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  1. Gingernuts

    I tend to agree with your comments regarding far reaching tentacles and they aren't the only ones. The sad part is that the people at the coal face of this industry don't appear to have any tentacles at all and i refer to trainers and jockey. I write this from my recovery bed under the influence of tramadol and other assorted drugs ,so i might be wrong. Now back to watching replay o fCoro st.
  2. Melbourne Cup thoughts

    Haven't given it much thought but i will be a contrarian and pick U S Army Ranger to win followed by Marmelo and Rekindling. Gallante and Bondi Beach to have a race for last. Now off for what has been described as minor surgery,however whenever a man in a mask with a scalpel in his hand comes near me i reckon it becomes major. Adios for a while.
  3. Newshub sweepstake.

    Any body see Russel Norman on the AM show this morning not wanting to participate in Newshubs Melbourne Cup sweepstake. What a sad tosser he is. According to him ,most horses become dog food the horses are always in pain the industry is full of abuse. Go and save a fish somewhere you sad b.....d
  4. ellerslie

    Security aren't there to stop you going anywhere,they are there to stop you leaving.
  5. Corner Dairies

    Not as many today as some benefits are paid today.The criminals will be full of pies and fish and chips. Tommorrow however will be another story.Normal services will be resumed.
  6. Go Winnie

    Jacinda already backing away from her hard line on foreign buyers. In fact Robertson and Parker are said to be looking at ways of blocking foreign ownership. After 9 years on the back benches this should already have been known. Poor effort.
  7. Corner Dairies

    Hard to believe that those 2 dairies by Fraser both do enough trade to survive.
  8. Corner Dairies

    I recall ex jock Fred Blackburn operating a dairy near me.Always met with a smile and a story,now you are met with the smell of food and a non speaker of English as a first language. As years have gone buy a lot of people got out of dairies and immigrants have taken over. I bet they didn't think that they would become targets of low life scumbags. Something should be done and quickly.
  9. Go Winnie

    They may just turn out alright but to be fair they have been in power for about 24hrs so i would say they are having bob each way. Based on rhetoric they should do well however the proof will be in the pudding.
  10. Our change of charter..courtesy of Winston

    Never been an owner,trainer or breeder,just carried a bucket and spade.No longer bet,don't have trackside and haven't been on a raceourse for many many years,but heres my opinion why trainers don't speak out. A majority of trainers in our main training centres depend on Race clubs for stables and land so obviously getting offside with these guys with a contary opinion could be disastorous. A lot of trainers rely on the support of horses from big studs and big owners for for a living. Now if breeders,owners,trainers and studs aren't all on the same page it's a big ask for a trainer to come out with a differing opinion. Could be wrong and don't mind being ridiculed.Being married with children teaches you that.
  11. Go Winnie

    Just read an article written by Stephen Franks that implies that Chinese investors must be treated in the same manner as Australian investors. If thats correct then troubled times may lay ahead. Article was written in 2013 and was based on what the Labour was saying then and what the FTA signed by Goff said.
  12. Go Winnie

    Obviously i am not well educated so if possible could you put that into words that a 2nd year fifth former can digest easily.Thank you.
  13. David Bowie..tonight on Channel PRIME

    Tonite on Prime at 2030 Soundtracks...Songs that defined history... Starts off with Martin Luther King.Only goes for an hour so i am hoping it's a series.
  14. Go Winnie

    I am pretty sure that you are correct . I think it was put in by the Clarke Govt. Don't mind being corrected if i am wrong.
  15. Jacinda Ardern

    Haven't noticed much in the Waikato but have noticed a number of new listings coming out around Southland. area