trainers Ruakaka/Hastings

    Hastings track does not have the consistency of the Ruakaka track over winter, Ruakaka never really gets past dead 6 !!! at its worst
  5. Counties Abandoned

    You trying to tell us the irrigation done in the middle of summer has something to do with surface water in the middle of winter
  6. which one won?

    Because every part of the photo finish in on the finishing line !
  7. which one won?

  8. Tauranga Races Saturday

    What other right hand track is there locally???? Thames
  9. Opies new job ?

    The Flemington Straight is 450m clock tower 150m so that's a time difference of 17 sec, long time to do nothing
  10. Opies new job ?

    You have to be kidding the clock tower at Flemington would be 150m from the winning post, I should know I was in front at that stage in the Melbourne cup
  11. TE RAPA

  12. R79 horse in R75 race

    A 67 Rated horse can run in a Benchmark 65 rating race as long as he has not won 2 races!
  13. windsucker

    As long as they have good condition no problem, Bahnhof Zoo was a wind sucker!
  14. Thames

    TAB could cash in on races being abandoned. Fixed odds on what race they are finished !!!
  15. Gingernuts

    Mr Mcginty had a detached fracture, that didn't involve the joint when beating Marscay. Screwed back and come back and won 6 Group 1s , including 3 in Australia