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  1. Tim Williams

    Here we go.... What was he supposed to do exactly? Drove the horse like the $1.32 shot it was and it went poor....
  2. Hawera Commentator

    Justin Evans
  3. a challenge rather than discouraging

    The absolute best.
  4. Sales Time

    I'm interested in this debate, Brodie. Have you got some statistics to back up that we losing owners? I am hearing more and more trainers say that their horses is owned by a group of first time owners or that most of the people in that syndicate have never owned a horse before etc etc.
  5. riccarton track conditions etc

    Nope, not the trainer - I believe, due to the late decision to actually go to the races - that the ownership paperwork hadn't been completed in time for publication.
  6. riccarton track conditions etc

    Looking forward to getting out there this afternoon for a bit of a look. Have my first ever runner at Riccarton going around. Race 6 #1 Castle Hill - not expecting the world fresh up, was supposed to trial at Ashburton on Wednesday, but when they were canned the decision was made to head to the races instead.
  7. fixed odds bullshit

    I would have happily taken the $6.8 - paid $4.40 in the tote. Unfortunate for the fact there were reductions, but fortunate for you in the fact she most probably wouldn't have beaten the two faves if they had started.
  8. Go Dexter

    The last couple of weeks has seen the momentum swing slightly IMO. Dexter went through a patch where it looked like a struggle but he's back firing on all cylinders again. Cran has some nice ones to step out too. Will be level pegging by the end of March I reckon.
  9. Motukara Yesterday

    More clubs charge now in the South Island than what they used to, I reckon. Since Boxing Day, I've attended 10 meetings and they've all had gate fees. Of course the introduction of Christmas at the Races and Inter Island Summer Festival - from which one of the "requirements" or recommendations is that club's charge a gate fee, so that has a lot to do with it. But, at the end of the day, the club's are providing a product - just like a sporting event and by charging at the gate they guarantee themselves some cold hard cash in the pocket at the end of the day without having to worry about their turnover being a major source of income for the day. Personally though, that $10 I spend at the gate, is $10 that won't be going over the tote. Which is probably fine with the club considering they only get about $1.60 odd of it if it does. Sorry, pressed send before I meant to. I would be ok with paying $100 for a site if it meant that the $10 entry fee was waived for me and those I am there with.
  10. What is Kylie Williams on....???!

    Are you serious? Drew the outside gate down the chute? How much extra ground would it have covered? And I backed it! As for Hands Down, you need to get off the juice, bud. Kylie doesn't live anywhere near Ohoka and the comment about Batesy is ridiculous.
  11. congratulations Nathan Williamson

    He won three races last week?
  12. The Chief

    Zac changed his official name to Zachary because it was the name his Mum gave him.
  13. Rangiora Tips(y) Tomorrow

    R4: #7 To Ri Elsie R6: #14 Beau Vista
  14. Punter puts 40k on Vincent in Auckland Cup?????

    I can't confirm or deny that Brodie is up for the last three years, but it wouldn't surprise me. But he's telling the truth - I've seen his bets at the start of the day countless times before and he consistently wins and is heavily restricted. It's a different kind of betting to what most of you other big punters do, in fact it's quite bizarre some of the horses he backs, but the shoe fits the persona, I guess! One TAB staffer told me once, and I sh*t you not, that he is "one of the best, if not the best, harness punter in the country." That doesn't escape him from the fact he's a bloody sh*t stirrer on here.
  15. A couple for Gore.

    She Aint No Angel supposed to win the first if it steps away.