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      TAB 0800 Telephone Bet Number - IMPORTANT!!!!   05/16/2017

      The Telephone Bet Service ceased in July 2016.    For telephone betting via Touchtone call 0800 10 20 33. The old 0800 number now belongs to a different company who are being bombarded with calls. The TAB Helpline is  0800 102 106
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      Site Issues Forced Upgrade   08/01/2017

      Hi I was forced to do an emergency upgrade to RaceCafe as we were suffering extended outages.  Everything seems OK now.  You will see a few visual issues with colours etc but I we get round to fixing those over the next few days.  The main priority was to get things up and running again. Cheers Admin


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  1. Trump written off

    Saying something would be a start.Now i obviously don't have access to all o/e publications but i have seen or heard nothing from the NFL/NBA stars regarding this. As individuals they possibly can't do anything but as a group the NBA/NFL players should be able to do something or bring influence to bear. I might just be expecting too much from people who are worshipped everywhere they go. Somebody or group has to do something or we will be looking at an Escape from New York scenario for some of these cities .
  2. Trump written off

    I have no problem with sports people speaking out about issues. The FBI have just released figures for 2016 showing that the murder/manslaughter rate went up 8.6% on 2015,especially in Baltimore,Chicago,Washington,Loisville and Phoenix. These sportsman living in their houses surrounded by 10ft high walls and security systems what do they have to say. Nothing. Black on black violence inceases every year and yet these guys stay silent.
  3. Election facts

    IMO nobody shoud negotiate with Peters.They should tell him what they are offering and if he doesn't like it,shut the book and carry on. It is a blight on the nz political system that one party with so few supporters can hold NZ to ransom.
  4. Election facts

    She calls herself a social media commentator,what a joke. IMO this will be NZF last time at the well.
  5. Election facts

    Labour are going to legislate against child poverty.Anybody know how that can be done.An unworkable law. All parties are full of it.
  6. For the "INSIDER"

    Doesn't Winnie want to abolish the Maori seats. If so then he cannot possibly go with the left which is reliant on the maori seats.
  7. Trump written off

    Trump won't have his finger anywhere the button. The Russians and the Chinese are the only ones that can fix this. Kim jong ill knows full well that out going will be met with incoming. He is all bullshit,if he 's not then North Korea will be obliterated.
  8. For the "INSIDER"

    Hayley has been halted.
  9. Williams leaving tvnz

    Plastered all over various news media sites is '''Peter Williams leaving tvnz''' I say about 35 years too late. After reading various items about him over the years he comes across as a bit of a tosser,albeit a well payed tosser..Another cue and auto card reader gone.No great loss. I just hope they pay him enough to allow him to keep that little tuft of hair on his head in his retirement..
  10. AFL wall punch

    Good to see the Cats get stuffed last night.Can't stand that bloody Tom Hawkins.Pretty good player but imo goes missing to often in the crucial games but is a standout when playing mugs. Felt sorry for Dangerfield,tried hard all night with little support. Now i want to see Toby Green and a few of his GWS mates get their come uppance in the next game,although to be fair i'm not a fan of Richmond either.
  11. For the "INSIDER"

    Watched Paddy Gower this morning bitch and moan about lies that the Nats have alledgedly been spouting out. Come on Paddy harden up.You work in an industry that survives on Extensions of the truth,technical deviations of the truth,outright bullshit lies and inuendo. Get out of the kitchen if you can't stand the heat.
  12. For the "INSIDER"

    Haven't heard a policy from Labour yet that doesn't include the words'''working group or review''' Surely after 9 years they can offer more than that.
  13. "It's hard in China" :)

    China hasn't got as many as they used to because most of them are out here on student visas.
  14. Penny Chenery R.I.P.

    Penny Chenery owner of 1973. Triple Crown winner Secretariat has died in Boulder Colorado at the age of 95. He was the first Triple Crown winner since Royal Citation in 1948 In 2006 Mrs Chenery was awarded the Eclipse Award of Merit the highest honour in Thoroughbred racing in the U S. Not well known was the fact the Chenery was having an affair with Lucien Lauren,the horses trainer. She won the horse in a coin toss with the Phipps family,owners of Bold Ruler. Only jockey Ron Turcotte of the connections is still alive today.He was paralysed in a fall at Belmont Park in 1978. Disney made a film about Secetariat in 2010 with Diane Lane playing Mrs Chenery.
  15. Au Revoir Cam

    If the Rugby Union was performing like the NZTR the public would be up in arms and demanding change along with less bums on seats. Unfortunately there are no bums on seats at racing and the general public of NZ aren't interested.