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  1. NBR headline says ''We'd be in big trouble if it wasn't for these rich listers'''says Andrew Birch NZT Marketing. Under paid content and as u know i'm too mean to pay for it. Anyone belong to NBR able to help. ''
  2. Not to mention all the overseas applicants for Brown,Harvard,Yale,etc.
  3. Yet every year people from those countries flock to the states for jobs,sight seeing and business opportunities. The above countries more than likely have a low opinion of Sudan,Syria to name a few but do they care,not likely.
  4. That is not correct.Trump hasn't even finalised his team to investigate deregulation laws.Comfirmation of appointees won't be taking place until after the August recess. Plenty of press on this subject but only speculation at this stage.
  5. The only reason Trump deferred his trip was because he didn't want to tell a lie and say that Mrs May kept herself in good shape.
  6. I agree. Both teams should appear on ''''The Biggest Losers''
  7. All the Trump haters would have loved listening to John(big mouth) Dyvbig last nite on R'adio Live. He was so indignant that Russia was interferring in American politics.He was outraged even using unsuitable words on the radio. Hey Mr Smartmouth,don't you remember South America,The Middle East,Africa,parts of Europe,and the Pacific.Pinochet,Shah of Iran are just 2 names of your many puppets that fucked their own people. Get a life you failed basketball coach,having a big loud mouth doesn't make you qaulified to preach to anyone especially considering how many times the Americans have backed losers.
  8. Just watched an interview on Aljazerra (upfront) with Naiomi Klein,(writer & activist). She was a supporter of Sanders and said that Sanders lost the nomination because Clinton had 90% of the black vote. She then went on to say that the media are obsessed with Trump and Russia instead of concentrating on the smaller problems that affect the ordinary American that Trump claims to represent. She said that MSNBC news at the moment is 90% of Trump and Russia. Good interview but only lasted 15 minutes.
  9. Clinton had the opportunity to push for change to the electoral college system when she was first lady and senator for New York and so did Obama and a lot of other prominent Americans,however she didn't pursue it.Reid Gore,Biden and a host of high ranking Democrats were against it.Not the only reason for not pushing for it but one of them.
  10. I am presuming that if Clinton had won based on the same flawed electoral system,it would have been ok.
  11. The yanks maybe crazy but then they voted him in.Thats what they wanted.Their choice.
  12. Most pundits,including the Democrats,were predicting gloom and doom should Trump get elected.Even respected economists were saying the same. Hasn't happened. I disgree that most economies are up.Many countries are suffering.
  13. Headline in NBR this morning '''DOW HITS NEW HIGH'''' Dam u to hell Donald Trump.
  14. Headline on CNN'''We are a long long long way from a real impeachment effort'''''
  15. Lets hope he packed his toothbrush.4 years and 6 months i believe.