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  1. Blood Sweat and Tears.

    Listened to a review of their self titled album last night on Radio Live. Interesting that before they got David Clayton Thomas to replace Al Cooper,they had considered both Laura Nyro and Stephen Stills. Luckily they went for Thomas as they wanted somebody whose voice could compete with the horn section. IMO at least 5 memorable songs on that album . The Album won a Grammy.
  2. character actor gone

    Joseph Campanella has died at the age of 93, Appeared in many tv shows including Mannix Gonsmoke The Mary Tyler Moore Show The Practice One Day at a Time The Bold Ones Also appeared in soaps Days of our Lives and The Bold and the Beautiful. Also narrated many National Geographic docos but imo was best known for narrating the series...THE UNDERSEA WORLD OF JACQUES COUSTEAU. Had a vice that appeared to be vry nasal which suited many docos. His brother was Frank Campanella also an actor.
  3. Winners R Grinners Take Two Comp 19th May

    DOOMBEN Bill Clarke stakes Dram of Delago..............................10 DOOMBEN BRC Sprint Magstock........................................15 DOOMBEN Doomben Cup Santono Rasen.............................7 DOOMBEN Bright Shadow Denmagic..................................1 many thanks
  4. I hate to say I told you so.....

    Interest .co.nz has a comment from a ngakonui gold which mentions a now retired studmaster and a former trainer now in Singapore as 2 of Winnies supporters. Nowhere to hide from this debacle.
  5. I hate to say I told you so.....

    Headline on RADIO NZ website ''Surprise loser of Budget 18? Ugly horses"'
  6. Event of the Year

    . The place to be on 2/6/18 is Las Vegas where an attempt at a world record orgy will take place' Up to 1000 people are expected to front up for the attempt. Entry fee is 148 Pound per couple only 18 pound for woman Solo men are banned. Part of a 4 day sex expowhich includes '''Slut olympics'''Bondage workshops,sex toy use and a bunny pool themed party. My wife said i could go but sadly i didn't measure up.
  7. new island team

    What i am asking is why ANY Govt is involved.
  8. Must watch Winston

    Must look after my loyal (but few) voters.
  9. new island team

    Why is the NZ Govt getting involved in the creation of a Rugby team to be based in the Islands. FFS surely they have more to do than that. If the Nats had done it there would be bitching and moaning from everywhere.
  10. comedy show cancelled.

    Can't believe that the Fox Network is pulling the plug on BROOKLYNN NINE-NINE. IMO one of the best comedies (along with the Goldbergs) going around on TV. Speaking of the Goldbergs,why play this on Saturday afternoon,oh thats right Reality TV takes preference.
  11. Winners R Grinners Comp this weekend

    moet & chandon .....sizzling ace #11 suez .....femme fireball #14 kirin 10000 .....english #13 mittys rh .....california turbo #5 ta very mooch
  12. May Sale - as a vendor is it worth it?

    Certainly no expert but imo i would think that some of those stallion fees are well above what they should be. It seems to me that if a stallion stands at a prominent stud then the fee soars.They do this because the have a captured market. The days of the guy standing 1 stallion and surviving are well and truly over.
  13. Trainer for stayers

    The Sanders did all right with Fanatic,also by Shocking,and it's done even better in Aust.
  14. P.P. ARNOLD

    Never heard of this singer until i tuned into an interview with her on Radio Live last night.The interview was done by Graham Hill,lasted an hour and it was tremendous imo. She was 17,married and a mother of 2 when she joined the Ikettes in 64.While touring England with Ike and Tina in 66 she left the Ikettes after encouragement from Mick Jagger. She recorded the first version of The First Cut is The Deepest and also Angel of the morning which were hits for her. She provided vocals for Steve Marriot and the Small Faces and also toured with Humble Pie,Roger Waters,Eric Claptonand many more. Her voice is prominent in the Small Faces ITCHYCOO PARK and TIN SOLDIER as well as Peter Gabriels massive hit SLEDGEHAMMER.. Arnold mentioned that she also jammed with Hendrix. Coming to the Powerstation some time this year.
  15. Volpe Veloce

    No idea how she will go but i suppose with a bit of money in the kitty and still at the improving stage of this campain pretty good time to go. At least this will answer some questions as to her future. Hope she goes well and ditto for Consensus.