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  1. Race dog for sale

    June 2015 dog for sale . Jack no lag by ate to much out of pink sock. Injury free with lots of racing still to come . Has won over sprint and middle distance . Akl 527 30.92 and Cambridge 21.60 . Noisy lure in CD would possibly suit him as when he jumps he has gone good races .$1500.00 . Advertising on behalf . More info call or txt 0211460516 . Thanks
  2. Race dog for sale.

    Dog now sold , thanks .
  3. Race dog for sale.

    For sale , " Accra". April 15 dog out of Tomac Bale x Mirage Royale. Won at Cambridge in 21.59 and has been a bit unlucky finding trouble a few times when looking like pushing thru. Untried in CD and might suit the noisier lure down there. Dog is fit and sound with plenty of racing left in him . Good buy & ready to go at $1200 . Listing on behalf so won't discuss on here . For more info please call 0211460516. Thanks.
  4. Cambridge

    Aquaman , Are you a regular traveller all over NZ with your dogs ?
  5. Cambridge

    I think it actually proves your comment incorrect .
  6. Cambridge

    Hmmm can count 5 that have travelled to wanganui today , and I know one that went to wanganui a couple of weeks ago with just one dog !!
  7. Rollin' Thunder

    How do you know shotgun wasn't ?
  8. Brendon & Lisa Cole - Bigtime Success

    Will be interesting to see what happens when the clubs lose control and it goes to a central selection policy
  9. Brendon & Lisa Cole - Bigtime Success

    And how come they didn't run a C 4/5 527 if there were 8 dogs ?
  10. Brendon & Lisa Cole - Bigtime Success

    Not saying no good , just saying they haven't really ran time consistently as the Subic bay , bright star , nangar star Yeboah etc were running week in week out
  11. Brendon & Lisa Cole - Bigtime Success

    Agree about breeding with quality bitches ( I am slightly biased as they have one of mine ) but as for CD being in trouble , the north is worse , especially Manukau. It is totally lacking quality as we saw yesterday with the C5 sprint . They have been getting away with running 18.60's to win C5's which I'm sorry IMO is not good enough . No C5 middle distance race either . All above IMO .
  12. A Message To The NZGRA.

    Wow generalising all of Wheelers dogs on one days racing ? Surely you need to change your question to " why are so many in today's card non chasers " ???
  13. Manuaku Greyhounds Fields

    You sound like you would like that to happen ?
  14. Young Race bitch for sale.

    Sold thank you .
  15. Young Race bitch for sale.

    Bump. Price drop , $725 Ono