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  1. David Bowie..tonight on Channel PRIME

    Some of the songs other people had hits with include Natural Woman Aretha Franklin Wasn't born to follow Byrds Hi De Hi Blood Sweat and Tears Youv'e got a friend James Taylor Pleasant valley sunday Monkee's Going Back Dusty Springfield Oh no not my baby Maxine Brown (and others) I'm into something good Hermans Hermits Up on the roof Drifters One fine day Chiffons Chains Beatles Go away little girl Steve Lawrence/Donny Osmond Crying in the rain Everly Bros Locomotion Little Eva/Grand Funk Railway/Kyllie Minogue Some kind of wonderful Drifters Take good care of my baby Bobby Vee Will you love me tommorrow Shirelles Preety sure the Four Seasons and the Carpenters also had hits with her songs.
  2. xero shares goneburger.

    All that money wasted on foreign wars and they can't even keep their own school children safe.. New thinking required by the US Govt.
  3. gisborne sunday

    You are correct.By my standard 4 counting Rogerson has 31,Myers 10+ and even the trainer who doesn't like the east coast has a good size team. Maybe my happiness over good numbers should have an asterix beside it.***Only due to the support of 3 trainers.
  4. gisborne sunday

    Good numbers for Gisborne Sunday.I wonder what numbers they may have got without recent abandonments. Indicates to me anyway that maybe there is too many race meetings at this time of year.Maybe some meetings need to be culled in order to ensure good fields else where.
  5. Crooner gone.

    Vic Damone from the era of Sinatra,Como and Bennett has died aged 89. Never as popular as the 3 mentioned but still a great singer. Best song imo is ''on a street where you live'''
  6. Nats Nirvana or Armageddon

    Not Crushers fault that only 3 cars were crushed.Have a good look at the left leaning weak judges who passed sentence.
  7. David Bowie..tonight on Channel PRIME

    Star of the doco was undoubtedly Peter Noones tooth.
  8. David Bowie..tonight on Channel PRIME

    What a great artist.Didn't realise she had co written so many hits for others. Gotta say Carole Bayer Sager looks pretty good.
  9. Kawi v Start Wondering

    Rogerson.....the greatest spruiker of all.
  10. TE RAPA

    Seen worse weather than this and Te Rapa has gone ahead. Problem will be if there is any water laying on the track. Also given that this is a gr1 day with Ellerslie looming if they reschedule it could affect the Ellerslie fields. So what do they do?
  11. TE RAPA

    I have been banned from walking in sight of webcams.They reckon i'm carrying too much condition and it takes me too long to get off camera,thereby allowing who knows what to go on out of sight.
  12. TE RAPA

    Went for my daily walk around 0715,finished around 0800 damp but not saturated. Put my rubbish out ten minutes ago,needed rescueing by lifeguards.Lucky i was wearing a flotation device.
  13. Where to invest capital?

    I presume the casinos are for tourists because Cambodia is a very poor country. Never been there myself but a friend of mine spent 2 years there teaching and writing a thesis on the country for his Masters. Gotta say i won't be travelling there anytime soon based on what he said although i believe China is spending plenty on infrastructure. He of course loved it.
  14. Trump written off

    George Dubbya says that there is clear evidence that Russia meddled in the US elections. I just hope that the informant wasn't the same guy who said Iraq has nuclear weapons.
  15. Right! That's it; surely!

    They would have drawn the same ordinary field for 50k.Where else are they going to go.The big stake is a reward for being just a bit better than average.(not by much) Tradition and structure something commercial interests have stepped on big time and they don't give a rats .